Was Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) a Long Haired Effeminate Looking Wimp? – Part 1

I want, first, to set the direction of this series of articles by comparing the evidence of Holy Scripture with the assumed religious images of Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ), that is, the paintings, the pictures, the statues, the icons, even the ‘harmless’ little cards displayed for sale in your local Christian book shop etc. etc. etc..

From our infancy, if we have had a traditional Christian up bringing, we will have been bombarded with these effeminate false images of Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ). This long haired wimp image is a given in Cainite-Judeo-Christian religious circles, but is it a true likeness? Moreover, and in Truth should there be any likenesses at all!? Are they not idolatrous?

However, having said that, after completing this introduction I will then proceed to expound on the negative effects that these false images have had on Christians and Christianity in general, that is, the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion (see link No. 1 below). Indeed, and even upon how the world (secular) view of Yashua Messiah and Christianity, has been affected and tainted, because of these false images. Make no mistake, these images are just plain insulting and a defamation of (or more lies about) Yashua Messiah in pictorial and statue form. These image based lies, rather than the usual oral and literary religious forms, are a foundation upon which a whole religious/politico system or money making industry has been constructed.

These blasphemous false images have been promulgated, paraded and promoted by the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion down through the centuries, that is, a 2,000 year old marketing programme. From modern marketing techniques we know that images are a far more powerful tool for making an impact and getting your message across than the written or spoken word. Mankind and hu-man beings are only now just beginning to understand the power of subliminal images in marketing.

However, you can bet your life Satan knows only too well how powerful they are. This wickedness, too, has, without any prompting, been enthusiastically and willingly assisted by a predominantly unbelieving secular art world as well. Here below we can clearly see whose image was used in order to portray their alleged ‘Jesus’. None other than Leonardo da Vinci!

Francesco Melzi’s – Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

How have these religious illegitimates, and counterfeiters, with their secular unbelieving artists got away with it for so long, when in Truth no one knows what Yashua Messiah looked like? There is no recorded description of Yashua Messiah’s physical and facial appearance at all – none!! This, too, was intentional on Yashua Messiah’s part.

The good thing and the interesting thing is we do know what He didn’t look like, and because of this valuable piece of information we can quickly ascertain that the images generally promulgated by the Cainite-Judeo-Christian religious counterfeiters are a blasphemy!! For the evidence of this, let’s go now to 1 Corinthians, where Paul states quite clearly and unambiguously what Yashua Messiah thinks of the look of effeminacy in men or men wearing their hair in a feminine manner:

1 Corinthians 11:14 (KJV) Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

Now in the Greek MSS transliteral:

1 Corinthians 11:14 Yet (even) the nature (instinct) same is teaching you that man indeed if ever may be tressing unvalue (dishonour) to him it is.

Here we can plainly see there is a slight difference between the Greek MSS rendering and the King James Version (KJV). This difference, though, doesn’t change the point Yashua Messiah is making here, through Paul, but because of the detractors and gnat strainers that may object to what I am saying, I will spell it out. The KJV states ‘long hair’ and the Greek MSS says ‘tressing’.

What is ‘tressing’? In my Oxford Concise Dictionary it gives ‘tress’: portion, lock, plait of hair of human especially woman’s or girl’s head. Now in order to plait hair successfully it has to be long, so clearly what Yashua Messiah was saying, through Paul, to these Corinthian men was this: do not dress or wear your hair in a feminine way. Why? Why, because it is dishonourable or brings shame upon the man that does such a thing?

We now have to ask ourselves some questions: Why do all the paintings, icons, pictures, statues and sundry images of Yashua Messiah show Him with long hair? Many, also show Him with a pathetic little goatee beard. Any man will tell you, who has grown a beard, that this type of beard is usually sported by those men who can’t grow a full beard. This additional ‘feature’ just adds to their bigger picture, the bigger picture of a weak ineffectual effeminate fop of a man. In many pictures they portray The Lord as gaunt, extremely thin and malnourished – yet more images of sickly ineffectual weakness.

