FREE WILL – Does Fallen Mankind Have It?

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This is a three part series of articles, with Parts 1 and 2 here, that I wrote several years ago, in April 2008, to be precise, and now edited and tweaked to bring them into line with my added knowledge. However, what I will say is that they needed very little in the way of tweaking in order to improve them, and bring them up to date, so what you see here is pretty much the same as I wrote 14 years ago.

So to the question: well does he? because most of fakestream Christianity, that is, the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion, (see link No. 6 below) and certainly those outside of ‘Christianity’ thinks he does? It’s one of those numerous blanket issues, both within and without, the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion. Which means both the secular and religious are very fond of this idea, and takes it for granted without question.Sadly, nearly everything they believe is based on the traditions of hu-man beings and men, or the teachings of the hu-man beings and men of religion – Hellenising philosophers and Judaisers alike, so it’s no wonder they don’t understand.

Mark 7:9 (MCV) And He said unto them, Full well ye reject The Commandment of Yah, that ye may keep your own tradition.

So does fallen mankind have free will? Did he ever have free will? Did Adam and Eve, before they fell, have free will? Now these are very interesting questions, are they not? There are also some other questions that come out of these first questions: If Adam and Eve did have free will, did The Yahhead take bets from the angels on which way they would turn, if so, where did They lay their bets off!!?? (OK only joking) Furthermore, did the Yahhead take a big risk and leave it all to chance, or was it an accidental flaw in their plans of the creation of Adam and Eve – a calamitous mistake?? If They did take a big risk or make a big mistake, we have to imagine They had a plan B or even a plan C, that They would quickly implement, in a state of panic, as a rear guard defensive manoeuvre in order to prop things up. Was that the case? LOL

Was the fall of Adam and Eve something that took the Yahhead by surprise? Was it a grand game of pot luck or lucky dip, or was it a case of: Did the Yahhead plan to ‘fail’, for want of a better expression? Perhaps a better way of putting it would be: Did The Yahhead create Adam and Eve knowing, in advance and full well, that they would fall at their first hurdle? Or, in other words, did the Yahhead plan it the way it happened? OK, let’s see if we can answer these questions?

Genesis 2:7 (MCV) And The YAHAVAH Yah formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (See link No. 1 below)

Take note, for the question of ‘free will’ is answered right here in this first Set Apart (Holy) Scripture. It’s so simple, I cannot understand where this idea of man’s free will came from, unless it’s through non-belief in the whole Bible, brought about by the “New Testament Only” people. These are so-called Christians that think that the Old Testament should be deleted from what they call The Canon of Scripture, thus taking away Scriptures like the above that upset them.

Now as we can see, man was not asked if he would like to be created, he was not invited to a business meeting and his opinion and agreement sought!! Believe it or not, though, this is the very basis upon which many ‘Christians’ build their lives as ‘believers’, that is, Yah needs our co-operation in order to be a success!! LOL. This is why they say: “There is no way I can be saved unless ‘I’ accept a Jesus as my saviour,” never mind John 6:44:

John 6:44 (MCV) NO MANcan come to me, except the Father which hath sent me drawdrag him: and I will raise him up at the last day.”

John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

Look what Isaiah had to say on this matter:

Isaiah 29:16 (MCV) Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of Him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of Him that framed it, He had no understanding?

Isaiah 64:8 (MCV) But now, O YAHAVAH, thou art our Father; we are the clay, and thou our Potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.

We are the clay, The Yahavah Yah (Yashua Messiah) is The Potter, and we are the work of The Yahavah’s hand, how unambiguous is that!!?? Just where does mankind’s will, free or otherwise, fit in to this scenario or arrangement? As we can plainly see, it doesn’t.

OK, the Garden of Eden scene is nearly complete, just one more character to add: enter The Serpent Creature otherwise known as the Destroyer, or the Author of Ruin and the Author of Lies. He is also known as the Author of Confusion (miscegenation or mixed bloods – see link No. 2 below), The Adversary, the Devil; so many names but with only one purpose – to destroy or wipe mankind, especially non-Jewish White Semitic Israel, from the face of the earth, if he possibly can.

Why is he like that? Easy, Yah (Yashua Messiah) made him that way. If The Yahhead had already planned for Adam and Eve to fall, how were They going to bring it about?

