How Did Three Days and Three Nights Become Good Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning? – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

This question, as always, is easy to answer. It became Good Friday afternoon to Sunday morning because men of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion had their own agenda and The Truth was/is NOT their agenda. Lying and telling yet more lies is their sole agenda. This agenda, like the agenda of their spiritual forefathers The Pharisees, The Scribes and The Sadducees, was designed to maintain and support their satanic Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion. You see, if they had had a desire for The Truth they would have done their research, like the first century Bereans (Acts 17:11), and would have quickly discovered that Good Friday to Sunday morning was un-Scriptural and a mythical, fabricated, error filled story.

This deliberate agenda based perversion was then compounded by their arrogance and blasé indifference to The Truth for, clearly, they are not interested in The Truth. Their only interest is in their vain and meaningless religious traditions – the traditions of hu-man beings. If we add to that Roman Catholic hatred of all things Judean we have ended up with a monumental, delusional, satanic deception.

At the same time and, through their prejudiced views, their closed minds and poorer than young school boy knowledge of first century Judean religious customs and history, they made Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) to look like a liar and a false prophet. Can you believe that? Possibly you can’t but, when I’ve finished this series of articles, I hope and trust you will.

However, before I start here is a brief list of the issues or points that needed overcoming in this task of revealing The Truth:

1) The Good Friday to Sunday morning nonsense with its erroneous Sunday Sabbath, described in the KJV as the ‘first day of the week’ continually clouding the real issues and hiding The Truth;

2) The comings and goings to the tomb, by the female followers of Yashua Messiah and working out which days they came to the tomb;

3) At the start, due to other false teaching from my past, I was fooled into thinking there were two Sabbaths involved in the three day and three night duration of the burial of Yashua Messiah, when all the while there was only one Sabbath directly involved. All this, too, when in the Passover and Unleaven Bread Festival Week there are always three Sabbath days, not one. Interestingly, and as you will see, the discovery of the right days of the week for the Passover and Festival of Unleavened Bread of 31 AD (using a Hebrew Calendar calculator) has made the writing of this series a whole lot easier. With regard to 31 AD, as the year of The Lord’s death and resurrection, I will be writing another article on that subject very soon.

4) At first, I always thought there was only one group of women consisting of the two Marys who visited the tomb, but I now know there were at least two groups or possibly even three groups that were involved.

OK, so let’s cut to the core straight away by quoting this often overlooked, but critical, verse of Holy Scripture where Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) speaks these crucially important prophetic words:

Matthew 12:39-40 (KJV) But He answered and said unto them, “An evil and adulterous generation (race) seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the Prophet Jonas: 40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” (Brackets and emphasis mine)

Here I will emphasise that these two verses are reinforced concrete verses or cast iron verses of prophetic Truth – incorruptible and unambiguous. So because of this I am going to spend a little time analysing these two verses – and the reason? You would not believe some of the verbal quasi-intellectual garbage and written quasi-intellectual garbage that has been offered by so called Bible ‘scholars’, ‘experts’ and ‘authorities’ to explain these two verses away. In doing this, they pathetically attempt to support the indefensible – the indefensible lie of Yashua Messiah being in His tomb from Good Friday afternoon until some unknown time Sunday morning. All this, when a seven year old child could quickly do the maths and tell you that Good Friday afternoon to Sunday morning can never, in a zillion years, add up to three days and three nights i.e. 72 hours. Unless, of course, the 24 hour day and night cycle has changed since 31 AD and no one has informed us! Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

Now where was I? Oh yes Matthew 12:39-40? First, we have more evidence that The Pharisees (spiritually and in some cases literally) are still with us today. An evil and adulterous generation (a race of vipers) sought after a sign in the first century and, today, an even more evil and adulterous generation tries to explain these verses away with the Good Friday to Sunday morning laughable nonsense. When they do this they are making to ‘none effect’ this very special sign that Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) gave as proof that He was, who He said He was – The Messiah. Don’t let anyone persuade you, nor fool you into thinking that this is a trivial side issue, it is not. Those first century men of religion asked Yashua Messiah for a sign and this is the only sign He was prepared to give them, the sign that He would be in the ‘heart of the earth’ for three days and three nights.

Now this ‘heart of the earth’ phrase is another little topic that Bible intellectual ‘whiz kids’ like to get their teeth into – milk teeth that is! OK, ‘heart of the earth’ what did The Lord mean by it? The answer is simple, ‘simple’ being the operative word here and we’re back to one of my favourite Scriptures:

2 Corinthians 11:3 (KJV) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. (Emphasis mine)

To try or attempt to try to make Good Friday afternoon to Sunday morning add up to three days and three nights, one would think, is the height of impossibility. It is, and believe me these silly people do try. You would not believe some of the stupid ideas and theories they come up with in order to prove the unprovable. There is however one thing all these silly theories have in common – none of them are simple!! More chuckling for the author!!

Please bear with me, for I know that I keep going off at tangents but they are necessary tangents in order to lay a foundation to this series of articles. Now this phrase ‘heart of the earth’, what does it mean? Understanding what it means is crucial. Why is it crucial? It’s crucial because, yet again, the above mentioned ‘experts’ have spent hours and hours trying to read into it no end of spurious things that are not there. This phrase means only one thing, the simplest thing, and it means this: the ‘heart of the soil’; and from Strong’s Concordance:

Earth – G1093 ‘ge’ pronounced ‘ghay’: Contracted from a primary word; soil; by extension a region, or the solid part or the whole of the terrene globe (including the occupants in each application): – country, earth (-ly), ground, land, world.

Yashua Messiah said He would be in the ‘heart of the soil, earth, ground or land’ for three days and three nights. Not in a mythical comical Greek Hades which doesn’t exist, nor at the centre of the earth, nor in any other silly infantile fairy tale places.

The Lord deliberately used Jonah’s horrendous experience inside the belly of the whale or fish as a powerful type or shadow of what He, The Lord was to endure. Jonah was entombed inside this creature for three days and three nights, not a minute shorter nor a minute longer, in other words He endured this trial for exactly that length of time. Yashua Messiah uses this exactness of time to prophecy to the unbelieving Pharisees that that is exactly how long He would be entombed in the heart of the soil – a hole in the ground, a grave or a tomb. There was nothing more to it than that – all very simple.

Moreover, we now have these Holy Scriptures which the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religious experts also like to corrupt in order to make them fit their first lie:

Matt 26:61 (KJV) And said, This fellow said, I am able to destroy The Temple of God, and to build it in three days.

Mark 14:58 (KJV) We heard Him say, I will destroy this Temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands.

John 2:19 (KJV) Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this Temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

In these verses we have Yashua Messiah telling those listening, but not hearing, that His physical Temple or His physical body will be destroyed and a new Spiritual Temple will be ‘built’ in three days. The listeners of course, in their Spiritual blindness, were jumping to the conclusion that He was talking about the Temple building in Jerusalem and claiming that He could rebuild that in three days. Not impossible for Yashua Messiah, but that was definitely not the point He was making.

Furthermore, these three verses are very straight forward for those of us who know that a day is followed by a night, but the gnat strainers and ‘clever’ people actually think the omission of the word ‘night’ here reduces the normal twenty four hour cycle to a twelve hour cycle DOH!! How clever is that? Amazing eh? Well actually not very, because even three twelve hour sessions of time don’t work either in proving the Good Friday afternoon to Sunday morning arrangement.

The problem here being if The Lord was resurrected on a Sunday morning at what time exactly did it take place? No one knows is the answer to that one, because His resurrection was not witnessed by anyone. All that was witnessed was the fact that the tomb was already empty when an angel appeared and removed the stone. The thing is, if we apply the Biblical evidence correctly, we can work out at what time The Lord was resurrected, if we follow what He told us i.e. He would be in the heart of the soil for three days and three nights. All we have to do is prove the correct time of His burial. Ah, now we’re back to the simplicity that is in Christ!!

