Hu; Hu-mans; Cainites; Canaanites; The Serpent Seed!

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Are you a man of mankind, a son of Adam, or a hu-man being and not of mankind, so not a son of Adam?

Or perhaps another way of saying it could be: are you a son of Adam, or a literal son of The Serpent Creature, The Adversary,through Cain, and does this whole idea shock you? (See link Nos. 1, 2 & 3 below). Most likely, if you are new to this Truth, it will shock you. In turn, I make no apologies for that, for The Truth MUST be made known, whether you take offence or not. And let’s be clear, offence can only be taken, not given, and lovers of The Truth (Yashua Messiah) will definitely NOT be offended by this Truthful article.

So what are we are dealing with here? For this subject can, and will, be deemed, that is, by libtard Cultural Jew Marxists, as the ultimate form of RACISM! Ooh! and we can’t have that can we? What will all those lilly livered, limp-wristed, spineless, progressive, fake Christians say? No doubt they will rent their clothes and have apoplexy, and all this, instead of realising that Yashua Messiah Himself, BY THEIR EVIL STANDARDS, would, and will be classified as a RACIST! (See link No. 4 below). So much for the fake hoax concept known as RACISM!:

“”RACIST” A made up word by the Jew Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein) in 1927 and used to browbeat all dissenters of the Jewish Bolshevik Marxist/Communist ideology, and still used today to keep white people walking on egg shells regarding other races. Only whites are racists according to these traitor whoresons, that is, evil wretches like John Mann, UK Labour MP.”

— Brother Charles

“”Racism” as an accusation, was shaped by Trotskyists and then sharpened politically by Magnus Hirschfeld, before being fully launched as an anti-white weapon by ethnic others in the American academic system.”

— John Piggot

OK, so with the short introductory preamble over and a couple of educational quotes chucked in for good measure, let’s move on to the meat of this article: HU – who or what is ‘HU’? What kind of a word is ‘HU’? I’ve never heard of it I hear you say. Well its origin may surprise, for it is an ancient Welsh word, and ancient Welsh is from the even more ancient runic Hebrew tongue.

“The English tongue agreeth with the Hebrew a thousand times more than with the Latin.”

– William Tyndale – multi-linguist and early translator of the English Bible.

The Welsh are The Levites, through The Druids of Cornwall and Wales who are descended from The Levitical Priesthood who administered life in Ancient Israel. This included responsibility for all religious, educational, financial and commercial activities in Ancient Israel – they administered The Tithe – a tax of ten percent on the people’s INCREASE, not the principal, so there was no Tithe/Tax on wages. (See video links 1 and 2 below)

Israel, during, and after, Joshua’s leadership at the time of The Judges, was a free Theocracy under Yah, that is, before it became a Kingdom under Saul, David and Solomon and their tax slavery began.

So, immediately, we have a Scriptural/Biblical connection going all the way back to the Patriarchs of Ancient Israel, that is, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, who were the Patriarchal forefathers of the Anglo-Saxon (Isaac’s sons = the Saacae or Saacsons), Celtic, Welsh, Dutch, Flemish, Gallic, Swiss and Nordic peoples, but not The Canaanite Jews. (See links Nos. 5 and 6 below).

So who, or what exactly, is HU?

From The Serpent of Life and Wisdom web page:

The Caduceus is one of the most ancient of symbols:

You might best know this symbol as the DNA structure and healing used by the medical profession. Since ancient Mesopotamia The Caduceus presented two serpents intertwined (the central nervous system) around a staff (the spinal column) with the wings (the “swan”) on either side (the two hemispheres of the brain, with the circle in the centre representing the pineal gland, or the central sun and psychic center within). It also symbolized the kundalini energy.

“This was originally the symbol for the Anunnaki-Sirian creator god, EA, or EN.KI (who has become an Archetype), was the chief of the magicians, “the one who knows,” and infamous for being The Serpent of the Garden of Eden, who created lifeforms in test tubes half a million years ago with his half-sister Ninharsag, at the suggestion of his son, Marduk, to create hu-mans to be the workers for the gods. (The symbol is also based upon the winged globe for the planet Nibiru, the symbol of the royal Anunnaki family.)

Biblical writers called The Healing Serpent Ne-HU-shtan. The Hebrew word for serpent is “nahash.” The root of the word are the Hebrew letters Nun, Het and Shin, which means “to guess.” This was translated into other languages as “Satan,” which some say mean “enemy,” or “adversary.””

So from this we learn: 1) that the medical profession is 100% satanic with its Caduceus twin serpent logo and 2) I don’t know about you, but ‘test tubes’ half a million years ago, LOL, is total nonsense. However, what we do have here is our first reference to ‘Hu’ as The Adversary, and that’s all that matters from this little piece.