Genesis 3:1 (MCV)Now The Serpent Creature was more subtle (devious, cunning or crafty) than any beast of heavenwhich The YAHAVAHYah HAD MADE.And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath Yah said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? (See link No. 7 below)

There he is folks, that old serpent – The Adversary whom Yah made. Now, should this revelation (apologies to those of you who already know this Truth) shock us? Well yes it should, if, like me in the past, you have always believed what men of religion have taught you, without questioning it. Make no mistake, I came from that very same fold, too, until Yashua Messiah set me free into His Glorious Light and Truth and under His Glorious Grace. So yes it should shock us, but then again, after a further study of His Word, shock turns quickly to: Well I’ll be…..!! How did I ever miss that??

By ‘missing that’, I mean the sons of perdition like the Pharaoh who confronted Moses, and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Yashua Messiah. In both cases the Yahhead hardened the Pharaoh’s heart and Judas’ heart, not The Adversary’s heart. OK, The Adversary played his part in leading Judas astray, but that act of betrayal had to happen and someone had to do it in order for The Scriptures to be fulfilled. Notice, too, that Yashua Messiah was prophesied to fulfil His mission before the foundation of the world.

Revelation 13:8 (MCV) And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, (The Adversary) whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

Exodus 7:2 (MCV) Thou shalt speak all that I command thee: and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto Pharaoh, that he send The Children of Israel out of his land. 3 And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt.

John 17:12 (MCV) While I was with them in this age (in the world), I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but The Son of Perdition (Judas); that The Scripture might be fulfilled.

Even before Adam and Eve were created The Yahavah was The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. This means He and the Father Yah knew what was going to happen in the Garden of Eden before it happened. It had to happen the way it did in order that The Scriptures be fulfilled, Yah be glorified and Yashua Messiah become the first and only begotten of The Father – Yah come in the flesh.

Here is an analogy that I now use to great effect: Mankind is like a prisoner and a prisoner can ‘choose’ to be a ‘good’ prisoner and win favour with the prison staff, or he can ‘choose’ to be an evil nasty prisoner, but either way he is still a prisoner with no freedom, so his ‘choices’ are a fantasy and, therefore, so is his imagined free will.

OK, so if man doesn’t have free will, what will does he have? Again that’s easy, he has rebellious will, stubborn will, a carnal will, but none of these wills are free, they’re controlled and manipulated by the one who led our parents astray in the first place – The Serpent Creature – The Adversary.

Therefore, Mankind can either do Yah’s will – but only after The Father has called him/her to His Son Yashua Messiah, or The Adversary’s will. Mankind can have no other wills but these, and one will is imprisonment, bondage, slavery and captivity to sin, and the other is total freedom from sin and death under His Glorious Grace.

It’s no good a man or woman saying “I don’t believe in The Adversary – it’s all hogwash,” as that is all part of The Adversary’s armoury anyway. To get people to think and say he doesn’t exist suits him just fine, and that viewpoint doesn’t make him go away and leave us alone, in fact it encourages him. This world (age) is his world (age) and he is the god of it, but not for much longer.

2 Corinthians 4:4 (MCV) In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest The Light of The Glorious Gospel of The Messiah – The Anointed, who is the image of Yah, should shine unto them.

So there we have it; mankind has no free will other than in his vain imaginations and fantasies.

Part 2 coming right up:

In Yashua Messiah’s name

Messenger Charles

FREE WILL – Does Fallen Mankind Have It? – Further Proof and Evidence That He Doesn’t.

For those of you who were not convinced or persuaded by my first article on this subject, I thought I would add to it with more proof and evidence. If you haven’t done so, it will help if you read my first article above “Free will – Does Fallen Mankind Have It” before this one. Thank you.

As it happens, someone e-mailed me recently questioning my ‘claims’ that mankind does not have free will. As always, I will remind readers that The Truth is not something that is claimed, it is always something that is declared in confidence or announced as news – the Good News, and then either accepted or rejected. Now this man made his remarks based upon the idea that Paul reasoned with the Canaanite Serpent Seed Jews in the synagogues. Which he did not, please see my soon coming article: “Did The Apostle Paul Reason With The Jews In The Synagogues?” He then went on to say:

You claimed to refute the idea that Paul reasoned with the Jews, and implied that logical reasoning is evil and worldly. But I ask to you: if reason is evil, then why can Christians use it so effectively to minister to atheists?

Now here he is missing the point or points completely, because there is nothing wrong with reasoning, if it’s accompanied and guided by the indwelling of the Set Apart Exclusive [Holy] Spirit, but in too many cases it isn’t, and that includes the head knowledge men who translated The Word of Yah into the English of the King James Bible. Now this head knowledge carnal reasoning is the problem, and yes it is evil if it’s applied to The Word of God without the Set Apart Exclusive [Holy] Spirit. Finally he said:

However, I do believe that God can use the faculties He has given us to lead us to Himself.”