OK, I’m nearly done with this first article, but I must finish it with another Scripture from Matthew because I can already hear some detractors quoting this verse as a counter to what I am saying, so let’s go there now.

Matthew 28:1-6 [In the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.] And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. 3 His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: 4 And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men. 5 And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. 6 He is not here: for he is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. (Please note I have emboldened and placed square brackets around verse 1 because I will be analysing it in detail in the next article.)

Right, what evidence do we have here in Matthew? The first evidence is that The Lord was already resurrected without the stone being rolled away from the tomb entrance. The Angel moved the stone to enable The Lord’s followers to see for themselves that The Lord had already gone. The stone was not removed to allow Yashua Messiah to leave!! The second evidence is the proof that The Lord was resurrected as Spirit, not flesh or in a ‘bodily’ resurrection as some blasphemers would have you believe. There is no way a physical body could pass through the solid stone wall of the tomb.

Finally, and the interesting thing is, we can prove from other Biblical evidence the exact time Yashua Messiah died (and it wasn’t on Good Friday) and from that day and time we can easily prove what time He was raised from the dead (and it wasn’t Sunday morning). It was three days and three nights after His burial, ah, that wonderful simplicity that is in Christ!

Article 2 will follow shortly so don’t go away.

How Did Three Days and Three Nights Become Good Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning? – Part 2

Before I continue with article 2, I wish to expose the religious, theological and Biblical intellectual modern approach to the reading of these Holy Scriptures. This is what I call the ‘comfortable armchair’ approach where the reader is, to some degree or another, totally detached from the reality of those early first century events and the real life impact those events had on those precious few followers of Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) as His witnesses. This means that they tend to lean towards agenda based trivia i.e. what constitutes a day and what doesn’t within The Four Gospels, instead of focusing on the substance of the happenings and the massive trauma effect on those present.

In turn, this means that I wish to bring alive the full blown living experience of these, the most momentous events in the history of mankind. I therefore wish to encapsulate the scene, and bring alive the traumatic emotions caused by these awesome moments in time when these select few followers of Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) were exposed to tremendous emotional turmoil, upheaval, upset and distress. These emotions then followed by the other extreme of overwhelming elation, joy and gladness. The trauma of witnessing The Lord’s heinously cruel violent death and then to come to the stunning realisation, after only 72 hours, that He was no longer dead after all, but, raised from the dead. The pendulum swing of the emotions experienced by these faithful people cannot, in reality, be related to, nor fully comprehended by us – we weren’t there!! This story can never be truthfully or accurately told without these powerful emotions and man’s frailties being brought to mind and continually kept in the back of our minds as we read this magnificent account of HIStory. The pain, the fear, the uncertainty, the anguish, the desolation and the heartbreak that these wonderful people endured is an example to us all as True Believers. Remember, too, they were not, as yet, Born Again, they were only learners (disciples) and had not yet received the indwelling of The Holy Spirit.

With that said, I will now continue with the four Gospel narratives of this story that some say contradict each other. Many of the supposed anomalies between the four narratives stem from the fact that there were two groups of women (possibly even three groups) attending the tomb, not one group. Mary Magdalene’s group which included the other Mary (most likely The Lord’s mother), and the other group made more than one visit to the tomb. One visit was made when the tomb was still sealed and they then went home again as they could not administer their spices. The account doesn’t say this directly, but this must have been the case or they held a multi hour vigil (72 hrs+) at the tomb until late Saturday evening/early Sunday whilst it was still dark. This is explained in Matthew 28 but we can’t see it because of the Good Friday to Sunday lie clouding and confusing our minds. We all think that Sunday morning is the only time these ladies came to the tomb but, this, plainly, is not the case.

For the evidence, I will return to the Greek MSS transliteral for Matthew 28:1 where it tells us quite clearly Mary and, I assume that this is The Lord’s mother, the two Mary’s (one being Mary Magdalene) came to the tomb after a Sabbath had ended and at the same time leading towards another Sabbath day – the usual weekly Sabbath, and here it is:

Matthew 28:1 (Greek Transliteral) Evening yet of-Sabbaths the on-lighting (lighting up) into one of-Sabbaths came Mariam (Mary) – Mariam (Mary) the Magdalene and the other Mariam (Mary) to behold the sepulchre.

Here is another good translation of this verse from the Concordant Literal Translation:

Matthew 28:1 (Concordant Literal) Now it is the evening of the Sabbaths. At the lighting up into one of the Sabbaths came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to behold the sepulchre.

There it is – The evening (end) of one of the Sabbaths leading or dawning or approaching into another of the Sabbaths – two Sabbaths nearly on top of one another. Now this is nothing like the story we read in the corrupted King James Bible and have always been led to believe is the Truth, when all the while it was an agenda based deception.

Notice, too, what they do, they come to look at the tomb, but there is nothing they can do other than look. The next verse mentions an earthquake, but there is no evidence to suggest how long the time span was between the two Mary’s arrival and the commencement of that earthquake. Am I saying they weren’t present? Yes, what I am saying is they returned home and came again approximately 72+ hours later when they witnessed the fact that stone had already been removed. This fact is supported by the other accounts. We must also take into account that the earthquake is not mentioned in any of the other Gospels, why is that? All will be revealed.

Before I do that I wish to return to Matthew 28:1 because another thing we should notice about the Greek rendition of Matthew 28:1 is the fact that the word ‘Sabbath’ (singular) as written in the corrupted KJV is wrong, it is actually Sabbaths – plural not Sabbath singular. This simply means there was more than one Sabbath the week of Our Lord’s death and resurrection.

This is not a supernatural revelation it’s simple knowledge, the kind of simple knowledge that any Bible scholar, worth his salt, could easily research and discover for himself. That’s if he was interested in doing so, of course.

OK, let’s just beef this up with the background historical evidence. Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) was The Passover Lamb to end all Passover lambs – no more animal sacrifices were required after His death and resurrection. The Passover was the time of the year when Yashua Anointed died – not Easter (Ishtar – pagan egg fertility worship). Easter is a hu-man made or Cain/Canaanite made-up pagan religious festival. The Passover has/was nothing to do with this satanic festival, and was, always followed directly by the seven day Feast of Unleavened Bread with its extra Sabbath High Days. Consequently, there are always Sabbaths (plural) at this time of the year. These Sabbaths are in addition to the weekly seventh day Sabbath or the sunset Friday to sunset Saturday Sabbath as we know it today.

The second thing we must take on board is the understanding that not one of these Sabbaths refer to Sunday. Sunday was never a Sabbath nor has it ever been a Sabbath, especially in the first century. The men of the early Catholic Religion devised the Sunday Sabbath nearly three hundred years later in 325 AD at the council of Nicea, under the authority of the murdering illegitimate Constantine, but I am not getting into that subject now. Suffice it to say, all the Sabbaths mentioned in Holy Scriptures are Israelite/Judahite Sabbaths not ‘Christianised’ Sunday non-Sabbaths. This means we are dealing with the seventh day of the week not the first day of the week.

I must now clarify another important point. Am I saying here that as Christians we should keep the Israelite/Judahite Sabbath and not Sunday? No, a thousand times no! Sabbath keeping, like animal sacrifices, circumcision, tithing and dietary laws are all part of the Old Covenant Law and we should not keep any regulated Sabbath day – Saturday or Sunday. We have now entered The Lord’s Sabbath Rest if we are Born Again (Read and study Hebrews chapters 3 and 4 for all the details). Every day is now a Sabbath day, but if you wish to keep a day Holy or special to The Lord then do so, but don’t make it binding or ritualistic on yourself and especially not on anyone else. You are now free under His Saving Grace.

OK, back to the story line. The term ‘evening yet of Sabbaths’ tells us two vital things, but first we must understand that Israelite/Judahite Sabbaths begin at sunset, not in the morning nor at midnight. This means that the two Mary’s came to the tomb during the night as it approached the dawn hence the term ‘evening yet of Sabbaths’ or after the Sabbath, but which Sabbath?