From Simon, on the “Followers of YHWH” Forum:

“Their temples wherein the sacred fire was preserved were generally situate on eminences and in dense groves of oak (see back slidden Ancient Israel), because a circle was the emblem of the universe; oval, in allusion to the mundane egg, from which issued, according to the traditions of many nations, the universe, or, according to others our first parents; serpentine, because a serpent was the symbol of HU, the Druidic Osiris; cruciform because a cross is an emblem of regeneration; or winged, to represent the motion of the divine spirit.”

From The Freemasons:

“The Druids had a high veneration for The Serpent. Their great god, Hu, was typified by that reptile; and he is represented by the Bards as ‘the wonderful chief Dragon, the sovereign of heaven’.

“The Serpent is universally esteemed a legitimate symbol of Freemasonry.”

– George Oliver, Freemason, Signs and Symbols, New York, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1906, p. 36

So here we learn that the back slidden Ancient Israelites (our forefathers) had a ‘high veneration’ for Hu, The Serpent, and for one reason and one reason only, and that reason was their satanic incorporation of Molech worship (child sacrifice) into their beliefs. These evil satanic practises they copied from the Serpent Seed Canaanites who still practice these evil abominations to this day.

Hu The Serpent Entwined Around The Egg

From the Eden Saga Web Page, The Serpent People:

The ancient god of the British Isles, called Hu, was the master of the dragon world.”

From the Covenant of Rhiannon web page:

It is believed that Druidism was founded by Gwyddon Ganhebon, supposedly Seth of the Mosaic genealogy, in Asia and was brought to Britain by Hu Gadarn a contemporarydescendant of the Patriarch Abraham.

“Hu Gadarn originally came with the tribe of the Cymry (The Welsh, The Levites) to the Britannic Isles. They came from the Country of Summer, which is called Defrobani… They crossed the Misty Ocean (Tawch) and arrived in the Britannic Isles and Armorica, where they settled.”

Finally, we have Ballantine’s Law Dictionary, as used by The US Congress, which states that a ‘hu-man being’ is a monster:

Human being See MONSTER. – Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

“Monster – A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.”

Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

Just to summarise, we now know that ‘Hu’ means ‘Serpent’ and the word ‘Hu-man’ means ‘Serpent-Man’, so in other words, hu-man beings are Canaanites – descendants of The Serpent Creature, through Eve, in The Garden of Eden.

Adam declared Eve as THE MOTHER OF ALL LIVING, that is, both MANKIND and hu-mankind. Adam was NOT THE FATHER OF ALL LIVING, just the father of Mankind.

Genesis 3:20 (MCV) And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living, that is Abel and Cain, both mankind and hu-mankind – Abel later replaced by Seth.

Now for those of you who think you are ‘quick on the draw’ and say: “Oh yeah, but all Cain’s descendants died in the flood, so you’re talking nonsense!” and I will retort with: “All his descendants bar ONE!” Namely Noah’s ‘Mrs’, whose name was Naamah, and she was the sister of Tubal-Cain. Hey! But it says Noah was perfect in ALL his generations from Adam, and that’s True, but his Mrs wasn’t perfect at all in her generations. However, that’s not important, because Noah carried the Adamic bloodline, which he passed onto his three sons, and they took their lineage from Noah, not their mother, who was of Cain.

Genesis 6:9-10 (MCV) These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with Yah. 10 And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

OK, so all this was just fine and dandy until the flood waters subsided and Noah started his new farming and agricultural (husbandry) lifestyle, which included the planting of a vineyard. We are then fast forwarded to the scene of Noah having harvested his grapes and bottled up his wine, so he thinks he’ll have a good old wine tasting evening. Unfortunately, he gets a bit carried away with the tasting of the wine and ends up blotto. No doubt the rest of his family were also partakers of this first year’s growth celebration and were a bit tipsy.

Moreover, whilst all the celebrating is going on Noah crashes out and Ham, his second son, gets into a strange incestuous relationship with his mother and, presumably whilst under the influence of Noah’s wine, he lies with her = he saw his father’s nakedness:

Leviticus 18:8 (MCV) The nakedness of thy father’s wife shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father’s nakedness.

Leviticus 20:11 (MCV) And the man that lieth with his father’s wife hath uncovered his father’s nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Now the outcome of this illicit evil union is the birth of Canaan, whom Noah curses. Now why did Noah curse the brat Canaan, and not his debauched son, Ham, and/or his wayward slutty wife, wouldn’t that have made more sense? Yes to our carnal minds it would have made more sense, but not to Yah who sees things very differently from us, hence He sees strange flesh born from incest as an abomination, and likewise any inbred offspring from such an incestuous union as anathema.