Here again, we see the fakestream Christian inability or the trinity blindness causing them to be unable to see the Father and The Son as two supreme beings, (see link No. 3 below) not one being, and this is precisely the issue. It’s the Father that leads us, not to Himself, but to His Son – Yashua Messiah and no man or woman can come to Yashua Messiah unless The Father calls us:

John 6:44 (MCV) “No man can come to me, except The Father which hath sent me draw drag him: and I will raise him up at the last day.”

By this, too, I trust you all understand that the act of salvation is not in the hands of man, but, rather, in the hands of The Father Yah alone and no one else. This is why the fakestream Christian slogans I have found Jesus” or I have made a decision for Jesus” or “I have accepted Jesus as my saviour” are not true, they’re just delusional lies. When The Father calls, the answer can only be as it was for Samuel and Jeremiah. In Samuel’s case it was a simple answer “Here am I”.

1 Samuel 3:4 (MCV) That The Yahavah called Samuel: and he answered, Here am I.

In Jeremiah’s case it was showing us how predestination works – Jeremiah was always going to be Jeremiah the prophet, come what may, so where was Jeremiah’s free will in this arrangement! It wasn’t, it wasn’t there at all, because Jeremiah didn’t have free will!

Jeremiah 1:4 (MCV) Then the word of The Yahavah came unto me, saying, 5 before I formed thee in the wombI knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb Iset thee apart and sanctified thee; and I bestowed upon thee the honour of being a prophet unto the nations.

He further said:

I know that you’re probably thinking that those people can’t see your truth because they are incapable of doing so. However, this denies the freewill that is the core of what it is to be human. After all, God “created man in His own image.” If we are created in God’s image (which I am sure you believe) and we lack free will, then that implies that God doesn’t have free will either.

Yes we were created in the image of the Yahhead, but unfortunately this man has forgotten one catastrophic event – man’s fall from the benefits that came with being created in Yah’s image. As you know, man chose (and chose for the last time) to believe a liar instead of his Creator, who told him The Truth, always. Once man fell he lost any freedom he once had, and became a slave to sin, and fell under the curse of death, as a servant of The Adversary. Again, as you must know slaves and servants just do as they are told, they have no freedom and certainly no freedom to choose, so they have no free will. We have to be set free in order to have free will.

The fallen and lost have a will, yes, but it’s not free, because the only will they can perform is The Adversary’s will, for he is the god of this world (age or its systems) and he deceives the whole world. Carnal Man is in a rebellious frame of mind, continually, against his Creator. Even if man does ‘good’, he is still in the overall fallen condition, for he has the knowledge of ‘good’ and evil within that fallen condition. This means he will sometimes do ‘good’ and sometimes do evil, but he is still fallen and in slavery and/or in bondage to sin = no free will.

John 8:32 (MCV) And ye shall know The Truth, and The Truth shall make you free.

Freedom only comes with being born of Yah (born again). Anyone not born of Yah (born again) is not free, so therefore has no free will. If we say we have free will, what is this real freedom The Yahavah is referring to? Freedom is freedom you cannot have categories or stages of freedom, it’s either freedom or slavery to sin.

I do not make any claims, for The Truth is not something we claim, it is something we declare. Either we have The Truth, or do not have The Truth, so we tell it like it is, that is, through the indwelling of the Set Apart Exclusive [Holy] Spirit in order for Yashua Messiah to make His home with us. Once this has occurred we can only speak The Truth. Claims are only for Hellenising philosophers, Bible intellectuals, Bible seminary graduates and theologians who do not have the indwelling of the Set Apart Exclusive [Holy] Spirit.

Moreover, fake Christians can minister to atheists until they are blue in the face, but unless The Father is calling those atheists they will remain atheists.

He further added:

At the end of your article, you said that those who claim that you were using reason to convince them of reason’s evil were in essence wrong, because they were using reasoning to do so. In doing so, you created a circular logic that comes across as “the only reasoning that is true is that which I declare to be true”–something that has turned many intelligent nonbelievers away from the Lord.”

My ‘reasoning’, as he calls it, only appears circular because reasoning without the indwelling of the Set Apart Exclusive [Holy] Spirit can only be circular. This was the problem the first century Assemblies of Yah (The Ecclesia) had with Hellenising intellectuals with their philosophers who infiltrated The Assemblies – The Ecclesia and corrupted it with their non-gospel. Once born of Yah (born again) His Set Apart Exclusive Spirit joins our spirit and all our reasoning then points in a straight line to Him and is no longer circular.