In order to explain which Sabbath, we now need to know a little more about the Holy day festivals that God instructed the Israelites and Judahites to keep. These same festivals are those that the Jews still observe to this day, especially the Holy days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which follows straight on from Passover. The feast of Unleavened Bread lasted a week and it always began with a Sabbath and ended with a Sabbath – it still does. If this festival ran, let’s say, from Tuesday to Tuesday of the week that Our Lord died and rose again, then both these Tuesdays would be Sabbaths and be kept in the same way as the weekly Saturday Sabbath, but more so, because they were high day holidays or High Sabbaths – special Sabbaths or Festival Sabbaths. Thus there are always three Sabbaths through the week of Unleavened Bread and the reason why the week of Our Lord’s death and resurrection was no exception to this annual ritual. John’s Gospel confirms that one of these Holy Day High Days took place the same week as Our Lord’s death and resurrection and I will quote it here:

John 19:31 (KJV) The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, [the preparation day for the first Sabbath Day of The Feast of Unleavened Bread] that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the Sabbath day, (for that Sabbath day was an High Day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away. [Square brackets and emphasis mine]

There we are, there’s the evidence that this was the week of Unleavened Bread with one of two midweek Sabbaths which fell commencing the evening of the same day Our Lord died on the cross (late Tuesday afternoon). He was then taken down from the cross and buried before that High Day Sabbath started at sunset. Handling dead bodies was not allowed on the Sabbath. This evidence cannot be clearer, the Sabbath after Yashua Messiah’s death and burial was not a Saturday weekly Sabbath but a mid-week Holy Day Sabbath.

Back to the earthquake in Matthew’s account – why is it recorded there and not in the others? Simple, it is there to explain how the seal of the tomb door was broken. Here are the verses that precede Matthew 28:1:

Matthew 27:59-66 (KJV) And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, 60 And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed. 61 And there was Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary, sitting over against the sepulchre. 62 Now the next day, that followed the day of the preparation, the chief priests and Pharisees came together unto Pilate, 63 Saying, Sir, we remember that that deceiver said, while he was yet alive, After three days I will rise again. 64 Command therefore that the sepulchre be made sure until the third day, lest his disciples come by night, and steal him away, and say unto the people, He is risen from the dead: so the last error shall be worse than the first. 65 Pilate said unto them, Ye have a watch: go your way, make it as sure as ye can. 66 So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and setting a watch.

Matthew 28:1 (KJV) In the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.

First we can see that Joseph of Arimathaea rolled the stone across the entrance to the tomb after The Lord was laid there. Then we have the Pharisees who arrange, (notice they are doing this on a Sabbath day High Day [breaking the Sabbath] for it is the day AFTER the preparation), via the Romans, to have it sealed. Sealed with what we may ask? Concrete that’s what, the Romans invented the stuff and were master craftsmen in its use so we can be almost 100% sure they used it here to seal the door of the tomb. This means that at the end of three days and three nights the seal would have set hard and would have been impossible to break open without tools. Notice, too, that the two Mary’s were at the tomb when The Lord was placed inside – this was their first visit to the tomb and is supported by Mark:

Mark 15:47 (KJV) And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses beheld where He was laid.

I will end this article with another verse from Mark which corroborates the evidence in Matthew:

Mark 16:1 (KJV) And when the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint Him.

I will expound further in my next article – please stay with it.

How Did Three Days and Three Nights Become Good Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning? – Part 3

Before I continue with new evidence in this article there is one point I did not fully clarify in part two with regard to Matthew 28:1 so I will copy the Scripture here once more. After that I will copy similar Scriptures from John’s Gospel, Luke’s Gospel and Mark’s Gospel where the same corruption occurs:

Matthew 28:1 (KJV) In the end of The Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre. (Emphasis mine)

And from the Greek MSS transliteral:

Matthew 28:1 (Greek transliteral) Evening yet of-Sabbaths the on-lighting (lighting up) into one of-Sabbaths came Mariam (Mary) – Mariam (Mary) the Magdalene and the other Mariam (Mary) to behold the sepulchre.

John 20:1 (KJV) The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre. (Emphasis mine)

Once more from the Greek MSS transliteral:

John 20:1 (Greek transliteral) To-the yet one of-the Sabbaths Mary the Magdalene is-coming morning of-darkness still being into the memorial-vault (tomb) and is-looking (observing) the stone having-been-lifted (taken-away) out of the memorial-vault (tomb)

Mark 16:2 (KJV) And very early in the morning the first day of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun. (Emphasis mine)

Again from the Greek MSS transliteral:

Mark 16:2 (Greek transliteral) And very (early) morning of-the of-one of-Sabbaths they-are-coming on the memorial-vault (tomb) of-up-rising of the-sun.

Luke 24:1 (KJV) Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them. (Emphasis mine)

And yet again from the Greek MSS transliteral:

Luke 24:1 (Greek transliteral) To-the yet one of-the Sabbaths of-early of-deep they-came on the memorial-vault (tomb) carrying (bringing) which they-make-ready spices and any (certain-others) together-with to-them (them).

What we must get firmly fixed in our minds is The Truth that these groups of women did not come to the tomb on the first day of the week as is untruthfully and deceptively written in the KJV. They came on a day that was between the first two Sabbaths of the week of The Unleavened Bread Festival – the first Sabbath was The High Day and the second Sabbath would have been the weekly Sabbath. This means that Matthew 28:1; John 20:1; Mark 16:2 and Luke 24:1 in the KJV are all corruptions and gross distortions of the true narratives as recorded in the Greek MSS. As I said in part two, the Good Friday afternoon to Sunday morning garbage totally pollutes our minds and our thinking with regard to this story.

OK, I have covered a fair amount of material thus far in this article and in articles one and two, so let’s summarise the evidence we have up to now:

We know that the two Marys attended the sepulchre when The Lord was laid inside by Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus. We also know that whilst the two Mary’s rested on the first Sabbath of Unleavened Bread the Romans, at the behest of the Pharisees, sealed the tomb and placed a guard of soldiers there. Initially, the two Marys would not have been aware that the tomb had been sealed and a guard set, because this work took place on the first Sabbath with the Pharisees breaking the Sabbath Laws. We know, too, that the two Marys wanted to purchase ointment and spices for the anointing of Yashua Messiah’s body. They did this after the first Sabbath was passed and they came to the tomb carrying the spices hoping to be able to do the anointing but could not because the tomb was sealed.

Moreover, let’s consider two more things in Matthew’s and Mark’s accounts that are easy to read over and miss unless we stop and think about them. Matthew first:

Matthew 28:2-6 (KJV) And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. 3 His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: 4 And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men. 5 And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. 6 He is not here: for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where The Lord lay.

Now here in this account are at least two things that are easy to miss and/or erroneously take for granted as read, when they are not written as we might think they are. Notice, first, verse 5 “And the angel answered the women”, but answered them for what reason? In order for the angel to ‘answer them’ there must have been some sort of dialogue going on in the first place, but nothing is recorded here! The women have not said a word to this angel in this account; so on the face of it, this means, there’s nothing to answer. So what’s going on here, and is something missing in this account? The other piece of information omitted here are the names of the women. The angel answers the ‘women’ but which women? We can only assume it’s the two Marys but that would and could be an inaccurate assumption if we wish to ratify these accounts in Matthew and Mark with those in Luke and, especially, those in John.

Now for some background information; the Greek text upon which we rely for a more accurate rendering of God’s Word is known as the ‘Received Text’. These manuscripts were copied and translated by a man called Erasmus in the early 16th century. Even then these manuscripts were fourteen hundred years old and were obviously in a very poor condition and thereby incomplete with many pieces missing. Here, therefore, in Matthew’s and Mark’s accounts is a good example of how these missing fragments of manuscript have affected the Holy Scriptures with its omissions.

We must also take into account that this man Erasmus was a Roman Catholic and that the Good Friday thing is definitely one of Rome’s evil corruptions of the Truth, so are the missing pieces a deliberate omission or accidental!!?? The Truth is we don’t know, but don’t forget the uproar it would have caused in the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire if Erasmus had included all the evidence. All this with the possible threat of heresy hanging over him. He could also have risked excommunication and/or even torture and death for his ‘heretical’ activities.