Furthermore, it’s crucial that we understand what has happened here. In the births of his three sons, Noah’s bloodline only, counted. However, in this evil incestuous affair it was Naamah’s Cainite bloodline that counted in Canaan and not Ham’s Adamic blood. This means that with the birth of Canaan, Cain’s bloodline was re-kindled post-flood through Naamah his mother. Therefore, the line of Cain was reborn and it’s still with us today in the shape of the Canaanite Jews, African Blacks, the Chinese, Mongolians, Koreans, the Turks and the Italians, to name just a few.

Another interesting twist to this is The Truth that the Canaanite Jews take their lineage from their mothers. Canaanite Jewish society is a MATRIARCHAL society, not a Patriarchal society. So any claims or assertions that they make to a descendancy from Abraham or Judah is a lie. (See link No. 5 re the Jews’ false claims).

So there you have it, solid gold proof that (((THEY))) LIVE! (Have you seen that film?) If not, I recommend it.

In Yashua Messiah’s name

Messenger Charles

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94 thoughts on “Hu; Hu-mans; Cainites; Canaanites; The Serpent Seed!

  1. And at the centre of all the chaos and destruction today will be an Adamic man still in rebellion against God, dancing with the Devil…

    • Ah but he is still a man, even though in rebellion, that is, he is redeemable, whereas a Canaanite can never be a man, being The Devil’s offspring. Now whether he is redeemable or not, at this stage, I cannot tell.

      Here is why they are in rebellion:

      Matthew 13:10-16 (MCV) And the Learners came, and said unto Him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 *He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of The Kingdom of God, BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN.* 12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13 *THEREFORE I SPEAK TO THEM IN PARABLES: because they seeing, see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.* 14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which saith, *By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:* 15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross (has grown fat and lazy), and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, AND SHOULD BE CONVERTED, AND I SHOULD HEAL THEM. 16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

      • Well, my understanding is they are going to be doing whatever they do everywhere. We’ve stocked up on a few things and we will see how far they go and what comes out of it. I support them in the sense that I know all the governments here are fully corrupt pig men’ all the little dictators are coming out now, but entrapment is legal in Australia and we’ve alot of ‘corrupt eyeballs’ to open so I’m keeping a low profile and biding my time looking for openings. Lots of BS out there; any and all chaos is good chaos. The governments have created a snitch world here. It is really sad. They’ve divided everybody up against one another and the past is gone. But my focus of late is on the legal situation. I don’t really care about the ‘virus’ or the ‘vaccines’ I know that is all a big red herring for worse goings on. I have a bad feeling the media will paint the truckies in the wrong light and there are so many weak-minded fools here getting jabs and buying into the non-stop scare so what is going to come out of it I don’t know.

        Do you know anything about UNIDROIT?

        Apparently it has something to do once again with the Vatican.

        Now, in the course of things I stumbled upon this video ( 3rd one down with Jannene Howse. She is an SDA it seems but the video is interesting; not sure hwo accurate any of it is. I run out of patience sleuthing up all the bullshit. Everything to do with Vatican is just layered in so much crap.

      • The Vatican is a quagmire of lies, insanity and deceptions – the ultimate Rabbit Hole, and best not to enter therein. Well Lewis Carroll was a papist, so read into that what you will.

        Unidroit rings a bell. Something I covered when I was into the Commercial Remedy stuff with Winston Shrout, about 11 years ago.

        This is all about the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) which all the world’s nations are signed up to and is based upon all nations being bankrupt. Hence we have valueless money in our wallets, that is, Promises-to-pay or promissory notes = debt notes.

        The UCC is what makes worldwide commerce possible.

        As she says – EVERYTHING is in the mirror and nothing is what it seems. We are made The Debtors, when in Truth we are the Creditors in the national bankruptcies. Hope some of that makes sense.

      • Here is the trucker update:

        We were to gather outside the relevant local, state and national parliament buildings and say nothin; no signs. Then at noon political demands were to be delivered.

        I knew it was going nowhere from the start but I went anyway to see what might hapen. 200+ at out the local chamber and a handful of bored police. No politicans emerged.
        Now, this is the fun part. The crowd were solid ferals (hippies); no professionals, and no truckies. They couldn’t resist doing a little quiet chanting or humming and of course some of their ‘visionaries’ painted and then held up a sign that said: “LOVE”. Big cheers went up. I left after about 30 minutes. The irony of this Charles is that these boneheads likely vote Green and most probably diehard. Down in Victoria, Daniel Andrews gets his “Emergency Powers” renewed by the support he gets from Green mps. LOL! You can’t make this stuff up.