Overall, the Cainite-Judeo-Christian religious image of Yashua Messiah is a defamatory one of weakness and effeminacy – why? Come on, we know why don’t we; it doesn’t take a lot of working out? They portray Him this way because they are against Him, they are not for Him, they dishonour Him with relish and willingly. This is done so that you believe in them – the men of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion and not in an all powerful Yashua Messiah who will return in Almighty Power to rule this earth with a rod of iron (tough love).

Revelation 12:5 (KJV) And she brought forth a Man Child, who was to rule (shepherd) all nations with a rod of iron (tough love): and her Child was caught up unto God, and to His Throne. (Brackets mine)

Here is another question: Can you imagine their weak effeminate nancy boy image(s) of a Jesus shepherding the earth as with a rod of iron? I’ll answer for you – not a chance!!

OK, so having set the above back drop in place we now have to move on to the modern Cainite-Judeo-Christian ideas that emanate out of these blasphemous weak images. These are the negative end results caused, in part, by these evil images, after nearly 2,000 years of demonic propaganda. The images in themselves are bad enough but their negative knock on mental and spiritual effect on believers can only be quantified through the answers to the questions I have listed below, such is their effect. As a witness and a messenger of Yashua Messiah I know what goes on in The World with all its violence, murder, treason, theft, corruption, domination, manipulation and control-freakery. I also know what goes on within the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion or the so called church and I monitor continually their hype, their silly notions, their latest fads, jargon buzz words and ideas. So from out of all this witnessing and from considerable personal experiences I have put together these questions:

Would Yashua Messiah have stood up for your hu-man’ rights? Would Yashua Messiah have given His blessing on multiculturalism? Would Yashua Messiah stand at the window with the Pope at The Vatican sharing the adulation? Literally, as I write, a certain number of people are gathering in South London to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the British abolition of slavery, would Yashua Messiah have joined in? Would Yashua Messiah have ‘made a stand’ against Apartheid? Was Yashua Messiah the first hippy going around saying “Peace man”? Was Yashua Messiah all Hollywood luvvy duvvy, sentimental and ever so nice trying not to offend people? Was Yashua Messiah a liberal do-gooding reformer and did He want us to be? Would Yashua Messiah have stood shoulder to shoulder with Dr Martin Luther King? Was Yashua messiah weak or meek, for many silly ‘Christians’ fallaciously think meekness is some form of weakness or never ending martyrdom or what I call the doormat ‘Christian’ lifestyle – come on guys I’m a Christian, walk all over me, ‘cos I love it? Was Yashua Messiah a communist or socialist? Would the Spanish Inquisition have had Yashua Messiah’s blessing? Would Yashua Messiah have lived in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood and been his buddy? Did Yashua Messiah ever say “let’s make poverty history?” Would Yashua Messiah have joined the Crusades? Did Yashua Messiah ever tell His followers to “go and change the world” or to, “go and make a difference”? Would Yashua Messiah have been a tree-hugger and/or a member of Extinction Rebellion?

Now there’s a lot of questions and why have I asked them? Well, first and foremost, I have asked these questions because they needed to be asked – and urgently!! Secondly, I have asked these questions because these questions reflect a spiritual continuation, rather than just a physical continuation of the false images described earlier. In turn the issues these questions raise tie in beautifully with the false physical images; they are like the flip side to the same coin.

The images described above in the opening paragraphs are just that, physically moulded and painted man made images of what men think Yashua Messiah looked like. This is a very bad habit that these creatures have gotten into, so much so, they then went a step further and moulded Yashua Messiah into an active false image – an image that would actually do things, rather than hang lifelessly on a wall or stand lifelessly on a shelf. Naturally the things this image would do and does do are not really Yashua Messiah’s doing, nor are the activities and ideas His but, rather, what these creatures think He would be doing if He was here. This is the liberal, long haired, effeminate, wimp image in action – his false physical image has now come alive through these people, first of all in their minds and, once, to full fruition, in all their world changing ‘change agent’ ideas, activities and so called ‘good’ works.

