“I Do Not Follow Religion Per-se, I Follow The Teachings Of The King James Bible As Best I Can.”

Now what is wrong with this statement? It looks innocent enough doesn’t it? “I do not follow religion per-se.” What does this remark mean? In the Concise Oxford Dictionary it states: per-se – by or in itself; intrinsically. So this individual doesn’t follow religion essentially or in itself, but there is a ‘but’ in there somewhere, so what is this individual actually saying? This individual is saying they do not follow religion because it’s essential but, rather, because they feel a certain loose attachment to it and follow it in a:

“Well we cannot deny it; the Christian religion exists, so there must be something to it. Otherwise all these people with whom I rub shoulders each Sunday, must be wrong and there is no way that that can be the case – it’s been going on for nearly two thousand years.”

Now, I am not saying this is the definite reasoning behind this individual’s thoughts, but I would wager it’s not far off. Aren’t you judging I hear you say? No, because, as I said, there is most definitely a ‘but’ in this individual’s statement. If they didn’t follow religion – period, that is what they would have said, but they didn’t. If they had, there would have been no ‘per-se.’

Let’s now deal with the next part of this statement and ask the question: Should we follow the teachings of the King James Bible as best we can? Partly yes and definitely no, is the plain and simple answer to this question. I said “partly yes” to the first part because the King James Bible like all Bibles has errors within its pages. If, therefore, we go blindly believing every word that is written therein we are going to end up in big, big trouble. Not because The King James Holy Bible does not contain The Word of God (The Holy Scriptures), because it does. The problem is not with the Word of God but with the hu-man influences and agendas of the creatures who have polluted and corrupted The Word of God when translating it from the Hebrew in the Old Testament and from the Greek in the New Testament. In those original forms there is not much wrong with it, but in its English forms it’s a minefield and we have to be very, very careful indeed how we study and read it.

So, to answer the first part of this question correctly, no, we should not follow blindly the teachings of the King James Bible until we have thoroughly checked it out. This rule of thumb applies even more so to modern translations as they have even more errors than the King James Bible, especially the ESV and NIV Bibles and, surprise surprise, these are modern mainstream Christianity’s favourites!! To support this there were people in the first century that Paul mentions as excellent examples of how we should behave when studying the Word of God i.e. never take anything on face value:

Acts 17:10 And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into The Synagogue of the Jews. 11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received The Word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Here we can see that these people were diligent in their searching of the Holy Scriptures to make sure all was correct.

OK, moving on, and back to the original question where we have this strange remark of “As best we can.” What exactly does this mean? Well, basically, it means we are following the teachings of the King James Bible under our own strength, our own mental abilities, our own effort and our own toil and struggles. This is all about the ‘SELF’, not about Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ).

We are doing the best we can, but what if our best is not good enough? Horror of horrors, what if we strive and struggle for the whole of our lives doing the best we can in following the teachings of the King James Bible only to be told by Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ), when we stand before Him to: “Go away for I do not know you.” What kind of shock will that be for this individual and people like them? They are under the delusion that their name is written in The Book of Life, but nothing could be further from The Truth, if they think that salvation is all about them doing the best that they can.

Now, what’s so wrong with our doing the best we can? Answer: it’s there, right in the middle of that sentence – our doing. Therein lies the problem – he’s doing the doing instead of accepting the fact that it’s already all been done – for him. Yashua Messiah’s (The Lord Jesus Christ’s) sacrifice took care of all the “doing the best we can.” Why? Why, because for the very simple reason our best just isn’t good enough, nor could it ever be good enough even after a million years of striving and struggling to improve ourselves. This doing the best we can business is all blasphemous Old Covenant teaching – salvation by works. Even then, in those times, man doing his best wasn’t good enough because animals had to be repetitively slaughtered and offered to God as sacrifices and/or as atonements for their failings especially when all their ‘good enough-ness’ slipped or faded like the morning mist, as it always does, and they sinned.

Let’s get this straight, if Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) thought that our doing our best was good enough then He wouldn’t have bothered coming to this earth to suffer the degradation of an evil crucifixion and to take all our sins with Him. All of our sins – past, present and future, they have all been dealt with for all of mankind and for all time – once and once only. In turn, His Resurrection gave us the opportunity to be made anew – new people, perfect in The Father’s sight. Our doing the best we can has nothing to do with it, it’s all meaningless vanity. All our ‘doing the best we can’ amounts to, is self-improvement and anyone can enter a programme of doing that, even the unsaved. The problem is, all ‘our doing’ is worthless when we come to the matter of salvation and that’s the bottom line.

This individual then went on to say: “You know me, you know I fail, but I know Jesus forgives.” Now what’s wrong with this remark, because it all sounds so very sincere and Holy doesn’t it – but is it? You see, straight away, we can see that he/she does not understand Grace and Salvation, who then says “Jesus forgives” but does Jesus forgive? No, Jesus (Yashua Messiah) has already forgiven, He forgave mankind utterly and completely nearly two thousand years ago, it was ALL DONE there and then. This individual thinks, like most of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion, that Yashua Messiah’s forgiveness of our sins is a never ending on going vain repetitive process, when it is not, it was all done at Calvary – everything! (Please see my article “Is repetitive confession of sins Biblical?)