        Now, down in Victoria there is a fellow Sol MIllihin who got busted for inciting something inappropriate and he has been building a legal team and a website. He has replied to a few of my queries and tipped me of to a Dr Lanka on the fake science. Interesting stuff I’m sure you’re aware of. At any rate, here is the link to the current legal mess he is in, and by extension what is now becoming the life and times of many people in Australia and perhaps elsewhere around the world:

      • Thanks I’ll check it out. I’ve officially upgraded the idea to 50% possible. What have I got to lose!

        If he is correct it would actually fit becaue so much of the ‘opposition’ stuff out there is full of the usual misdirection and nonsense. That said, it seems pretty much like total chaos is now the go.

      • Indeed. And any chaos is good chaos too – what a strategy!

      • Charles do you know anything about this Telegram? It sounds like a bunch of rubbish. Any thoughts?

      • Not a lot. All I know is that they wanted a phone number in order to register with them, as do Odysee, and I never give out phone numbers to anyone that I do not know.

      • What a happy positive fellow Lanka is. I’m not able to follow completely what he is saying but that probably only means I am basically a bit of a scientific dope. I hope he can prove something to someone that matters.

      • Hi Charles,
        I’ll get around to that and you’ve also got one about water which, looks more appealing at this point.

        At any rate the Covyid scene being what it is I’ve become immersed in other things of a more legal nature, sleuthing up the legal trail of tears and such. Here is a link to something that has some interesting goings on although there are some points of considerable confusion, but none the less I thought I’d share it with you here:

        If you never mind her space cake stuff and scroll down to the free petition of right course, (no phone number required), if you sign up you’ll access the load of documents etc and somewhere in here I’ve stumbled on why the queen no longer wears her crown (I know you already know all this but…), it’s all centring on the eclipsing of the constitution vatican control UN takeover stuff and the like. There are others too mostly circulatiung around CommonLaw etc for example:

        and there is a commonlaw site so, I’ve been getting stuck in to this stuff. Had a chat with Neville re Baptism and we are just holding steady a few weeks while this last lockdown expires.

        Here is a video I wondered if you might find interesting?

      • Yes, the Petition of Right sounds similar to, if not the same as, The Claim of Right we did back in 2009.

        Oh yes, the video was very interesting, so interesting and comical I had to switch him off. Anyone who talks as if some form of contagion is in play here, is a disso – 100%.

        The non-existent virus in Wuhan, and China in general, was a combination of their filthy toxic environment(s) combined with the launch and roll out of 5G = EMF radiation poisoning.

        I kindly suggest that you watch the Stefan Lanka video for The Truth.

      • Finally had a chance to watch the English version. Seems straightforward enough and pretty outrageous if that is what is actualluy going on in the world of so-called ‘virology’. So, has he got on with his own experiments yet to do the proof there is no virus; when do we get that juicy tidbit?

        Re: this Petition of Right, what was the Cliam of Right you did and why? Was it successful; what difference did it make?

        I give you the last and first of two videos from a 4-part series by this lady which seems a bit spiritually lost in New Age delusion, but nonetheless contains quite a pile of interesting legal developments regarding Australia. Her idea seems to be in a nutshell that ‘we’ citizens of Australia are technically UN cargo under admiralty law and that her suggestion is to get back under the Crown. I’m not sure at this point what that will achieve as the Crown seems to be under the UN and ‘Mother Church’ at any rate, so perhaps what she has done is all a big circle jerk or perhaps there is some value?

        She clearly does not understand being baptised and free of the debt of sin under The Law.

        Part 4:

        Part 1:

      • Yes I believe he’s done or is doing some experiments now.

        Everything done under Common Law and/or Commercial Law is successful, it’s just that we don’t see visible signs of it, but in the background it is definitely having an affect e.g. judges will take early retirement etc.

        The Claim of Right is just to give them NOTICE that you’re no longer a citizen, so no longer under their jurisdiction. If you’re then taken to court (that’s if you choose to attend, for a ‘summons’ is just an invitation not a command) you present that as part of your proof that you’re no longer one of their corporate employees, and not answerable to their acts and statutes.

        As for the UN, it’s all wrapped up in the UCC Uniform Commercial Code which ALL nations of the world adhere to and keeps Commerce going – without it all trade would come to a standstill.

      • OK. With that in mind, it occured to me to ask you if you had any thoughts of going over/putting out a post on some relevant developments in the UK for example that Edward was actually pushed out as opposed to abdicating etc ? You know some Charles juggular stuff!

      • Churchill was definitely behind Edward VIII’s ‘abdication’. He just used the Archbishop of Canterbury and the C of E to do the dirty work. He was probably a Freemason.

        Churchill obviously had a conscience because he then suggested to Edward that he should just keep the freak hermaphrodite Simpson as a lover, and keep the throne = gross hypocrisy, which then tells us the Jew Rothschilds were behind the whole thing.