Whatever The Truth of this matter, this passage in Matthew 28 is incomplete and therefore renders it totally questionable. Furthermore, the reality and Truth of it is this: the two Marys visit the tomb between the two Sabbaths and return home disappointed because the tomb is sealed – we then have a space in time i.e. the hours between the two Marys first visit and the end of the weekly Sabbath at sunset on the seventh day (Saturday). In other words the earthquake occurs much later for the benefit of the Roman guards only (to give them a ‘wake up call’ and to use them as witnesses) and to break the seal on the stone door. The angel also appears, first to roll away the stone from the door and then, for the ‘benefit’ of the Romans, to put the fear of God into them so they freeze as dead men.

The two Marys were not present at the time of the earthquake; how do we know that? Quite simply, because 1) What would be the point? We know The Father God is not into putting his children into unnecessary frightening or dangerous situations (see my series of articles on Ogre gods). 2) The Father God knew that the earthquake episode and angelic appearance would be reported back to the Pharisees even though they would, and did, do all they could to silence the soldiers and hush the event up by buying them off.

OK, after the earthquake there is now another short gap in time until the arrival of the first visitor(s) to the empty tomb after the weekly Sabbath was over. According to Matthew’s account there then follows a conversation between these women and the angel which is only half recorded, but are these unnamed women the first visitors? All will be revealed.

We can now have a look at Mark’s account, for there is a similar disjointedness that’s easy to miss and read over. Mark 16:1-2 And when the Sabbath was past, (the first Sabbath) Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him. 2 And very early in the morning the first day of the week, (after the second Sabbath) they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun. 3 And they said among themselves, Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre? 4 And when they looked, they saw that the stone was rolled away: for it was very great. (Brackets mine)

Here we can see support for Matthews account in verse 1: And when The Sabbath (the first Sabbath) was passed the two Mary’s had bought spices that they might come and anoint Him. When a Sabbath passes it’s the evening and it’s getting dark – Sabbaths end at the end of the day, and this is when the two Mary’s came with the spices the first time only to find the tomb sealed. They return home and report to the other women what they have seen. Verse 2 then describes ‘women’ coming in the morning early as the sun was rising after the second Sabbath – the weekly Sabbath, but notice, we don’t know who these women are. To assume the two Marys are here together in the morning can only be that, an assumption. OK, we don’t know who they are but we do know they knew that the tomb door had been sealed, for look at what they are saying. “Who shall roll us away the stone from the door?” As they are approaching the tomb, they are asking this question because the last time one of them was there she witnessed it had been sealed. We therefore know that at least one of the Marys is present in this early morning sunrise group.

This is all very revealing is it not, and I will continue with Luke’s and John’s accounts later? Before I do that I want to firm up the reality of the fulfilment of The Lord’s promise that He would be in the ‘heart of the soil’ (earth) for three days and three nights. As shown, and in order to ratify the Gospel accounts, there had to be more time involved to accommodate all the visits that the two Mary’s and the other group of women made to the tomb. I have also proven that certain manuscripts are missing from the Matthew account. We also know that The Lord died on the Passover – not Easter, which also proves there would have been two Sabbaths that week not one – both of which closely followed The Lord’s death and burial.

We know that the Lord died late in the afternoon (Passover was on a Tuesday in 31 AD) and had to be buried before the Sabbath commenced – the midweek High Day Sabbath of Unleavened Bread. We also know from Matthew’s account that the two Marys attended the tomb between two Sabbaths only to find the tomb sealed. The account in Mark then relates the story of some women coming to the tomb early in the morning of the first day of the week only to find the stone rolled away and The Lord already gone.

The question now is this; at what time did Yashua Messiah rise from the dead? This is now easy to calculate. He died on a Tuesday afternoon and was buried before the commencement of the first Unleavened Bread Sabbath just before sunset (the first Sabbath starts). He was then in the tomb Tuesday night, all day Wednesday, (the first Sabbath ends) Wednesday day night, all day Thursday, Thursday night and all day Friday until sunset and the weekly 7th day Sabbath commences. This adds up exactly to seventy two hours or three days and three nights and His prophetic sign to the wretched Pharisees fulfilled. This means that by sunset Friday evening as the last second of the day struck and before the weekly Sabbath commenced, He was risen.

We must understand, too, that the time of the discovery of His resurrection has nothing to do with the actual point in time of its occurrence. All that matters is the fact that He had fulfilled the sign He gave to a group of unbelieving Pharisees. Any other explanation to this episode makes Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) a liar and a false prophet – please think about this if you are a real seeker of The Truth – Yashua Messiah.

I will put together another article explaining how the year of Yashua Messiah’s death was 31 AD and not, as erroneously thought, 33 AD.

This series of articles will continue in part 4.

How Did Three Days and Three Nights Become Good Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning? – Part 4

Moving on, I will now deal with Luke’s account of the burial and resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ starting first in Luke 23:

Luke 23:49 (KJV) And all His acquaintance, and the women that followed Him from Galilee, stood afar off, beholding these things.

Now this verse is crucial in understanding all the happenings and the to-ings and fro-ings that went on with regards to the women followers of Yashua Messiah and their visits to the tomb. From this verse we can accurately deduce that there were far more followers of Yashua Messiah present at His crucifixion, death and burial than just the two or three named women.

OK, in the verses that follow, i.e. verses 50-54 of Luke 23, we see that Luke’s narrative supports those of Matthew and Mark: In verse 54 it confirms that the Sabbath ‘drew on’ as Joseph of Arimathaea placed the Lord’s body in his tomb. This Sabbath was the first Sabbath – the Holy Day Sabbath. Moving on to verses 55-56 we now have another important piece of evidence, and I will quote the verse here:

Luke 23:55-56 (KJV) And the women also, which came with Him from Galilee, followed after, and beheld the sepulchre, and how His body was laid. 56 And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments; and rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment.

What makes these verses important? These verses are very important because they tell us that there were at least two groups of women taking spices to anoint The Lord in His tomb. The first group, which included the two Marys, went and bought spices but, notice, these women returned to their guest house in order to prepare their own spices. They then rested on the Sabbath Day; the first Sabbath Day of Unleavened Bread and came back to the tomb after the Sabbath was over. If we compare this with the ‘Two Mary’ accounts we find that they bought their spices after the first Sabbath was over. We then get confirmation of this in verse 1 of Luke 24:

Luke 24:1 (KJV) Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them. (Emphasis mine)

Now this verse is interesting on two counts: 1) according to the KJV, it is telling us that they came to the tomb, very early, on the first day of the week, but is this true? No! 2) The phrase “certain others with them” is not in the Greek rendering either and to prove it, here we are, from the Greek MSS:

Luke 24:1 (Greek Transliteral) To-the yet one of-the Sabbaths of-early deeply (depths) on the memorial-tomb they-came carrying which they-make-ready spices.

The Greek rendering is also telling us plainly that these women, like the group with the two Marys in it, came after the first Sabbath was over with the second Sabbath approaching, hence it says “To the yet one of the Sabbaths” This means that it was not the first day of the week at all but, rather, a preparation day for another Hebrew Sabbath day – the weekly seventh day Sabbath. Don’t forget there was no such thing as the heathen counterfeit Christian RELIGIOUS Sunday Sabbath at this point in history. This verse is supporting completely what is written in Mark’s account so this had to be Thursday morning when the Tuesday/Wednesday Sabbath was over

Luke 23:56 (KJV) And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments; and rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment.

Luke 23:56 (Greek Transliteral) Returning yet they-make-ready spices and attars and the indeed Sabbath they-quietize (they are quiet) according to the direction (precept)

Luke 23:56 (NIV Interlinear) And on the indeed Sabbath they rested according to the commandment.