Romans 8:16 (MCV) The set apart Exclusive Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the sons and daughters of Yah: (Notice that the set apart Exclusive Spirit is an IT! Not a ‘he’ or a ‘him’.)

It’s a Spiritual thing not a reason based logical thing, and this is where so many go wrong within fakestream Christianity (the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion).

He then says: “the only reasoning that is true is that which I declare to be true”–something that has turned many intelligent nonbelievers away from the Lord.”

Well this is clearly not true, for The Truth could never turn away anyone The Father is calling to His Son Yashua Messiah, and the response from a genuine newbie would be the complete opposite of what he is describing. This then tells us that the intellect in man is often a stumbling block, just like riches are usually a stumbling block for wealthy men. In fact the intellect is a form of riches.

He came back again:

Dear Messenger Charles,

Thank you for taking the time for e-mailing me back. While I still do not completely agree with you, especially on the point that persons without Christ do not have free will (if our will is not free, then God determines who will be saved and who won’t, which is against His plan for us, for “it is not God’s will that any should perish.”), it is good to know that you are not one of those people who considers himself above responding to people with honest questions.”

I thanked him for his reply and pointed out that, in part, he had answered his own queries.

He was right, it is not Yah’s will that any man should perish and that is precisely what will happen – Yah’s will, will happen. (See link No. 4 below) Is Yah all powerful or not!? Yah’s will is not our will, for His ways are not our ways (unless we are born of Yah (born again) which, if it is Yah’s will that is being done, it proves that our will is not in the picture – free or otherwise.

Yashua Messiah came and conquered death, so if any man dies and remains dead, that is, has not been a part of any resurrection, then He and the Father will have failed. Nothing is conquered completely if any fraction of it remains unconquered. Yashua Messiah did not come to this earth to partly conquer sin and death, He came to conquer it all completely, and He did!

With regards to his point about our ‘free will’ he had not understood the issue that it’s only being born of Yah (born again) that gives us free will. Adam and Eve lost their ‘free will’ – the first Adam. We are under the Grace of The Second Adam and have been restored to an even better position than the first Adam before he fell. We are, in effect, more free than the first Adam, so we have free will, if we are born of Yah, but the lost and unsaved do not have free will, for they are not born of Yah, and they can only do The Adversary’s will – that is the fallen condition.

If we believe that the lost and unsaved have free will then by default we are saying that they have a say in whether they are saved or not. By default, you are saying man’s decision overrides or overrules The Father’s decision, and man has the power to control Yah’s will – ridiculous!

This is a tail wagging the dog scenario of cataclysmic proportions that he is describing here, whichever way you look at it, and makes Yah look powerless and ineffective. This, too, is the foundational flaw in all fakestream Christian denominational teaching, and it renders all adherents to it as believers in a non-gospel – which is not a gospel at all, as Paul graphically pointed out:

Galatians 1:6-7 (MCV) I marvel that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you into The Grace of The Messiah – The Anointed unto another gospel: 7 Which is not a Gospel at all!; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert The Gospel of The Messiah – The Anointed.

You see, once we embark upon a spiritual journey of salvation based upon man’s decisions, or upon man’s authority, which, if it is our decision, then it must be based upon our authority, we then have a spiritual journey of Spiritual insecurity. This is why fakestream Christians are always questioning the validity of their salvation and, in turn, why they live lives of worry, fear, guilt and doubt about their place in The Messiah – The Anointed (see link No. 5 below). Why? I will tell you why, because it all started on a sandy foundation of their decision; based upon the myth of their free will; when all the while it is not their decision at all but, rather, The Father’s decision alone to call them and save them = 100% Spiritual security.

Philippians 1:6 (MCV) Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Yashua Messiah’s return:

Hebrews 12:2 (MCV) Looking unto Yashua Messiah the author and finisher of Faith; who for the joy that was set before Him endured the stake, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of The Throne of His Father.

I told him, I hoped it would help him in his understanding and we parted on good terms, with him saying he thought I made some very interesting points. He said he would have to think long and hard on this subject. He thanked me again for being willing to sacrifice my precious time, so it was refreshing and encouraging to part amicably.

In Yashua Messiah’s name

Messenger Charles

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  2. When you ask me, the Old Testament is very important. Many Bible verses are also quoted from the Old Testament. And with the Old Testament we can correctly connect the dots.

    • It’s crucial Jackie but, sadly, not for airy fairy Liberal Cultural Jew Marxist mainstream ‘Christians’. To them the Old Testament God is a ‘racist’, a ‘bigot’ and a ‘ HATER’! And we can’t have that! LOL.