        Unfortunately Edward and his brother George VI were both mentally weak, due to parental abuse as children.

        If I do something it will be on Churchill, which will obviously include the treachery of 1936.

      • I had a phone chat with Dawn this morning. Apparently there are some folks in my state I may be able to get in touch with. Also this fellow Keith:

        Also, we now have a bit of opening going on in Jew South Wales and so we are planing for a trip down the coast in about 10 weeks, all things going alright and that is the tentaive plan for baptism as Neville lives down that way. If things get wild I may have to make a moonlight drive!

        Oh, yes, the Kike Premier was gotten rid of but now we have a papist! Can’t make this crap up!

      • Yes, he seems to be on the money, except the Constitution, which is not what he thinks it is. For example, the US Constitution was always the Articles of Federation of a Federal Government, and for the first National Bankruptcy of the United States in 1789. “We the people” referred only to those present – all those Freemasons there at the time, not the people of America – total deceptive chicanery.

        King George III (The Rothschilds) was owed big time by the fledgling states and they could not pay their debt, so a national bankruptcy was declared – another followed 70 years later in 1859, just before the so-called Civil War, and a third in 1929 – The Wall Street Crash. The fourth in 2009 ‘The Credit Crunch’ was used to stave off the inevitable when they should have forgiven all debts and started afresh with a new debt free non-usury money system and failed to do so. Hence we’re now in the present worldwide financial chaos and awaiting a financial disaster = The Fall of Babylon.

        I think therefore you will find re Australia, if you dig deep enough, that a similar arrangement exists from the inception of your Constitution.

        Likewise in England in 1649 Charles I (a real monarch) was assassinated in order to bring in a Constitutional (powerless) monarchy in the shape of Charles II and all the monarchs that followed him.

        This was set in concrete with the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688/9, when the Declaration of Rights (1688) was made known, and accepted by the people, then immediately neutered as The BILL of Rights (an Act) in 1689. All with the sleight of hand = The Jewish Way.

      • I’m not sure how but I came across this site; do you reckon their blurb gives a rough idea?

        Also, on a different note, timely interesting listening these days:

        With the Constitution here, what I’ve come across so far is that Prime Minister Billy Hughes won the King’s recognition of sovereignty after WW1 and apparently that was also because he told Wilson off in some fashion. The only legal currency per the Australian Constitution is Pounds, Shillings and Pence but since 1966 Austrlalia has used it’s own decimal currency which I understand is Vatican backed. I don’t know that it has to do with debts at all but is a way for anti-Monarchist forces to compass the Monarchy and break away from England, though technically they already had all that so to me it seems more about Catholicism and Satan worship/anti-Christ spiritualism/NWO stuff.

      • ( Not a single mention of The Jews who backed and financed Cromwell. Sheer propaganda.

        Yes, he cocked up by marrying a Papist and not becoming a fully fledged Protestant like his father. He should have done this to get the people on his side, but his biggest flaws were: 1) Not minting and creating his own non-usury money/currency thereby eliminating the need to tax the people and 2) was not quick enough in coming down hard on the criminals in Parliament and disbanding it completely and for good, and giving them the option of the gallows or fleeing the country never to return.

        There is no breaking from The Monarchy for Australia, Canada, New Zealand or even South Africa ‘cos The Monarchy is just a front for The Rothschild’s CROWN CORPORATION. All the old colonial nations of Africa are still colonies, only with Rothschild Chinese masters, instead of Rothschild British ones. Blacks getting their independence during the 1960s was always a piss take and a joke.

        Animals is an album I have not listened to for years. I’ll refresh my memory.

      • Well, I didn’t expect them to mention the Jews, I just meant in terms of most basic plot outline.

        Animals is an album I haven’t listened to much in years eitheer, and in fact I never listened to a lot of Floyd but I like this one best because it lacks mostly Waters nonsense politics. It is interesting to contemplate some of the lyrics wit new characters like Dan Andrews in Victoria (Dogs).

        When you say Crown Corporation is that really the same as the incorporated name and unincoporating the name?

      • Not just not mentioning the Jews, but portraying him generally in such a bad light so as to give an excuse for the Jew inspired Civil War, and thereby make the treacherous criminal scum Cromwell look good.

        Prior to that, we had the Tudor ‘Bloody’ Mary – a far worse pro-papist Monarch than Charles and yet no Civil War.

        Yes, I’ll refresh my memory re Animals.

        Yes it’s all tied in – Everything is Corporatised. The UK is a Corporation, Parliament is a Corporation, All Police areas are Corporations and ALL Citizens are Corporations. Hence EVERY transaction is a Contract. Strangely The BBC is the only one that makes it known.