Now here we have some additional information from my Greek Interlinear NIV and the Greek Transliteral. Now what do these renderings tell us, over and above what the other renderings have told us? One important thing; it’s telling us that this was an ‘indeed’ Sabbath. So what on earth is an indeed Sabbath when it’s at home!!?? Ever heard of such a thing? Probably not and nor had I until I researched it and discovered that it is otherwise known as a ‘men’ Sabbath, which means it was a moon Sabbath or, better, a full moon Sabbath. OK, so what I hear you say, what does that prove? Well it simply proves that it was the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread because this feast always falls on a full moon, that is, on the 15th of Abib or as known today as the 15th of Nisan.

Moreover, apart from John’s account, I have now correlated the events of the death, burial and resurrection of Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) in the narratives of Matthew, Mark and Luke. So I will now attempt to do the same with the events that followed just after the resurrection with the Lord’s appearances to His faithful loving followers.

In Matthew we had the two Marys who came to view the tomb before the first Sabbath commenced. Later on, we then have women who have discourse with an angel, but we do not know who these women are nor are we told what they said to the angel. The angel tells them to go and tell the others. They do this and en route meet the risen Lord, they then fall to the ground and hold His feet and yet in John’s gospel the Lord tells Mary not to touch Him for He is not yet ascended to His Father, so what’s going on here?

John 20:17 (KJV) Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God. (Emphasis mine)

Again, this is yet more evidence that we are dealing with two groups of women. From what we are told here there is a point in time when the Lord does ascend to His Father and then returns in order for the second group of women to hold His feet. This means that Mary Magdalene came to the tomb before the others, and John’s account confirms this. It tells us that Mary came very early Saturday morning whilst it was still dark.

John 20:1 (KJV) The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre (Emphasis mine)

John 20:1 (Greek Transliteral) To-the yet one of-the Sabbaths Mary the Magdalene is-coming morning (in the morning) of-darkness still being into the memorial-vault and is-looking the stone having been lifted out of the memorial vault.

This tells us she is the first visitor to come to the empty tomb. She immediately goes to tell Peter and John and they run to see for themselves, with John out running Peter, but Peter, being bolder, entering the tomb before John. They return to their guest house perplexed and Mary’s encounter with the Lord then follows. It’s after this event that the Lord ascends to the Father and returns so that He is safe to be touched by His brothers and sisters.

OK, I know none of this is recorded here, but we have to assume that it did occur otherwise we have a confliction and a contradiction. Remember, too, that the risen Yashua Messiah is now a Spirit being, not a physical being. He now has the ability to ascend to His Father as Spirit and then to appear in the flesh on earth. So lets be done with all this bodily resurrection blasphemous nonsense. All these appearances were miraculous and mysterious events to us as mere mortals – we see through a glass darkly as Paul was later to describe it.

Furthermore, here is another pertinent question: How and why was it that Mary could not touch Yashua Messiah when she first saw Him? Well obviously, He had her physical welfare at heart when He commanded her not to make contact with his new, shall we say, RAW (for want of a better word) Spiritual body. Was He radio-active or something similar? We can only speculate here, for we are not told the details, but at the same time we cannot ignore this evidence as insignificant, for it is very significant indeed!! It is also more evidence that His resurrection was not a bodily resurrection, but a Glorified Spiritual resurrection – Spirit is POWER – pure awsome energy.

Moving on to Mark’s account we have women coming to the tomb and find the tomb empty. They have a conversation with an angel who tells them to go and tell Peter and the other learners (disciples) what they have witnessed. Please note, these women do not have an encounter with The Lord.

In Luke’s account we have the women who prepared their own spices coming to the tomb early in the morning and they witness two angels, not one angel. This proves we have two groups of women at least.

In John’s account it gets a little more interesting for only Mary Magdalene is mentioned and she is the first living soul to encounter Yashua Messiah as a risen Spirit being. She comes alone to the tomb while it is still dark and then runs to tell Peter and John. This also proves that this Mary was not a member of the other groups of women who come to the tomb later when the sun is rising.

So let’s recap, in Matthew’s account we have women, who, having witnessed the empty tomb, run to tell the learners (disciples), meet The Lord on the way and fall down, worshipping Him and holding His feet. In Mark’s account we have women coming at dawn, have a conversation with an angel and then flee the scene to tell the others. In Luke’s account we have the women who prepared their own spices and then encounter two angels at the tomb, but they do not meet with The Lord. In John’s account we have Mary Magdalene, alone, whilst it is still dark who then flees from the tomb to tell Peter and John. When they have gone their way, Mary remains and then meets The Lord who tells her not to touch Him. OK, I know this is brief, but it does sum up quite neatly the four accounts.

The only anomaly we seem to have is in Luke’s account where it tells us that Peter runs to the tomb after the other women have reported their experiences rather than it being just Mary Magdalene and we find this in Luke 24:9-12:

Luke 24:9-12 (KJV) And returned from the sepulchre, and told all these things unto the eleven, and to all the rest. 10 It was Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, and other women that were with them, which told these things unto the apostles (should read learners/disciples not apostles). 11 And their words seemed to them as idle tales, and they believed them not. 12 Then arose Peter, and ran unto the sepulchre; and stooping down, he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves, and departed, wondering in himself at that which was come to pass. (Brackets mine)

Now all I can say to this is this: Luke here has done a brief summary of all the post resurrection events and has not listed the details in chronological order. Notice, too, that he refers to the learners (disciples) as apostles, when in Truth they did not become apostles until the tongues of fire event in the upper room at the time of their Spiritual Baptism at Pentecost after the Lord had ascended for the second and last time.

OK, I think that just about wraps it up. In my next article I will cover the events of that wonderful story of the two learners (disciples) meeting The Lord on the road to Emmaus.

How Did Three Days and Three Nights Become Good Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning? – Part 5 – The Road to Emmaus

We now move on to the story of the two learners (disciples) on the road to Emmaus and, for me, one of the most uplifting stories in the Holy Scriptures.

However, the issue for us within this passage of Holy Scripture, is the business of whether or not this was the ‘third day’ as written in the KJV English translation of The Bible. Here is the verse in question:

Luke 24:21 (KJV) But we trusted that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel: and beside all this, to day is the third day since these things were done. (Emphasis mine)

OK, so was it the third day? because if it was then everything I have written thus far is compromised, I have wasted hours of my time and we most definitely have a confliction or a contradiction? I will now copy all the other verses relevant to this story so we can learn the true meaning of this narrative.

Now please take note, for the problems here are twofold: 1) incorrect emphasis by so called Bible experts and thelogians on the subject matter and 2) because of that misplaced emphasis, we are again left asking the question, who was responsible for changing that emphasis!!?? Moreover, you will notice that I have italicised above, not only the words ‘third day’ but also ‘these things’, so let’s copy the other relevant Holy Scriptures below:

Luke 24:13 (KJV) And, behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about threescore furlongs (seven and a half miles). 14 And they talked together of all these things which had happened. 15 And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near (He appeared from nowhere), and went with them. 16 But their eyes were holden that they should not know Him. 17 And He said unto them, What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad? 18 And the one of them, whose name was Cleopas, answering said unto Him, Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem, and hast not known the things which are come to pass there in these days? 19 And He said unto them, What things? And they said unto Him, Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people: 20 And how the chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to be condemned to death, and have crucified Him. 21 But we trusted that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel: and beside all this, to day is the third day since these things were done. (Brackets and emphasis mine)

Having emphasised the subject matter of this conversation in bold italics we can now see that the number of days since these things had occurred is an irrelevance. The phrase ‘today is the third day’ is like the ‘indeed’ Sabbath I revealed in an earlier article – it’s gratuitous nonsense! It’s also like the erroneous translation ‘first day of the week’ – totally meaningless.

Luke 24:21 (Greek Transliteral) We yet expected that He is the One being about to be loosening (redeeming) the Israel but surely and together to all these third this day it is leading from which these became.