John 19:30 (KJV) When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, He said, It is finished: and He bowed His head, and gave up The Ghost (Spirit). (Brackets mine)

This is the verse that this bod does not understand. They don’t understand that Yashua Messiah’s words here mean exactly what they say – “It’s finished.” What was finished? Answer: the conquering of death and sin, both things were defeated and overcome. Now, when we’re Born of God (Born Again) we should start living as if they are conquered, defeated and overcome, but many do not. Many carry on as if Yashua Messiah has never come at all, just like Old Covenant people, trying to overcome their sins under their own strength – sins that since Passover 31 AD have already been dealt with and forgiven – completely.

This individual also admits to repetitive failure stating: “You know me, you know I fail” Of course we fail, that’s all part of mankind’s fallen condition. It is because we always fail that Yashua Messiah came in the first place. He came and didn’t fail and said if you believe in Me and keep on believing in Me you will not fail either, even though in your fleshly bodies you will fail.

Now because this individual is not under Grace, but under their own programme of self-improvement, the self-flagellation kicks in and his or her life is made permanently miserable and wretched by their own wretched thought processes. This character is, in other words, held captive and in bondage to a self-imposed regime of salvation by works. This bod will probably have learnt all this blasphemous nonsense from a ravening wolf in a pulpit at a ‘church’ near you. Please take this as a serious warning as your eternal Spiritual welfare depends upon it.

Then we have: “I know that on the day I take my final breath, and stand before the throne of God, my name will appear in the book of life.” Here again we can see blasphemous mainstream Christian ‘teaching’ reveal itself. When this character takes his or her final breath they will die just like everyone else. (Please see my articles “When Christians die do they instantly “Go to be with the Lord?””) Furthermore, our names are written in The Book of Life when we are Born of God (Born Again) at the time of our Baptisms, not when we die:

Phil 4:3 (KJV) And I entreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellow labourers, whose names are in the book of life.

From this evidence alone we can see how poorly taught this wretched creature is.

Finally, we come to the last part of this individual’s statement which reveals completely their deluded state of mind: “I accepted Christ May 6 1992. I also know that in the book of life, a column for religion does not exist.” If this individual ‘accepted’ Yashua Messiah on May 6 1992 then what this character is telling us is, that right from the word go Salvation was dependent upon him/her. It was all dependent upon their decision and not God’s decision:

John 6:44 (KJV) No man can come to me, except The Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

John 6:65 (KJV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

We must not underestimate the delusional arrogance encapsulated in this fantastical idea. This idea permeates the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion as a whole, not just in the head of this silly creature whom I am using as a living example.

The overall consensus of opinion and understanding within the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion is this: the tail wags the dog – OK? And don’t you forget it! Here is what they think: “I decide whether or not I’m saved and when, not God. If I choose not to accept Yashua Messiah then that’s my prerogative, my privilege and my decision; who’s in charge here anyway; who does this Yashua Messiah think He is!!?? Now some of you may laugh at this scenario but, make no mistake, this is how they think and it is delusional error on a grand scale.

Just to round off, we then have a lie and contradiction with him/her saying: “There is a column in the Book of Life which says religion does not exist”. Well I have news for this poorly informed creature, there is no such column in The Book of Life because religion is the way of death, not life. This individual’s delusional thinking is complete.

8 thoughts on ““I Do Not Follow Religion Per-se, I Follow The Teachings Of The King James Bible As Best I Can.”

      • Christianity is a religion..Jesus didn’t bring religion…he brought the words of the father…the father is spirit….Jesus Christ brought spirituality. Its a fact..The word of God IS God, and that same word is his son. when received by man, that same spirit becomes the son of man…It remains as spirit. That same son of man (which you read about in the books of Ezekiel) is referred to (by Jesus) as ‘he that commeth down from heaven’ he refers to it as ‘meat’ ‘flesh’ ‘blood’ ‘drink’ ‘bread’..nourishment for our inner beings, and he also told us where it would not be found..secret chambers…deserts (one must read Jeremiah 13 to fully understand just WHERE Jesus is indicating today)
        So…to break away from the mainstream religious churches to go directly to God is quite a very wise thing indeed (1Jn 2v27..Isa 51v2…Jer 31v34)

      • Nonsense, show me the word RELIGION in the Four Gospels. When you have done that I will listen to you. Oh and if Yashua Messiah didn’t bring a religion why are you satanically defending it?

        ALL religions are hu-man made and are of The Devil and that includes the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion.

  1. Why King James? Don’t you know that it is based on the Masoretic Texts and replete with errors that indicate anti-Christian bias and unbelief? The Septuagint is over 1000 years older and has been confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls as the most accurate to the original. Compare Isaiah 7:14 in the LXX/ESV/Dead Sea Scrolls to the KJV/Masoretic Text and you will see that the KJV/Masoretic denies the virgin birth! This is why YHVH says that there are Priests, rabbis and leaders who do VIOLENCE TO THE LAW. Unbelievable…but something to remember when discussing Jesus with a rabbinical Jewish person whose Bible is different from yours! –Shalom

    • Why the King James Version????? Answer Strong’s Concordance.

      Furthermore, there is no New Testament in the Septuagint which I do refer to.

      Interesting, would you mind quoting Scripture and verse for that claim that the KJV denies the virgin birth?

      You are also preaching to the converted re the errors in the KJV which was translated by assorted ex-papists, Judaising Puritans and Freemasons.

      I treat Canaanite Jews like the bubonic plague and never seek to engage with them.

      What do you mean by: “violence to The Law”?

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