        E.g. When a muppet stops you and you have not committed a crime, he is attempting to contract with you and gain authority or jurisdiction over you, hence you MUST rebut this assumed or presumed bogus authority.
        This is why they are known as ‘Adhesion Contracts’.

      • So, this St Edwards CRown business, I understand it signifies Papal control? I also understand QE2 was crowned with it as opposed to the Imperial Crown? Thus all the badges and seals etc now feature this crown?

        Thanks for the ‘Bloody Mary’ info, I’m not up on that. So, the civil war was really about the birth of parliament and the historical lie is about selling the stripping of the monarchy of it’s power as a good thing?

        Re Animals, I also think it shows the guitar player David Gimour was always a class act, never waasted a note and the integrity in the band.

      • There has always been Papal control since Augustine, circa 597 AC and he establish control through the Kenites (Canaanites) of The Kingdom of Kent (King Ethelbert), who welcomed the Papist bastard into England:

        St Edward’s CR business??? Not with you.

        The Civil War was ALL ABOUT the Jews establishing themselves via the Bank of England, which was set up in 1694, under their stewardship, and England then became a debtor nation to the Jews.

        1649 death of real monarchy – 1694 Jewish ‘monarchy’ established – they love their mirror numbers = 49 – 94.

      • Thanks for the link.

        In Dawn Kelly’s site somewhere she mentions the idea that the St Edward’s Crown siginifies papal control whereas the Imperial Crown siginifies soveriegn Commomwealth or Empire realm. Something like that. Howeber, I am under the impression that every monarch has always been crowned with the St Edwards crown.

      • I’m not sure. I’m not aware of where the crown is named or for who

      • Indeed. I consider such history mission critical. However that said I am somewhat gobsmacked, taken aback even that MC doesn’t know the answer to this? I’m going to have to lie down for a while! This is definitely one for the record books! Ha ha

      • I’m telling you Charles, I’m pinning this one. Little brother is going to have to drive you wild with it. ha ha

        Now this piece is timing up nicely with something else I’ve been musing on given my wife and her involvement with a so-called ‘Anglican’ school, and her slack spiritual upbringing given TV and hippie parents. A mate of hers in the employ for student welfare, or what they call ‘pastoral care’ stated to me they have 3 students ‘transitioning’. I don’t think we need to discuss the obvious here. Nonetheless on many touchy-feely subjects lefty subjects my wife states things like: “That’s their truth” “What does it matter” etc etc etc. I told her she was brainwashed by cultural Marxist dancefloor music, pop culture etc etc etc but have for sometime been meditating on those repsonses and how to break them apart, because if I just pick up the toaster and throw it, well, you get the idea…

        Of late, I began to consider that what she has been taught is that the OT has a different cruel God and that Jesus is the NT God of love and forgiveness, so in order to be like Jesus one must not only sacrifice all those old cruel morals and laws, but also do all the internal and external self-sacrfice of any latent attendant values in service of such old cruel ways and in this way through your own self-sacrifice (the torture of betraying your own values and swallowing the filthy swill) and even mock crucifixion (ie go out in shackles and chains and wear a “So sorry” t-shirt and ask to be beaten), you too can become like Jesus and fulfill this vital NT role of being all forgiving and then the world can finally walk together to the glorious new god of universal consciousness etc etc etc vomit bags.

        Deep twisted Satanic perversion – and it needs to be spelled out simply and clearly and by jove have I got it?

      • Hi Edward,

        Simply put, you can lump Cov-Yid 1984 and all the jab mania into her giant witches cauldron of deception, or her completely deceived state of mind.

        Having had hippy parents means she’s been brainwashed with Marxism, and now Cultural Marxism, from the cradle – a very severe case of indoctrination if ever I heard of one.

        She, like all the other Cultural Jew Marxists, is under a divination spell straight from the VatiCain, or call it hypnosis if you wish, and the only pair of snapping fingers that can awaken her are The Father’s snapping fingers.

        However, feel free to snap those fingers on The Father’s behalf if you can. More for me to pray about.

        Yes, the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion is riddled with NT only ‘Christians’ who would like to see the OT expunged from The Bible altogether, such is their apostate perverted interpretation of Scripture.

      • Well, it is interesting to say the least. I have observed her parents for several years now and I wouldn’t classify them as hardcore but more fringe types none the less intersted to “get back to nature”. They enjoyed their fair share of Boomer generation fun and games, Beatles, Stones etc but are typical in my view of those “Protestants” targeted for destruction via the whole “counter-culture”. Every once in a while they seem to twig on a few things but have really gone hard on the Climate scare. As for my wife she was basically raised by dance music so it is interesting to see how effective that stuff was at brainwashing. Alan Watt used to talk about that all the time. That said, she has had no time for the Covid BS and is in the domain of the few which can see through it. Perhaps that is due to my poking her in the forehead every once in a while, or perhaps I should stop kidding myself and lay it at the feet of The Father? Most of what seems to get her is of course emotional stuff. When I told her the hate she dislikes comes from Jews which hate Jesus that was an angle she hadn’t considered before. Anyways thanks for your prayers, I’m praying too!