  3. Hi Charles, this old freewill thing/French Revolution thing/Renaissance thing – it’s all a bit of a farce isn’t it? Interesting about this fellow. He should just stop thinking and repent. Interesting thing about post-baptism life is that “Freewill” has absolutely zero appeal anyway; what would I do with it? LOL Ours is a straight line to Him; that sums it up.

    I can’t speak for anybody else but all I want to do is lie down and be a good sheep. The problems of this world and the illusion of sorting them out etc steadily lose their appeal. The Lord of love and peace indeed.

      • Well, the flipside of that is to argue with just about everybpdy all day long and that prospect is utterly unbearable. Meantime, I am watching the changes in me as we go along.

      • Always remember, we don’t argue, we just tell them The Truth and they argue back or they protest – I think it’s called kicking against the pricks. LOL

      • So true, we tell them the truth and they argue.

        I’ve come to observe today that any number of people seem to have got stuck on a waonky interpretation of 1 Timothy 2 1,2 and just obey and serve authority without question as if somehow that was doing the right thing or doing Paul’s teaching; obey the institution regardless of content.

        In other news, what do you make of this ruddy fellow?

      • Have you read my articles on The Pastoral Epistles? I have not completed them, as yet, for they are a very long work and need time, which I haven’t got at the moment, as my veggie garden is taking most of it. LOL

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        (((Roman Baber))) OY VEY! Jew or shabbos goy, what do you think, as I haven’t researched him yet?

        Good to hear from you.

      • Hmmm, they seem familiar but I don’t have them in your pdf library. I think I have but your work is always worth another read! I’ll get stuck in.

        BTW I gave your printed works I have to Neville (Baptiser). BTW I haven’t heard from that fellow you notified me of. BTW I looked at the argument you got from that Yosemite Sam clown on WTV; I don’t know why you bother. Some of these guys are just hard as nails. Something tells me your garden appreciates you more?

        I’m glad to hear your veggie garden is busy because we’ve had so much rain and cloud here I fear we are on the cusp of some serious harvest shortages to accompany all the other orchestrated shortages.

        As for Roman, I only sent this to you because it came to me owing to some past association with PC politics and obviously my email address remains kicking around. I don’t pay any mind these days to that stuff anymore but it was a background owing to family involvement. I take him straight up as what he says he is, a Russian Jew that lived in Israel and is now a “Canadian”. I have no idea what this guy is about. I’ll laugh if he actually turns out to be more “Conservative” than the lot that fly under that name for whatever that is worth. But really, Canada is now the 19th nervous breakdown, or I mean the 19th nation whereby it is illegal to deny the hoax. So, the takeover is complete and this guy may well make the big time. I only really sent you his link because he is so ruddy. I had a jewish friend in grad 6. We used to play hockey in the basement and raid the cookie jar and spiritual and otherwsie affairs were of no consequence. He was a red too. I’ve noticed that among the lot which, are usually obviously black out pops a red.

        As for his genealogy sounds like a job for MIles Mathis?

      • Hi Edward, apologies for the lateness in replying, but the garden has been full on (between the non stop showers) at the moment. They control our weather, too, and I hope they’re not planning a wet June. Historically, it’s was always too much rain that caused famines in England.

        Yes, that arsehole is as hard as nails and more stiff necked than an ancient Israelite, so I blocked him.

        Oh yes (((they’re))) shipping these Jews in from all over – Bozo Boris and then Zelensky in the Ukraine, being another example. Like you, I stopped watching it, for it’s so boring and repetitive – same old, same old provocation, fake theatricals and piss taking.

        Trouble is, all their BS works, for there’s even an idiot in my little village flying a Ukrainian flag in his garden!!

        Miles Mathis? I think you know my views on him – watch him like a hawk!!

        Good to hear from you. Oh and a great new article btw. I have yet to get stuck into it, in depth, but will do so when I get 5 minutes.

        Best regards

      • Indeed, when I get five minutes! I don’t know what has happened but since baptism on the one hand I just couldn’t give a stuff about any number of things and on the other my mind has been exploding and for some reason I just don’t seemt to have much time anymore to do anything. But now I’ve got into three of your srticles and other bits and bobs – I feel like a medival librarian buried in scrolls!

        Enjoy your garden; may it groweth over.

        The gal which owns the gym I use got all caught up in the Ukraine thing even while we were still coming out of the floods and even hoped someone would take out Putin; I was also gobsmacked by a fellow who told me his dad was from Ukraine and survived the holocaust. Sheesh!

        As for Mathis I don’t watch him much at all, I just meant that he seems to dedicate alot of time to chasing around genealogies and I can’t remember why I mentioed him.

