What is THE MYSTERY of Mystery Babylon The Great?

Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

OK, there we have it, that most famous and well known verse of Holy Scripture, but what does it mean and what exactly is the MYSTERY?

Most of us who are reasonably savvy with the Book of Revelation know for sure that the Babylonian Mystery Religion is a direct reference to The Roman Cult – The Mother of Whores and that The Vatican City State in Rome is modern day Babylon both literally and spiritually. This includes all its Simony, magic and sorcery, its shell game pagan deity known as The Trinity and its Transubstantiation demonic heinous blasphemies, so what I hear you say, where is the mystery in all that? It’s all out in the open for all to see, is it not, and that’s without even mentioning the common worldwide knowledge of their endemic paedophilia, pederasty and sodomy? So if it is all out in the open, there is no longer a mystery, is there???

Yet The Holy Scriptures clearly state that there is a MYSTERY, so where do we find and reveal that mystery? Look folks, Yashua Messiah is not a trickster or a deceiver and if He says there is a mystery involved here then we know for sure that there is a mystery. So how do we unravel it? Easy, just study the word involved i.e. ‘mystery’ for, as is usually the case, these things will be hidden in plain sight. Moreover, would a better spelling of the word be helpful? Therefore could ‘mistery’ from whence we get the word ‘mister’ be that better spelling? We shall see.

Now I am no fan of etymology and yet in some instances we cannot pooh pooh its validity in assisting us with the origins of certain words and the word ‘mystery’ is just such a word. From the web page “Language Hat” we get much useful information regarding the word ‘mystery’. (Please note, I have no connections with that web page.) The important evidence is that it has Latin origins with the word ‘mysterium’ (well bowl me over with a feather, now who would have guessed that????? LOL)

“And in an occupational sense ‘ministerium’ plus; OF ‘mistere’ (French metier); OF ‘maistrie’; OF ‘mastery’.”

The second important evidence is that ‘mystery’ and/or ‘mastery’ is very definitely linked to trades, skills, arts and crafts and, apart from the everyday skills of those times, like butchery, baking and candle-stick making what other ‘crafts’ come easily to mind? Freemasonic ‘arts’ and ‘crafts’ perhaps!!!!????

And another quote from the Language Hat web page:

“I cannot help but wonder aloud if maybe OF ‘maistrie’ has even better demotic possibilities making the use of “mystery” a variant pronunciation of “mastery”. The Oxford Etymological finds magister/minister confusions in the history of the words “master”/”mister” and includes the following exemplary entry: “mister (obs. exc. arch. and dial.) handicraft, employment;… office, duty; need, necessity. XIII – AN mester, OF mestier…: Rom. misterium, for L. ministerium.“”

With the above quote, we can now see the plot thickening quite nicely and the ‘mystery’ becoming less mysterious or should I say ‘MISTERious’?

To support this we learn that the word ‘mister’ is the noun of ‘mystery’ which are derived not from ‘ministry’ but from ‘magistry’ and to quote again from “Language Hat”:

“That until the final “L. ministerium” which it states (vide supra) is “by association with mysterium.”

So now we have misters or messrs, ministers, masters and magistrates all tied into this word ‘mystery’ or ‘mysterium’. But not only that, we also have another very interesting twist to this tale in the shape of our old ‘friend’ Simon Magus, and for the last time from “Language Hat”:

“Add to this that “magus” is a word borrowed into the Greek language from the Persian Mystery Religions.”

Well well well, would you believe it? The Persian Mystery Religions eh? The Persians being the very people that invaded and conquered Babylon circa 515 BC. Those of you familiar with my articles here will know how I frequently cite Simon Magus, the sorcerer, as one of the founding fathers of the money making, filthy lucre loving, Roman Cult which, of course he was, being the father of the indulgences system of Rome – salvation for sale. He was also the so and so that attempted to purchase The Holy Spirit from Simon Peter in Acts 8. The selling of indulgences was the obvious follow on for Simon Magus who then started the counterfeit Christian Mystery Religion in Rome with the assistance of other religious philosophers of the day posing as Christians, more commonly and erroneously known as the ‘church fathers’.