      • Glad she’s awake to the Cov-Yid scam. However it’s amazing the number of people that will agree with us that the government is lying through its teeth about Cov-Yid, but at the same time believes they are telling them The Truth on everything else e.g. the Holohoax etc and history in general.

        Compartmentalisation at its best. LOL

      • Indeed. Bizarre. I wonder if perhaps it has to do with a concept of that whole be what you want to see in the world and if it sounds too much they don’t want to deal with it. It is interestingly exactly what Hitler saw at an early age how the whole social democratic model was fuelled by idealism and that is infintely preferable to harsh reality. Smoking wishful thinking in them there hippy pipes!

      • Ah yes, lies are always much more preferable to the plebs than The Truth. Being confronted with The Truth usually involves thinking, and thinking is the last thing they want to do = “Peace man” as drop another ‘acid’ or they drag on their spliffs, or is it lines of coke these days?

      • The difference between them being 45 and 4 + 5 = 9? What a bunch of jack-offs!

      • What I have now stumbled upon is that Australia was financially obliterated by WW2 and thus the government constitutional games really are borne out of these type of troubles.

        As for this Keith Charles fellow, he has been talking about unicorporating your name and setting up a Common Law Trust. Have you ever heard of such?

      • All OK unless they ask for your Strawman details and signature on something. NEVER sign anything unless you know for sure what it is that your signing up to.

        All you need is education on how to use certain remedial processes and, of course, to know exactly who you are and become comfortable with that new knowledge.

      • Not sure what remedial processes means?

        As for their unincorporation they are talking about pledging loyalty to the commonwealth as delineated in the 1900 constitution and eventually filling offices (uh, don;t they beed a GG from QE2? Cue laughter here?) The idea is to open a trust to run the Strawman.

      • I think we’ve been here before. The info on the Civil War period looks interesting.

        As far as all this goes, and what Dawn and Keith are on about, the common law birth, the unincorporating the name, the farce that is the legal history of say Australia, kept from the citizens, I’m not interested in pledging new oaths, just laying my confession at the feet of The Father. I look at all this and wonder what is the point? It’s all BS. I get it paying taxes is a drag, and parking fines etc, but what are the pros and cons from a basic point of view and how will it make any practical difference?

        I’m more concerned with not being of this earth just in it.

      • BTW I have read the article on taxing and tithing but what is this article you mention please?

      • Thanks Charles. I’ll refresh my memory of #1 and proceed to #2.

        I have to say, I don’t understand the AFV process. Can you dumb it down for me? I’ve seen plenty on capital letter dog-latin legal implications but nobody seems to have any solutions accept this Keith fellow and his unincorporate the name thing, which, at this point seems possible to do but I can’t figure out why bother or for who it would really be worth it.

      • Unincorporating the name is all well and good, if you can live 100% self-sustainably, that is, 100% off-grid with no reliance on the world or the system at all. For that to be successful we need a good piece of land of several acres. Winston Shrout used to say you need at least 40 acres and a mule. LOL

        As he also used to say when he lived VERY rural in the Utah wilderness, you still have to go into town now and again and get certain things, and at the same time remain in honour with your business transactions with those people, and if you’re unincorporated completely how do you do trade with the world other than through bartering?

        Hence he taught the AFV process for his Commercial Remedies and for those of us still in the world.

      • That is what I keep pondering. Sooner or later you’ll have to use the state services. So often I get the feeling people are looking for a way to cheat. The other thing I notice, is Keith for example admits he uses a Trust form the same as the Rothschilds, and the A4V site suggests using the type the Clintons use. This kind of business I find disturbing. There must be a difference between legal and moral and I don’t like the idea of becoming like those types.

        The trust idea seems intriguing from the point of view of reducing egregiuos tax overreach.

      • The WHOLE Commercial system is based upon honour and dishonour (their defacto Admiralty courts), and as long as YOU stay in honour, in THEIR system, there nothing wrong with using any of their documents or processes.

        They are in dishonour over the National Bankruptcy, and there is NOTHING you can do about that – that is THEIR System or The World that Yashua Messiah has left us in. We are in it whether we like it or not, so when we’re confronted with a Commercial instrument accusing us of a debt, we must utilise THEIR system honourably against them.