Above is the Greek rendering and even here we can see the emphasis is on the happenings or the things of the last few days not the number of days passed. What we now have to ascertain is whether they are talking about three things or the number of days passed? The other questions we need to ask ourselves are these, would the number of days passed be an issue to these two learners (disciples) as they walked to Emmaus that day or just the mind boggling awesome happenings – don’t forget these were very traumatic times for The Lord’s followers? Again, to whom would this number of days issue be important – those two learners? Not a chance! So to whom would it be an important issue? Why, to the agenda driven satanic translators of this story, who else? Ah yes, now we’re getting to it? These verses were deliberately doctored in order to give some kind of credence to their Good Friday to Sunday morning ‘first day of the week’ lies and blasphemies.

To finish off I am going to use the assistance of my NIV Greek-Interlinear Bible where it clearly states: ‘these things third’ in its rendering. This tells us quite plainly that it was three things that the two learners were discussing with The Lord, not how many days that had passed. The reality is that it was the fifth day since all these things had come to pass, not the third day. OK, what I will do is rewrite this passage of Holy Scripture as it should be written:

Luke 24:20-24 (Brother Charles Version) And how the chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to be condemned to death, (one thing) and have crucified Him (two things). 21 But we trusted that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel: and beside all, this day the third thing (three things) was done. 22 Yea, and certain women also of our company made us astonished, which were early at the sepulchre; 23 And when they found not His body, they came, saying, that they had also seen a vision of angels, which said that He was alive. 24 And certain of them which were with us went to the sepulchre, and found it even so as the women had said: but Him they saw not.

There we are my friends, the real Truth of this passage of Holy Scripture and notice how it naturally flows from verse 21 into verse 22 when translated correctly? The emphasis all the while being on “the three things” or the events of the last few days not the irrelevant number of days passed.

Here is another very relevant point; if you ask anyone who has lived through a catastrophic trauma, of, let’s say, a serious road accident resulting in the near death of a loved one and the inevitable hospital bedside vigil, sometimes for days or even weeks, people always lose track of time and understandably so. If we then transfer this level of traumatic upheaval to those beloved followers of Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) we can then begin to see the nonsense of the remark: “And it is now three days since these things occurred”. These fellas would not have known what year it was, let alone how many days had passed.

It’s time, therefore, for us to wise up to the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religious garbage contaminations and meaningless mumbo jumbo planted into God’s Holy Word and get with The Truth – Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ).

OK, that’s it for part 5

105 thoughts on “How Did Three Days and Three Nights Become Good Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning? – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

  1. Charles,

    It is quite clear the agenda in the writing now that you have isolated the verses, and highlighted the language. Isn’t amazing how few people would bother to chase it up, and yet so-called scholars abound; how so many go on talking such utter nonsense about “Easter”?

    In light of our recent discussions, I would have to conclude that only very few people are going to be compelled to The Truth, and thus most simply won’t understand.

    • That’s the “strong delusion” that The Father has sent upon them and that Paul mentions in Thessalonians:

      2 Thessalonians 2:7-11 (KJV) For The Mystery of Iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom The Lord shall consume with The Spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of The Truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

      • It just makes me shake my head. I know people who have left “The Church” for erroneous things like Easter; they can plainly see that GF to Sunday doesn’t equal 3days and nights and when they inquire they get some robotic reply from the mind-controlled “priest” and walk out in disgust and frustration. Worse, they remain lost for the most part I imagine.

      • Oh no, those The Father wants, those He is calling, are never lost. They are just going through the motions of Truth seeking, as we all do, IF we love The Truth and, as I always say, The Truth is Yashua Messiah. It’s all intertwined.

        I see the act of anyone that questions and leaves a mainstream congregation as a positive thing. If you know where they live it might be worthwhile contacting them to see how they are getting on.

      • Well, being in that boat myself, I’d say most of them are my friends and relatives! It’s all down to the natural flow of conversation and the opportunities they present to offer the questions or ideas.

        If they are called they will hear I suppose.

      • Salemi is a Judaiser from the old Worldwide school. Pay him no attention. Armstrong always taught that the Crucifixion was on Wednesday when that doesn’t match up with the Unleavened Bread Holy Days of 31 AC.

  2. Hi Charles,

    Re: Section 3: “He died on a Tuesday afternoon and was buried before the commencement of the first Unleavened Bread Sabbath just before sunset (the first Sabbath starts). He was then in the tomb Tuesday night, all day Wednesday, (the first Sabbath ends) Wednesday day night, all day Thursday, Thursday night and all day Friday until sunset and the weekly 7th day Sabbath commences.”

    If this is the case, does that not mean that the second or return visit of the Mary group to the tomb would have had them doing that on the Saturday sabbath morning? This is a strict no-no is it not?

    This would suggest that the Unleavened bread started on a Wednesday such that the resurrection occurs on Saturday evening 6pm and the Mary visit occurs first day of the week Sunday. No yes?

  3. Hi Charles,

    Re: “The Greek rendering is also telling us plainly that these women, like the group with the two Marys in it, came after the first Sabbath was over with the second Sabbath approaching, hence it says “To the yet one of the Sabbaths” This means that it was not the first day of the week at all but, rather, a preparation day for another Hebrew Sabbath day – the weekly seventh day Sabbath.”
    That preparation day for the weekly Saturday Sabbath would have been Friday no yes?

    • That would have to be the third Sabbath – the second Unleavened Bread Holy Day. It is not stating which Sabbath it is. So we must assume that it’s the third. The confusion comes with the evil translators use of the term ‘First Day of The Week’ which is not written that way in the Greek. This is just Babylonian Sunday worship bullshit. In the Greek the first day of the week is NEVER mentioned.

  4. Hi Charles,

    Re: “This verse is supporting completely what is written in Mark’s account so this had to be Thursday morning when the Tuesday/Wednesday Sabbath was over.”

    It had to be Friday no yes???

    • No there was more than one group visiting and obviously on different occasions. As far as I can work out no one visited on a Friday. Plus by Friday it would be too late for administering the spices. His body would have been turning. Unless this was a visit out of curiosity with no intention of administering the spices.

      • With all that had to come to pass to fulfil the prophecy, why would Christ be Crucified, put in the tomb just before the Sabbath, which was followed by another Sabbath, then followed by a non Sabbath day, such that the resurrection on Friday (Non-Sabbath day) would occur just as the next Sabbath (Saturday) starts?

        Logically, Christ would have been put in the earth, for 3 consecutive Sabbaths no? Everybody had to stop and wait no?

        The Sunday morning visit would have been 12 hours after the Saturday resurrection at 6pm.

        Either way Friday to Sunday is nonsense.

      • All that had to happen was for Yashua Messiah to be in the heart of the soil/earth (in His tomb) for three days and three nights, just as Jonah was in the belly of the fish. It’s that simple and anything else is a religious fraud and satanic lie, that is, Friday sunset to Sunday morning.

        We now know that Tuesday afternoon was the time of His death, so from that we calculate everything else. Logic is not required, just facts and Truth.

        Wednesday, starting Tuesday sunset, was the first Sabbath or the High Day Sabbath of The Feast of Unleavened Bread. Three nights and three days brings us to sunset Friday and the commencement of the weekly Sabbath.

        The preparation days that week would have been Tuesday, Friday and then the following Tuesday. The narrative then has to fit these known facts. If it doesn’t, then we have to question the narrative and/or make the narrative fit the FACTS!

        If there are any anomalies that do not fit these known facts then we MUST look at 1) Errors in their writing and accuracy of the historicity. 2) Deliberate agenda driven translation errors in trying to build their Easter BS. 3) Our lack of knowledge re these Judean customs and traditions.

      • Where did you get that idea from?

        The Feast of Unleavened Bread has a Sabbath at the beginning and a Sabbath at the end – this Feast lasts for one week – the first Holy Day sabbath on the first day and the second Holy Day on the last day.

        That week it would have been Wednesday commencing Tuesday sunset for the first Holy Day and Tuesday for the last Holy Day, commencing Monday sunset, with the weekly Sabbath in between on the Saturday commencing Friday sunset as usual.