However, this is not all by a long shot, because we need now to move onto the fanciful and outrageous claims that the Vatican (VatiCAIN) makes and, of course, their biggest claims are twofold. 1) That the Pope stands here on earth in the place of Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) and 2) because of the first claim the Pope believes he and/or they can legitimately lay claim to ownership of the whole earth. Now claiming is one thing, exercising those claims is another. So how do they exercise and enforce these claims? Well, if you have been paying attention, you will already know, for their power is exercised through their ‘mystery’ or, as we now know, their ‘MISTER-y’.

‘Mister’ or in the abbreviated form ‘Mr’ is a title as is ‘Mrs’, ‘Miss’ or ‘Ms’. We could add in any other titles we like too, e.g. Dr, Sir, Professor, Captain, Reverend etc. etc., you name ’em they’re titles and through these titles there is domination, manipulation and control, for through these titles we are then labelled and addressed as vessels and always easily located in our ‘ports’ or ‘harbours’ and made liable for all those BILLS of lading. Furthermore, these titles are an integral part of our corporate address – Mr Bloggs, 10 Any Street, Any Town, Any County, Any Country plus the all important corporate identity post code or zip code to complete your corporate fiction identity as a person or a little corporation – not as a man or a woman. A person is a mask – a fiction, from the Latin ‘personna’.

OK, so what, I hear some of you saying, who cares? Well YOU should care, because these titles are an outward expression of your compliant voluntary slavery, just like the Biblical ring through the ear and nailed to a post. This is all with your agreement to and through these titles which are backed up with their pieces of paper – titles (Registrations of a Live Birth and Birth Certificates) and National Insurance Numbers here in the UK Corporation and SS Numbers in The US Inc..

Other titles extend to Motor Registrations (titles) and Mortgage Title Deeds rendering us all as just holders of pieces of paper and not owners of any property at all. Here in the UK we purchase a ‘freehold over a property’, but we never actually own it. We therefore do not own ourselves, nor any property and we are mere vassals (vessels) and serfs of The Vatican (VatiCAIN) in Rome. Serfdom and feudalism began in England in 1066 under William the Bastard, otherwise known as William the Conqueror and it’s never gone away.

So is there a way to be free from all this I hear you ask? Yes and it’s very simple, but also VERY HARD – just stop using THEIR NUMBER which will include no bank accounts and rescinding your registration of a live birth.

Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins (debts), and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Brackets mine)

7 thoughts on “What is THE MYSTERY of Mystery Babylon The Great?

  1. Before you start you need to count the cost, because this is hard road once you start to separate yourself from the system. It’s a bit like the film The Matrix.

    Yes, there is a process, and you will need to serve them NOTICE, but if all this is new to you I would recommend you take your time and study up first so that you know exactly who ‘thou art’ i.e. a man or woman under your Creator, not a person – a mask or legal fiction. The word ‘you’ is plural, not singular hence they used to use the word ‘thou’. We have corrupted the English language and in their courts they speak legalese which is another language all together using English words.

    Go here: http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org/forum/index.php?mobile=desktop

    It’s a UK based site, but Karl Lentz stuff is on there who is American.

    All the best with that.

  2. Message for Julie.

    With regret, I couldn’t post your comment to JJ because there was so much in it that I did not agree with.

    If you wish to discuss further please e-mail me at yes2truthATgmx.com please replace AT with @. Thanks

    • Yes and more because it’s the number of The System – The Matrix – The World including all banking and commerce and without our titles and NI numbers we cannot participate in it.

      All product bar-codes carry the number 666 – a 6 at each end and a 6 in the middle enclosing all the other numbers, letting us know how all encompassing it is.

      The only escape is total self-sufficiency with no bank account and you need plenty of land and animals to be able to do that – even The Amish are not totally self-sufficient. I would say it’s nigh on impossible for the average Joe to accomplish.

      • Your forgetting–nothing is impossible when you, the man or woman, have the holy spirit within. I have had so much help with this since Baptism.

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