To sum up, the most important thing about these questions is that much, if not most, of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion whole heartedly believes in the spirit of the ideas in the above questions. Now this is the real crux of the problem. The spirit of these questions is the essence of what they think Christianity is. This is what they think, in general, it’s all about, but from whence do they get these false ideas? That’s easy, just take their foundation of the effeminate, long haired, wimp false images of Yashua Messiah and then add to them from this world, its system(s), its history, its politics and its religion(s) mix them all up in one hell of an unholy mess and you then end up with what they believe in – no wonder they are confused.

OK, that’s it for the first article and I will be dealing with the answers to all the above questions in the articles that follow. I hope you have found this article liberating, if so, then good, ‘cos that means you’re on the Way – His Way to the narrow path of freedom under His Glorious Grace. Always remember, folks, only the real Lord Jesus Christ (Yashua Messiah) is The Way not the nancy boy long haired wimp of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion.

For Part 2 go here: Was Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) A Long Haired Effeminate Looking Wimp – Part 2:

In Yashua Messiah’s Holy name

Messenger Charles

1. The Counterfeit Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion: https://isthefathercallingyoutohisson.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/the-cainite-judeo-christian-religion/

16 thoughts on “Was Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) a Long Haired Effeminate Looking Wimp? – Part 1

  1. Hey great article!!

    I’m so glad to read that I’m not alone in this rejection of this false depiction of our mighty redeemer!

    if you notice most of this pictures /paintings, are very similar, like they all used the same model.
    I am absolutely convinced that, it all has a demonic source, in that it is a well planned process of luring folks away from Yeahua!!

    The book of Isaiah 53, gives a clue of what Yeshua looked like and it differs significantly to these imposters!
    Most especially that pagan painting by some nun, Who stated that ‘christ ‘ appeared to her and instructed her to paint his appearence n clothing as a form of worship!!

    just a side note, would you agree that Yeshua would have sported long hair, while in a nazarene vow -during his 40 days fast? Then, cut it off, as was expected.

    The only other folks in the scripture with long hair,were Yohanna the baptist and samson.

    • I have never researched the Nazarene thing so cannot comment. Perhaps something for another article.

      Nazareth was not HIs place of birth and He only lived there until He was twelve or just after when His step father Joseph died and He then went travelling with His great uncle Joseph of Aremathea the tin merchant to Britain and other places where the Ten Tribes were living.

      The vow business I am not too sure about – sounds like religious embelishments so would need to check that out.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Alright, I will have to research that myself as well!

    why do you call Joseph of Aremathea, Yeshua’s uncle?
    I read somewhere, that the sons of Zebedee were cousins of Yeshua, via Miriam (Mary) his mother?

      • Alright, makes sense, thank you!
        This means, Miriam came from a wealthy famiThis means, Miriam came from a wealthy famiThis means, Miriam came from a w

      • I don’t know if Miriam’s parents were wealthy, but her uncle Joseph certainly was. He brought tin from the Cornish tin mines and gold from Wales which was highly sought after by the Romans due to its pale colour.

        Tin was essential in the making of bronze if I am correct.

  3. Precisely, in the making of bronze!! :). You are a wealth of knowledge, God bless you bro! And, Thanks!
    You got a lot of info on this site ,which was only made possible from countless hours of study n prayer!
    I commend you greatly!

      • Perhaps it’s better that we don’t have a true description of what he looked like. Better that we see him through our own imaginative thoughts….If we had his true image, how many people since his crucifixion that have lived may have deemed similar looks and have made claim to being him, come back in the flesh. This would have been an added catalyst to the many cults that have been, gone and still exist today.

      • Of course it’s better that we don’t have any true images, for if we did there would have been even more idolatrous icons and images made of Him, which is something He never wanted. Had He wanted it then he would have sat for a sculptor.

        As for cults, they would have come anyway – no need for images, as most of the lesser cults don’t use icons and images at all, it’s only Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy (the biggest cults of all), and Anglicans to lesser extent, that proliferate icons and images.

        However, the reason for this series, I have already covered in this article, re long hair on a man being a shame to him, as Paul made plain.

        In answer to your question, Part 2 will follow shortly, plus an edit of Part 1, so stay tuned, if you’re minded to.

        Thanks for your interest and comments.

        Messenger Charles

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