        Anyway, enjoy your summer and the Jubliee – don’t forget to rattle your jewellery!

      • The So-vile episode makes me cringe that he took so many people in – including me although I never liked him – I always saw him as a fake.

        As for the royal connections, that leaves a very nasty taste in one’s mouth, but rest assured they will have to answer to Yah (did you like that?) in the resurrection, if they were complicit, or even turned a blind eye to his activities.

        As for the Ukraine I cannot work out what’s going on with Jews playing both sides for all it’s worth. Same old, same old, with white people getting shafted and ripped off.

        The end is nigh!

  4. Hi Charles, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. What is the So-vile episode and who is he that took you in?

      • Oh. No wonder I didn’t undersatand or were you and I talking about something else? How does that sick old pervert relate to what we were back and forth on?

        Or did he have something to do with the Jubileee celebrations?

        I was actually forced to wacth some; Diran Duran, Queen, Elton etc. What a farce! All the trannies out in their dresses. Yeesh. Then Charles made his dismal speech. Queue laughter

      • He allegedly procured young children for certain members of the Royal Family, as he most likely did for the evil Edward Heath and other members of the stinking political latrine.

        ‘Diran Duran’ being Duran Duran I presume – are they still going? They must all have zimmer frames now LOL.

        The butt-plugger Elton John gets in everywhere (pardon the pun) – he’s one of their luvvy favourites, especially after going along with the Diana, faked death, psy-op.

        Poor old Charlie is a bi-sexual. Chris Spivey (don’t like the bloke) had pics of Charlie kissing a young faggot. YUK!

        Try having a good day after all that.

      • Hadn’t heard about the Diana faked death not the bo-zexual Charlie.

        Hey, what is foin on with World Truth Video? Any ideas?


      • Oh yes, it’s one of my pet subjects, and it all stemmed from the smiling and laughing Wills and Harry on the day of her ‘funeral’, plus the weird behaviour of the Queen and The Duke.

        Then I heard that the locals around the Althorp Estate (the Spencer’s family pile) where she’s supposed to be buried, on an island, within a lake, in the grounds, saying that she’s not buried there at all. I then took it from there.

        Her still being alive ticked so many boxes for me, especially the emotional energy extracted from the distraught people by Satan, and the piss take of the people, which was of immense value to (((them))).

        The biggest mystery of all was the hour long journey to the hospital in Paris, when it was only ten minutes away. What went on in that ambulance? Was she even in it?

        Then there were two Mercs, not one. So many unanswered questions.

        I have closed my account at World Truth after falling out with Michael over his handling of the site. I used to communicate with Coz whenever I messaged them and she always politely responded. Then all of a sudden she upped sticks and left the site, giving no reason, and then this ego driven arsehole Michael was the only contact there, who NEVER responded to my messages and nothing angers me more than being rudely ignored.

        I then left a no nonsense comment at World Truth MX, their social media site, which Michael didn’t like, so that was the end of it.

        I am now using Internet Archive as a storage facility:

        And Patrio.TV as a replacement to World Truth videos:

        Are you still using World Truth videos?

      • No. It could be my computer is too old but I did get a mesaage from Michael and he said he was working to build a bigger better site as the one you and I were on was targetted for destruction perhaps? So, every once in a while I check in on their social site but it’s mostly alot of noise and silliness. I used to like to watch Hocus Pocus Focus compilations but now I don’t know where he has gone.

        Anyway, since you’ve revealed a hobby horse of yours, have you got any quick easy essentials on Churchill getting rid of Edward VIII?

      • Hopefully Hocus Pocus Focus has found a new home run by mature professional people.

        Most likely the same way as he got rid of Edward VII, short of poisoning him. I think he just used the Archbishop of CAINterbury to do the dirty work, whilst he made out he was a friend of Edward’s advising him to stay single and keep Simpson as a lover.

        I also believe the hermaphrodite Simpson was an agent of Roosevelt’s – there was no CIA in those days. Either way Edward was toast.

      • Will do, in the meantime take a look at this:

        I have been in touch with him, and he seems fairly switched on.

        I have tried to order a copy of his Bible, but none of the suppliers have any of his Bibles left in stock – all sold out. I can obtain from him direct, but that would blow my cover and I do not want to do that.

        I discovered him here in this alternative newspaper on page 10:

        Likewise let me know your thoughts.

      • I briefly had a look and concluded I’m still waiting for the MCV.

        What are you interested in as regards this translation?

