A “MOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” – What, Exactly, Does That Mean?

Now this article could also have been entitled, and I quote: “The Writings of a Stiff Necked Unteachable Reprobate” such were the errors put forth recently by a false messenger and blasphemer on my blog with regard to the above mentioned subject. If ever there was an example of “Majoring in the Minors”, to compound his errors, then this is it, and make no mistake.

However, let’s deal with first things first. What does this expression mean i.e. “A Move of The Holy Spirit?” I ask this, because it’s a favourite jargon term of the “Next New Experience Trick” and/or “What shall we do this month to keep ’em occupied and happy” Charismatic branches of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion. These charlatans love their so called “moves of the spirit” but are they moves of The Holy Spirit? I, regrettably, have been in their company in the past when these so called ‘moves’ are supposed to have taken place. I tell you, folks, I am not the least bit convinced at all that these things are or were the works of The Holy Spirit, a spirit YES, but not The Holy Spirit. But what of this term “A Move of The Holy Spirit”, where does it come from and is it Scriptural?

Yes it is Scriptural, but only just by a gnat’s whisker, chuckle chuckle. Here it is, in the only place it can be found in the Holy Scriptures:

2 Peter 1:21 (KJV) For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but Holy men of God spake as they were moved by The Holy Ghost (Spirit). (Brackets and emphasis mine)

So what is this ‘moving’ of the Holy Spirit all about? Well it’s simple isn’t it, in the above Scriptural scenario it’s a prompting by The Holy Spirit to speak out and say something, and in this case it’s to prophesy – well these guys were prophets, so what do we expect – silence? But does this expression relate or apply to anything else, say a healing or someone babbling away with a load of Charismatic gobbledegook? No, it doesn’t. Healing is a gift of The Holy Spirit and if you are fortunate enough to have this gift then The Holy Spirit will work through you and you will heal people as and when the opportunity arises. Once indwelled by the Holy Spirit you can use that Power as and when, not wait for a movement.

Likewise with tongues, if you need to communicate with someone of a foreign tongue or there is someone present to interpret your Spiritual tongue then just get on with it. On these occasions, there will be no special ‘moves’ of the Holy Spirit as suggested by our commentator, you, with that gift, will heal people just as Peter did. Whether it will be your shadow that heals or not I cannot say. Now am I splitting hairs here? No way, because our commentator does not believe in the indwelling of The Holy Spirit so he, and please note this, without The Holy Spirit is always waiting for the next ‘move’ to take place, like someone waiting for a bus at a bus stop before he does something. It’s as if he cannot do anything until his spiritual bus turns up and he hops on. Laughable or what?

So what does this tell us? It tells us he’s not birthed in God, he has no understanding of what it means to be Born of God (Born Again). This also tells us he has no understanding of what takes place at Baptism, and yet he had the audacity to say this:

“The best advice I can leave you with is to make an appointment with your doctor and ask him or her to refer you for evaluation with a psychiatric specialist. I come from a medical family and know these people are generally pretty good at what they do.”

Cheeky eh? but these two sentences reveal much. 1) He blasphemously accuses me of being insane (this in itself is a blasphemy against The Holy Spirit) and 2) He shows his faith in the secular and worldly medical profession and yet boasts of moves of The Spirit when he claims he has healed someone. Is this double mindedness? You bet, and why would a Spirit empowered healer express faith in the medical profession? Something to hold in the back of our minds whilst I press on.

I will also add that being accused of being insane is very encouraging, because they said the same thing about Yashua Messiah:

John 10:20 (KJV) And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye Him? (Emphasis mine)

Back to the subject at hand and a question. If this topic of ‘moves of the Spirit’ is so important, why did Yashua Messiah only mention it ONCE in His Holy Scriptures? If it was so important why not mention it at least as many times as Grace i.e. 170 times in 159 verses of The Holy Scriptures. This alone should tell us what is important to Yashua Messiah.

However, for the sake of this discussion if we look up the word ‘healed’ in the New Testament we find it mentioned 46 times in 45 verses and I have been through them without finding the term: “moved in The Spirit” ONCE!!! in relation to healing. So what does this tell us? It tells us that these sensationalist gimmicky ‘when and where’s the next new experience going to happen’ types have misappropriated the term: “Moved by The Holy Ghost (Spirit)” from Peter’s letter and are miss-using or misapplying it to build a circus show of tricks in order to build a BELIEF SYSTEM!!! Interesting term eh? It’s one of his and here we get our commentator’s use of it:

“I am therefore not using religious jargon but speak from direct experience of covenant relationship with the Father through Jesus their reciprocating via the Holy Spirit, if that fits your belief system.”

Notice, “Covenant relationship”. Do I sense a touch of The Old Covenant Law in operation there somewhere rather than The New Covenant? We shall see. He then denies he is using religious jargon without even realising he has done that very thing by the misappropriation of the term ‘moved by The Spirit’. Have you noticed something else? It’s as if he’s doing The Father a favour. LOL. HE is favouring THEM with his agreement via The New Covenant, not THEM blessing him via that same New Covenant – THEY are reciprocating after he has done them a favour!! This thinking is based solely on the corrupt: “I have accepted a ‘Jesus’ as my saviour” nonsense.

Furthermore, what is a Belief SYSTEM? How can a heart felt Belief in Yashua Messiah ever be a systematic or methodical belief system? Here’s a Dictionary definition or three from Dictionary.com:

1) Having, showing, or involving a system, method, or plan: 2) given to or using a system or method; methodical: 3) arranged in or comprising an ordered system.

I mean, come on, who would use such ridiculous terminology other than a Spiritually devoid Bible intellectual? He must have written this stuff when he was at the bus stop waiting for his next ‘move of the Spirit’ after having put on his managing director’s suit or army uniform. More mirth for the author.

Having got this far, I must now return to the beginning of our discussion when he came onto my blog in answer to this point that I had made to another visitor:

“No it’s not possible for a BELIEVER to commit the unpardonable sin, only ex-believers, who turn their backs on Yashua Messiah. This would then mean them turning against Him and in so doing blaspheming against The Holy Spirit that He sends to us at the point of our Baptism and Spiritual gifting.”

Here is his question:

“Or could this be one who thinks they believe in Jesus but reject Him by rejecting a move of the Holy Spirit?”

Straight away we can see his obsession with this Cainite-Judeo-Christian Charismatic Religious humbug of moves of a spirit. Not only that, but we also have him judging others whom he pigeon holes as those who only THINK they believe in Yashua Messiah. I mean, who does he think he is? How arrogant, judgemental and self-righteous can you get? Has it even dawned on him that these people may be right and have sussed him out with his mickey mouse obsession re moves of a spirit, and he is wrong? I doubt whether the thought has ever crossed his mind.

Finally, am I saying that we cannot be prompted (‘moved’) by The Holy Spirit as indwelt Born of God sons and daughters of God? Of course not, but as indwelt new creations Born of God we should be operating off our own Holy Spiritual bat and movings, not waiting for a spiritual bus that may never come. We have been given the freedom to get on with Yashua Messiah’s work, so let’s get on with it and be done with all that Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religious Charismatic gobbledegook.

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