        Stop using your logic, unless founded on the facts, and as I described in my previous comment. Our logic only leads to confusion which is what the translator deceivers want.

      • So, are you saying the Wednesday full moon means the Sabbath started Tuesday 6pm?

  5. hi Charles,

    Re: “John 20:1 (Greek Transliteral) To-the yet one of-the Sabbaths Mary the Magdalene is-coming morning (in the morning) of-darkness still being into the memorial-vault and is-looking the stone having been lifted out of the memorial vault.”

    If yet one of-the Sabbaths means preparation day for a Sabbath then this account of John makes no sense because it means Christ was risen Thursday evening so that on the morning of the preparation day the stone is rolled away no yes?

  6. The idea of 3 Sabbaths came from:
    Sabbath 1: Passover (being a Sabbath) – now I understand it is The Last Supper not a Sabbath
    Sabbath 2: Feast of Unleavened Bread
    Sabbath 3: Weekly Saturday Sabbath

    Also, if Christ is crucified Tuesday, and resurrects Friday 6pm that means the women waited for a 4th day to go for a Sunday visit? That seems odd; if the Pharisees were bent enough to bend their Sabbath rules to see the tomb sealed, surely the women would have jumping out of their skin enough – bursting with unfathomable anxiety – they might just have went for a wee walk during a Sabbath themselves? If I were looking for a translation error I’d think it there.

    Also, this year, Passover started yesterday, the day of the full moon. What evidence do we have to suggest that at that time the Sabbath would have started the day before or eve of?

    Here is an excerpt that reads in a fairly straightforward manner, linked below:
    “To make all of these events fit, we can count backwards from the weekly Sabbath and figure out what evening Y’shua and the disciples had the Passover meal and what day He was crucified. The timeline of events would look like this:

    Tuesday night – Passover Seder (meal), prayer in Gethsemane, arrested, brought before the Jews

    Wednesday morning – before Pilate, on the cross by 9 a.m., dead by 3 p.m.²

    Wednesday night – Y’shua in the tomb – first night, High Sabbath begins

    Thursday – Y’shua in the tomb – first day, High Sabbath,

    Thursday night – Y’shua in the tomb, second night, end of High Sabbath

    Friday – Y’shua in the tomb, second day, spices bought & prepared

    Friday night – Y’shua in the tomb, third night, weekly Sabbath begins

    Saturday – Y’shua in the tomb third day, weekly Sabbath

    Saturday Night – Y’shua NOT IN THE TOMB, End of weekly Sabbath”

    If Christ resurrects on Friday at the even of the weekly Sabbath that keeps everyone waiting around another day. I don’t buy that.

    • Monday night was the Passover in 31 AC, not Tuesday night. Which you have already proven by posting your NASA link. I have proven it by using a Hebrew calendar.

      After three days the reality of His death would have begun to to sink in to women’s distraught brains, and with that there was no rush or urgency in attending the tomb, now that a stone prevented them seeing His body and they were devout Sabbath keepers, so there is NO WAY they would have attended the tomb until after the weekly Sabbath was over.

      YOU: “If Christ resurrects on Friday at the even of the weekly Sabbath that keeps everyone waiting around another day. I don’t buy that.”

      No one was waiting for anything!! NO ONE was expecting His resurrection anyway, apart from the murdering Jews, hence the stone.

      We then have the Learner’s total surprise when He revealed Himself to them ALIVE! THEN THEY remembered HIS WORDS!! Post the event. More FACTS!!

      • If the full moon was Wednesday why is the Passover Monday night, not Tuesday?

        Is your Hebrew Calendar proof available in the article or some other source?

      • The full moon is ALWAYS on The First Day of Unleavened Bread which commenced Tuesday sunset. That night would have been the full moon making it the INDEED Sabbath.

        There is ALWAYS a full moon for the first Sabbath of The Feast of Tabernacles.

        In this Hebrew calendar format ‘Wednesday’ commenced at sunset on Tuesday.

        Passover is ALWAYS on the 14th Abib, what the Jews now call Nisan and likewise that day commences at sunset the previous day and that year it would have been Monday.

      • How does a full moon wednesday square with this:

        ““Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats: And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening.” – Exodus 12: 5- 7

      • The full moon applies to Unleavened Bread, not Passover the day before Unleavened Bread. The Lamb was slaughtered on Passover, hence Yashua Messiah was slaughtered on Passover.

      • Tuesday, then in the tomb for 3 nights… and they waited 4 days? Hopeless, lost – is not that God putting his people through unnecessary grief?

      • 1) They had forgotten His words. Did He not have to scold and remind the two Learners on the road to Emmaus!!!???

        2) Do you think they were conscious of the passing of time in their distress? Counting days in a detached manner, as we do, whilst studying this whole event in hindsight?

        3) He came and took The Law to the stake with Him, so there was now nothing to stop them attending the tomb a day earlier on the Sabbath had they wished, but they had not learned that either and were sticking to the letter of The Law by staying away. Who was remiss here?

        Our ways are not His ways until we have learned – and that takes time.

      • So, this other link that used only scripture to get to Wednesday to Saturday is off by a day because it (KJV) doesn’t have the tip-off about the indeed Sabbath that you got from the Interlinear Greek; this is the real missing puzzle piece then?

      • I presume the people behind other link have not kept these Holy Days as I have done in the past whilst a member of the so-called Worldwide Church of God, so confuse Passover with the First Day of Unleavened Bread.

        Hands on experience makes a big difference and leaves an indelible mark in your brain.

      • So,

        If in the future, I wished to observe of my own, the crucifixion, say with the lighting of candles, I would at 6pm the night before the full moon of Passover light the first candle, and the next and the next for the following 2 nights?

        If, the moon was full on Wednesday, that would be a Tuesday 6pm first candle?

      • The full moon is NOT Passover. The full moon is the first Holy Day Sabbath of Unleavened Bread – the 15th of Abib or Nisan. Passover is the 14th of Abib/Nisan.

        If you want to observe it you will need to refer to a Worldwide Church of God splinter group web page for the Hebrew calendar dates and why use papist candles?

        The day of Passover commences at sunset, not 6 pm, unless sunset is at 6 pm.

        You do realise you’re getting into a whole load of legalistic stuff here.

      • OK, I’ve got the days sorted.

        Good question on the candles – I didn’t realise they were papist! LOL

        I’m not really looking to do anything other than make some way of observing; I just find the whole Easter thing so egregious and I want a way to teach my children. Any suggestions are welcome.

      • Well whenever one sees them employed it’s always Roman Catholics or Russian Orthodox people using them for some silly religious event or ceremony.

        Just take a quiet day off, if you wish, to observe it and then spend your time resting and reading the Scriptures and if urged by The Holy Spirit, then pray. That’s all I can suggest until you have some fellow believers you can gather with and share the day together in fellowship.

        I have not observed it since Worldwide days.

      • I don’t know what Worldwide days are, is that Armstrong COG stuff?

        I’ve actually had a thought to put out an advert to see if I could put a group of inquiring minds together locally. Maybe that might open the door.

        Any thought I’ve had on the baptist fellow now after Easter has passed again I’ve thought, not happening…

      • If this event is real then many will have died in vain. However I tend not to believe any of these ‘attacks’ are real. If it is real then ISIS will be involved (already reported as such) and that means it’s the Jews = Mossad.

  7. In addition to Exodus 12, what in your view is the best instruction previously given to the Isrealites in the OT on how the sacrifice of the lamb/crucifixion should/would be done?

      • Well, having just come through the books of Moses, I noted there were, it seemed to me, a few places where the law was reiterated and details provided on the offerings. So, my question is is there any other passage in addition to Exodus 12 that details the slaughter of lambs for passover, the sequence of events, how it is done, when etc?

      • Not that I am aware of and from memory I am sure that no details of the actual slaughtering of animals is given. To be honest I have not felt the need – it’s all Old Covenant anyway and applicable to those times only.

      • Right. Yet, I’m not baptised, so I feel a bit naked! LOL

        In other news, have you ever heard of this guy?