        BTW Your new site at Patrio is much better than WTV, which, now appears to be up and running again. Maybe it’s the arrangement of your videos? Interesting quicky on Germany from the Trumpet. I read this from them recently, thought it was interesting but some of their material seems a little out there…

      • His translation interested me as English Grammar is a weakness I have always carried. I hated English at school, and my interest has only increased since I started writing articles twenty years ago – better late than never.

        I therefore saw his version as a possible add-on to the KJV, and an aid in unravelling corruptions therein.

        LOL The Trumpet is standard Armstrongist fare = join us to rid you of the fear whilst we fleece you with our three tithes!! Take from it what you can and bin the rest.

      • Ah,
        well allow me to introduce myself, Edward von Deacon of Kent, BA, MA, LLBL, TSHCH, QPRR, QC, Magistratus Regent Maximus, oral articulate cum vitae al la Arrabiatta, Lord of the Sith and graduated Scholar in matters of Economics, Mathematics, French and English, Major of English Literature at your service radicchio fortwith and henceforth!

        Perhaps I may be of assistance? No, I doubt it but if you do ever want a proof read of a work it would be my pleasure.

        Somethign tells me you already know and understand enough; for having uncoverd a few major problems and them some with ye old KJV it is only a matter of time before you’ll be hit from a falling realisation on some matter or other?

        I suggest you give up your studious life and go play some pranks and don’t forget to give your missus a good long hug.

      • First off thanks for the link to the magazine. Good reading there. As for the article, first I wondered if it were you on a pen name, or nom de plume but then at the end spotted the author. I see now your interest in his work. Me too! Great piece.

      • So with this revelation are we now dealing with The Serpent that erroneously got named Satan and/or The Devil? These words appear to be as troublesome as the words ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Gentiles’.

      • Agreed. The world is insane and you’ve been baptised. Pour a cold beer a moment. I’m currently howling and rolling around on the floor.

      • Re the affirmation:

        The thing to always remember is that paper is two dimensional, and we, as men and women, are not two dimensional, so we can NEVER reside on paper – we cannot exist on paper, hence only the FICTIONAL PERSON can be found there. That means as soon as we use paper we are operating in the PUBLIC, as the PERSON, and/or as the STRAWMAN, not as a man or woman in the PRIVATE (flesh and blood). As a man or woman we can never live or reside there, so any paper work MUST always make that clear, that is, in how we draft it and then sign or autograph the paper, e.g. John:Smith or John of the Smith clan/family, that is, no Mr and no postcode = no corporate address.

        Further to, I am not a fan of Constitutions, for a Constitutor is someone who signs to take responsibility for the National Debt, just as the so called US founding fathers did in 1789.

        In truth their US Constitution was just the articles of their first National Bankruptcy – from which they have never escaped.

        The other thing we must remember is that Constitutional Monarchs are impostors. From King Saul to Charles I we were ruled by TRUE Monarchs = Absolute Monarchs who ruled by Divine Right – for better or worse!!!! That means we have not been ruled by a Godly Monarch (a true Monarch) since 1649.

        As for oaths I am not sure where an Affirmation stands. If no swearing is involved I have always presumed they’re OK. As I see it, there is nothing wrong with a declaration of truthful facts in order to make your case.

      • Thanks Charles,
        there is mucn in your reply to give thought to. The only immediate one that comes to my mind os that Keith Charles, which drafted this up has stated this document comes with an embossed seal that makes the document 3D, and similarly if we are looking for the registration of birth document that is legit it is the one with that raised seal on it as well.

        As for these constitutional Monarchs that in and of oitself is HUGE, because while I can’t recall the exact wording this affirmation refers to the KJV as having something or other to do with Englsih Common Law as opposed to Roman Law, yet I understand that ultimately the Empire is the second beats of Revelation 13 so, I’m not really interested in what amount to geopolotical games, just getting out of the corporate “sandbox”. I already swore my oath to Yashua’s eternal Kingdom.

      • LOL Not heard of the embossed seal angle before, but it makes sense.

        The original Registration of a Live Birth we never see – all we get is copies, but even the copies are printed on bond paper, so presumably they are trade-able as well.

        The first beast is Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism, and its stranglehold over the world.

        This Papist power was broken by the Jews (The Clay, The Rothschild’s) who own and control the second beast. This transition began in the 16th century with The Jesuits, plus when the Tudors welcomed the Jews back into England after Edward I’s expulsion in 1290. Then there was the Cestui Que Vie in 1666, which as you know is the basis of the Strawman system.

        I understand what you’re saying, but none of this is games, for it is all intertwined. The Corporate/Banking Beast IS geopolitical and has enslaved all of mankind.