        This is the ultimate in being wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

      • Ok. Noted. One other question I had re this Keith Charles fellow is his idea that we are told to “come out of her” – in a legal sense. I have always understood this in a spiritual sense and never considered it the way he has put it. Is he on to soemthing or has he just not seen the finality of the mess we’re in and the limits to how we can actually “come out of her” thus stay in honour is about all we can do?

      • It is, predominantly, in a Spiritual sense, and He did leave us IN the world with instructions for us NOT to be taken OUT of the world.

        And notice that it’s a ‘HER’ and that’s direct reference to a counterfeit church that we MUST come out of if we’re entangled in it.

        Having said all that my wife and I are very much out of the world, but not completely out of it, and will remain as we are until He comes.

      • Does that mean you have registered Common Law live birth? Are you using only the masics of the system? Do you use the A$V process?

      • I never register anything. Registration = giving it away to someone else.

        No, I have not used AFV for ten years. I no longer own anything so never get any bills (money offers).

      • Please explain lack of ownership = no bills being money offers – can you give an example?

      • I no longer own anything apart from two old cars, and I rent my accommodation all in. That means I no longer get bills (money offers) through the post.

  2. Brother Charles,

    Good morning to you and thank you again for another interesting article.
    I’ve always agreed in much of what you write and respect your knowledge, but what I don’t agree with is the concept that the blacks and Asians came from. They are clearly not from Adam. Adam, as you say, was the first Caucasian/white man.

    Before God created Adam he created man as can be seen in Genesis 1:27 –

    “And God prepareth the man in His image; in the image of God He prepared him, a male and a female He prepared them.”

    It is most likely that was where the creation of the blacks and Asians came from, more so because their cranial shapes distinctly separate them from Caucasians.
    There are three main races of man – white, black and Asian. And then in between there are various race mixes of the three. The skull of Adam would have been Caucasian and the skull of Caucasian has remained as it was for thousands upon thousands of years. Take the insane stupidity of evolution for example? We are told that we come from monkeys, yet monkeys still exist? This itself destroys the evolution theory, from the freemason Darwin. With that we can also compare the progeny of Adam. Their skull shape has remained so since Adam was created. It couldn’t morph into the black or the Asian skull. It’s not possible. They were already here when Adam was created.

    However, on the concept of the Italians, the Turks, they are most certainly of a Caucasian mix. And then we can look at the Ethiopians, Somalians, Sudanese and some other African races and see they too have mixed with Caucasian. It’s also the same with some Asians.

    I do not agree that blacks and Asians came from Adam, far from it. They are clearly different races, altogether. What I have surmised about the bible is, it’s the story of the creation of the white man, the Caucasian, the European, who did great wonders on this earth. The Asian and the black did not come from the white man, nor vice versa.

    • Good morning, or it was until I read your comment:

      “Before God created Adam he created man as can be seen in Genesis 1:27.”

      This statement is a BLASPHEMOUS lie, for Adam declared loud and clear that Eve WAS THE MOTHER OF ALL LIVING, but nowhere did Adam declare that he was THE FATHER OF ALL LIVING:

      Genesis 3:20 (MCV) And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living (mankind and hu-mankind).

      “I do not agree that blacks and Asians came from Adam, far from it. They are clearly different races, altogether. What I have surmised about the bible is, it’s the story of the creation of the white man, the Caucasian, the European, who did great wonders on this earth. The Asian and the black did not come from the white man, nor vice versa.”

      LOL, what you disagree with is an irrelevance, for your idea(s) is based on ignorance. Get it through your thick head that eight people disembarked from The Ark, plus the first incestuous, post-flood born, creature called Canaan, whom Noah cursed. That means all people alive today on this earth are descended from those nine people.

      I will leave these links for you here, so that you can educate yourself with The Truth:

      Exposing The Lying Blasphemer Bertrand Comparet Parts 1 and 2:

      Exposing The Lying Blasphemer Bertrand Comparet – Part 1

      Did Eve Have Sex With The Devil or Did She Just Eat Some Fruit?

      I posted this one below because you partial flood people generally believe the Edomite Jew garbage as well:

      Obadiah; Esau; The Edomites; Idumea; Turkey:

      Obadiah; Esau; The Edomites; Idumea; Turkey

      • Well, you certainly let him have it! However, he has raised an interesting question: how does one account for such genetic variation from one father?

      • The miscegenation of the pre-flood world carried by Naamah. Plus we do not know the racial makeup of the three sons wives. Shem’s wife may have been the only racially pure one of the three.

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  4. Hi Charles
    I’ve read did eve have sex with the devil
    It’s very interesting
    I’ve started this page and just saw the picture of the snake around the egg
    Got a couple of questions and I’m sure you have articles on them as there are many so if you don’t mind just say yes or no if your happy with that
    Is Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil the same thing?
    And if you look at that snake do you notice something that does not quite fit right with a snake?

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