      • Re Baptism how is that going?

        Yes I have listened to him before, he’s OK up to a point, but I think he fails on the JQ. Use these people and learn to sift.

      • That’s it, take from it what you can and reject the rest as garbage.

        Of course Yashua Messiah is the only Saviour, because The Father and Holy Spirit are NOT Saviours – DOH!!! Where do they get their dumb ideas from? Oh yes, Satan!

      • He has the wacky idea that Israelites need to get back to Torah even though he states in the next breath that Yashua has already paid the price – LOL!

        I am not sure whether God is telling me this or not but I’ve got the message this weekend through inadvertently discovering all my girls have an interest in family crests, that I’m going to invite my wife on a trip of history and heraldry; perhaps I’ll try the side door….

      • Funny you should say that. I watched his 3 hour lecture on the lost tribes (he refers a few times to Yair Davidy). At one point, while discussing England he states “that’s because they’re Jews!”

        It just came clear in my mind the utter absurdity of such a statement; obviously people are unable to conceive of Judahites.

        At any rate, I think I’ll end up using his Israelite lecture to get the ball rolling; it seems a good introduction; nothing like a few errors to point out!

        I recently watched “Outlaw-King” on Netflix, about Robert the Bruce. There were some interesting snippets in there for those with eyes to see/ears to hear; not necessarily on account of anything intentional, but then again Hollywood hates Netflix and I wonder if one reason is because they are creating historical dramas that are plugging people back into their history and eradication of history is a must be? Anyway, if you’re of a few hours free you might get a kick out of it.

      • Thanks. I’m familiar with Davidy and was not going to jump to the conclusion that he was trotting out some different line. I’ll check out the link.

        Wow. That was pretty right on. It appears the fellow died of old age?

        How did you come across his work???

      • Just going through some photo memorabilia and discovered a certificate for “Confirmation” in the Anglican Chruch:

        “Received the Apostolic Rite of Laying on of Hands with Prayer”

        Any idea what that meant?

      • If it was all done in the name of the trinity, then it means nothing. Just meaningless religious nonsense, like the water sprinkling of babies.

      • You’ve hit the mail on the head!

        I’ve come to the conclusion there is precious little out there now but utter nonsense and outright lying.

        It makes me think of what you said:
        “Knowledge won’t save you.”

      • Having a look at his 2300 days of hell video, check out at about 17minutes, if I’m not mistaken he just implied that Christ is the guilty goat!

      • The goat thing is not a subject that I have studied for a long time, but anything that takes sin away is representative of Yashua Messiah’s sacrifice.

        As for his dates – we will see.

      • Aye.

        FYI, I plotted the generations of Adam to Noah and got 2006 years to the death of Noah. Sound right to you?

      • I was under the impression that Adam to Noah (The Flood) was approximately 1,500 years. I know Noah lived for long after The Flood, but have not researched the age of his death.

      • Well,

        according to my humble calculations it is 1656 to the flood and Noah lives 350 years after, which brings us to 2006.

        It was actually quite a fun exercise to do and when my daughters get a bit along on math I’ll put it to them as a math problem. LOL!

        I’m currently gathering the info to plot the Kings, and then I’m going to try to work Moses in there…

      • Yes, it was, and a bit of a headsplitter! I had to calculate it 2 ways, one by adding all the years between offspring and the other by adding on the back end and subtracting the age difference – I think when my girls get a bit older I am going to get that to their school for a math exercise!

      • Also, this term week 7 my daughter has to research a local famous person. I’m going to suggest Tamar, for whom there is a street named in our town.

      • Well, once in a while perhaps I get a poke from above?

        Hey, have you any suggestions on encyclopaedias? I’ve come to think they might make a useful addition to the family library…

        Also, have you any knowledge of Moore’s “History of Ireland”?

        FYI, I’ve recently stumbled upon a bunch of Lost Israelite stuff, most of it seems totally mongrel dog.

      • It’s good to get the occasional poke from above. LOL

        The 1911 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica is supposed to be the best for whatever reasons – something I have not looked into. Probably the least propagandised edition.

        No, I know nothing of Moore’s ‘History of Ireland’.

        Yes there is a whole load mongrelised garbage out there along with The Truth. Pray for the gift of discernment.

      • Well, I’ve a feeling it’s going to be more “join our gang” stuff but we’ll see. He is not exactly close so I’m having trouble just getting to see him for starts!

        Hope you are well. Go Brexit!

      • Yes I am sure that will be the approach of most, if not all, these fake preachers. I really think your best bet is with your own family, that is, when you think they will be ready for it.

        I hope you don’t mind but I think some may be offended by your choice of music – it does sound a bit dark and negative, even satanic, so I have removed it. I used to be a Cream and Floyd fan in my sinful youth.

        The Brexit? The criminals are still digging their heels in and pushing for a 2nd referendum. Here’s hoping there’s GE soon and they all get booted out.

        Keep me posted.

      • Aye. They are truly sickening. Give ’em the boot!

        No worries on the removal it’s your call. It’s not my choice of music per se, but indeed a good example of the Satanic and of what is still going on in the House of Israel.

        I think you are likely right. We will start that journey in 2 weeks when I’ll be introducing Tamar, for whom there is a street named in town, as an important historical figure for my daughter’s homework assignment…

      • Oh yes the 60’s (“My Generation” – The Who) was when the rot really set in – climaxing (in every sense of the word) at Woodstock. A lost generation looking in all the wrong directions, hence we are in the mess we are in today, for that wretched generation, my generation, became the corrupted mentally sick leaders we now have.

      • Well, to be fair to you, Floyd were a pretty epic and unique band at a time when musical talent ruled the roost. As opposed to today where they just sing and dance the occult, Floyd asked a few probing questions, expressed some pretty powerful emotions and penned classics such as “Money”, so getting into that was likely only natural and all a part of a journey of understanding I’m sure.

      • Yes most of those bands knew the score, in both senses of the word = ‘Us and Them’ ‘The Wall’ and The Who – ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. Some believe that they were controlled by secret services, here in the UK and in the States – The Mamas and Papas (Jews) had US Military connections via their parents.

        The Beatles were outright Communists as were The Animals – Eric Burden and Alan Price.

        Genesis titles and lyrics are particularly interesting – ‘Selling England by the Pound’, ‘Blood on the Rooftops’ and ‘Carpet Crawlers’ etc. Apart from Phil Collins they were all Public School educated at the very expensive Charter House School.

      • Yes indeed, but the Queen is a reptilian shape shifter! LOL!

      • I most certainly don’t but I imagine now that people like him have been put out there to lead the masses into delusion, confusion, disbelief, despair and a rabbit hole from which they will never emerge – unless they are called to The Truth I suppose…

      • Yes there are so many deceivers out there and all posing as Truth tellers – Alex Jones being the worst. Even their banning from Jewtube means nothing – all part of the shit-show.

        Fortunately, we have the giveaway sign – if they’re not citing The Serpent Seed Jews as the principal culprits then we know they are shills and dissos.

      • Aye, the JT is indeed combing and sorting, upping and downing, and shaping and guiding the false narrative. All the more reason to read Job I suppose!

      • Well, any of the word of God, I just happen to be reading it at this moment – such a different book too!

      • Yes it caused my grandmother a lot of problems – she thought God was so unjust and cruel towards Job. She was a Christian Scientist so somewhat deceived – but her heart was in the right place, I suppose. Only God knows the heart.

      • Interesting, isn’t it how some of them have never stopped, like Waters who is still so full-on International Communist. Many of their fans obviously don’t understand, and indeed were fooled again.

  8. More chuckles for the author here – I just read that and it even says right in the book a few verses on he was referring to his body – obviously people don’t read LOL!

  9. Hi Charles – I’m just laughing me backside off here – how do you put up with me and all me stupid questions LOL! I just re-read through the back and forth above – shit mate you should hire someone up to come to Australia and just hit me over the head with a frying pan LOL! Thanks!

    Ah what a case I am…

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