        There was no need to swear an oath to Yashua Messiah – all He needs is our YES or NO – our word is our bond – the fundamental of Commercial Law. Oath swearing was a part of the Old Covenant system I think you will find.

      • Haha, my turn to chuckle now. When I said I’ve sworn my oath to Yashua I was merely playing with words in reference to my baptism. Thus, as a brother in His eternal church I am not particularly interested in temporal matters and fiefdoms at any rate yet, this whole affirmation document has arisen because of the possibility of unincorporating the name that was incorporated into the corporate government. According to Keith if one does not actively declare one’s allegiance is elsewhere they assume it is to them hence this afirmation. I don’t like it on a few levels one of which is the KJV, because God’s Laws are not exclusive to the KJV, yet there is some suggestion about the KJV underpinning Common Law and this I do not understand. I also don’t see much to be gained from an allegiance to a defunct Empire, a dead Queen and her useless heirs and successors, none of whom have any real power and who appear to be in cahoots with Rome. So, the only thing this affirmation serves is the acknolwedgement of the lawful path of the Commonwealth of Australia and its’ constitution whereby the people are supreme but Australia has been an indebted mess since the beginning and that is I imagine how it all became captured. The people couldn’t tie their own shoes now and are out taking Jabs so the only reason I can see for having a declaration like this is if it needs be presented in a court or to a government department somewhere? My question is if one unincorporates the name does one perpare the kind of doument that you gave me a sample of instead of an affirmation like this?

      • Well the Common Law, it has always been claimed, is based upon the Ten Commandments, hence it is exacting – an eye for an eye etc. Just but merciless. Anyway, that’s my understanding of it.

      • That fits with what I’ve understood too as once Alan Watt talked about how all the Ten Commendment plaques were being ripped out of court houses. I suppose they are being replaced by the declarations of the rights of man etablished in the French Revolution? This of course would mean if the right isn’t listed you don’t have it and, guilt before innocence etc etc etc?

      • “I want my Creator (YHVH -Yahavah) given Rights or unalienable Rights, because I am an heir of The King, not a servant of Baal. “Membership has its privileges.” namely the cloak of sovereignty, not that one is sovereign, but that one is cloaked with sovereignty. Remember, is there enough evidence to convict you of being the bride of Christian (the anointed)? If you keep not Yah’s Laws (The Law of Love and the 679 Statutes of Liberty) in the Book of the Law (Geneva Bible) (KJV is the Masonic State Religion Bible, the NIV is the UN Bible.)” From Sir David Andrew Temples of Baal Page V

      • Their system works on “benefit privileges”, like perks or tips given to servants. E.g. liberty is a benefit privilege granted to slaves by their slave masters. Liberty is not freedom, for it can be taken away so it’s not an unalienable right.

      • I would have to agree and I find this fellow’s work a bit contradictory. Apparently he got 7 years jail for publishing it.

      • I have no idea, it is just what I recall Keith saying. Could be hearsay?

      • I have been in touch with Chris and he says it’s a blatant lie, and he’s never been to prison in his whole life.

        I think you had better contact Keith and set the record straight.

      • Thanks for that. I se Keith has a few records in need of tidying now.

        I take it you are referring to Chris the felow which has done the translation?

        Have you acquired his bible yet?

      • Oh, can’t you get it online? I was going to put one in my “shopping basket” the other day but it doesn’t ship outsiode UK.

      • Yes. I went to him direct from his site but he doesn’t ship outside of UK.

      • OK. Can you clarify that he was stating that David Andrew did not serve 7 years jail? It occured to me that maybe there was a mix up and you had thought I meant him instead of David Andrew?

        I haven’t got the email but then I haven’t checked them in a few days so, maybe it is there if you sent it to the address you had. I’ll let you know.

        On that note, do you have a land line telephone? Are you interested in a chat as opposed to these chopped messages? I’d be happy to call at your convenience.

      • It’s OK, it was my mistake and I have since emailed Chris and apologised. My apologies for bothering you with it. Must be old age!

        No I do not have a land line, or a smart phone, and I only use my mobile phone for emergencies, if the car breaks down etc. Very much off-grid with modern tech wherever I can be.

  5. “The Ukraine is a distraction in part to turn people’s attention from other serious evils being pushed on the world, e.g. vaccines, masks, abortion, euthanasia etc.

    And in part is is to ‘make money, loadsa money, ma boy’ if you understand me.

    It is also because we follow a timeline following WW2, only 80 years ago which I have written about on my site.”

    This comment doesn’t appear to be showing, so I have copied it above.
    Please leave a link to your WW2 timeline. Thanks Messenger Charles

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