Does God HAVE a NAME?

Now is that a stupid question or could it even be a really STUPID question? I say this because the name of God or the subject of the name(s) of God get’s more, so called, Christians bent out of shape than any other Biblical topic that I know of. Gnat straining and camel swallowing doesn’t even come near to this storm in teacup subject.

I also say this because I have recently gone head to head on social media with a Judaising mongrel dog wretch who obsesses about this very issue. In fact he was so bent out of shape that I had to block him for his own good, that is, before he had a stroke or a heart attack, such was his unhinged, unbalanced emotional and fanatical attachment to this non-issue. Now don’t get me wrong here for it is important to know the name(s) of God or, better, to KNOW which God we are refering to when we say God or whether it’s the GODHEAD of God with God as in the beginning (Please note that the Godhead is a Duality of two distinct Spiritual Beings not a Trinity nor a Mono-god):

Genesis 1:1 (KJV) In the beginning God (H430 the Hebrew name Elohim – plural) created the heaven and the earth. (Brackets mine)

OK so straight away in the FIRST VERSE of the Holy Scriptures we are told a name of God – some might say it’s the name of the Godhead for we are dealing with the Hebrew name Elohim which is the plural of the singular Hebrew word Eloah. And from Strong’s Concordance we get:

God – H430 – elohiym – el-o-heem’ – Plural of H433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God[head]; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative: – angels, X exceeding, God (gods) (-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty. (Square brackets mine)

This means we are not dealing with one God and we have the Hebrew name ELOHIM. We then we get:

Genesis 1:26 (KJV) And God H430 (The Hebrew name Elohim – plural) said, LET US make man in OUR IMAGE, after OUR LIKENESS: (Emphasis and brackets mine)

Now believe it or not, some numb skulls interpret this verse as a singular God speaking to the angels which is utter nonsense as angels cannot create and were never created themselves by God to be creators. So let’s get this golden nugget of Truth firmly set in our minds and from Strong’s once more:

Angels – H4397 – mal’âk – mal-awk’ – From an unused root meaning to despatch as a deputy; a messenger; specifically of God, that is, an angel (also a prophet, priest or teacher): – ambassador, angel, king, messenger.

There we have it, angels are primarily messengers, NOT creators and nowhere in Scripture does it say that angels were ever creators.

So as an early sum up we now have one name of God – “Elohim” and the first name mentioned in the Holy Scriptures and because of this fact should this name take pre-eminence over any other names? We shall see.

Right, what other names do we have in the Holy Scriptures? This name:

Genesis 2:4 (KJV) These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that The LORD God made the earth and the heavens. (Emphasis mine)

What have we got here? for this is the first verse in the Holy Scriptures where we find the name or Title: “The LORD God” so who is this LORD God? To answer that I will copy and paste another verse:

Genesis 2:16 (KJV) And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of The Garden thou mayest freely eat: (Emphasis mine)

Here we can plainly see that this “LORD God” communicated with Adam – the man. So what? I hear you say. Ah but this piece of information is crucial in identifying this “LORD God” who also has a different Hebrew name and from Strong’s once more:

LORD – H3068 – yehôvâh – yeh-ho-vaw’ – From H1961; (the) self Existent or eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: – Jehovah, the Lord. Compare H3050, H3069.

God – H430 – elohiym – el-o-heem’ – Plural of H433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God[head]; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative: – angels, X exceeding, God (gods) (-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty. (Square brackets mine)

Again, what have we got here? for this God who is still Elohim – plural has another name – a second name, to accompany His first name – God. This means we have Yehovah God or Jehovah God which, as we can see, also means The Self-Existent or The Eternal.

Moreover we now need to know who this Yehovah God is and I have already revealed that He spoke to Adam and gave him certain commands. So if we now go straight to the New Testament we will discover who this Yehovah God is:

John 5:37 (KJV) And The Father Himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard His voice at any time, nor seen His shape. (Emphasis mine)

There we have it from Yashua Messiah’s very lips. Up until that point in time in the first century no one had ever seen or heard The Father – so who spoke and commanded Adam? Answer: Yehovah God, and who was this Yehovah God? Answer: Yashua Messiah as God before He became flesh – The I AM who spoke to Moses and the Melchisedek who spoke with Abraham.

Here are some more names of God:


However, this is only half of the story for here are some of his unhinged comments:

“You don’t need the bible? It seems you need it more than anyone I’ve ever talked to. Why won’t you read us Psalms 83:18? Satan got your tongue?”

First of all I did not say to him that I did not need The Bible, I said that in this instance I did not need the OT or the Old Covenant (his satanic perversions of what I had said). Here, too, we can see the focus of his obsession – one verse of Old Covenant Holy Scripture in Psalm 83 after I had explained to him that it was Old Covenant, but that Truth didn’t register in his mind at all. He then followed it with this:

“Psalms 83:18 MAY PEOPLE KNOW THAT YOU WHOSE NAME IS “JEHOVAH”, YOU ALONE ARE THE MOST HIGH OVER ALL THE EARTH That’s Jehovah, YHWH in Hebrew. You are afraid of his name, because you are the embodiment of Satan himself, and Satan cannot stand his name. You are evil through and through…..”

These blind guides are buried in the Old Testament and cannot see the New Testament. In fact they cannot see any further than the ends of their noses. However, I did not push him further as it would have been a waste of my time, but it is quite obvious that he does not see Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) as the Yahovah God of the Old Testament or that when we mention His Name, that is, Yashua Messiah or Jesus Christ we are then directly referring to the Yahovah God of the Old Testament and thereby SAYING HIS NAME!! There we are – simples, but too simples for him.

Brother Charles in Yashua Messiah’s NAME!!



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  1. Thanks Charles, nicely said, I believe Father has blinded them from the truth as he said he would.

  2. Hi Charles

    Im sorry to email you via this thread but cant remember how or if there is another way to get hold of you..

    Im hoping you can help me with something…..My son asked me about the telescope that the vatican have on mount Graham,, he said he had watched something on utube about an author called TOM HORN who states the vatican claim they know there is alien life and not only do they know this but claim that Christ is an alien

    After watching this my son started looking for anything that would support the information and found quite a lot including the former Pope Benedict XV1 and José Gabriel Funes, an Argentine Jesuit priest and astronomer claim its true……….

    I obviously tried to explain to him there is nothing Christian about the Vatican which just made him worse because he agrees with this but says as they are such a powerful and influential group why would they be wasting millions of pounds with this telescope for nothing so “”” what are they actually looking for and why”” ?? and i couldnt answer that

    My son is scared and i dont know what to say to him about this because its something ive never heard of before ….Tom Horn claims he is a Christian and all i have really found out about him is he is a publisher and has done many books about this sort of thing

    My son believes some of what he watched and its scared him ,,, I would really appreciate it if there is there anything you could tell me that i could pass on to help with this

    • Hi Amanda,

      First question – are you and your son born of God (born again) believing Christians?

      I am asking this not to put you off but to ascertain your level of Spiritual understanding.

  3. Hi Charles…Im so sorry its taken me so long to get back to you

    We have spoken a few times on here …im mandy the lady with the lung disease in south wales who needs a lung transplant

    I was baptised into the Mormon church years ago but left and trying to renew my connection with Christ..Thats why i contacted you ages ago after reading some of your work and you helped answer some things for me

    My son is not baptised….I saw the film he watched and was gobsmacked to be honest…..It talks about things i have no knowledge of and was made worse by the fact that Tom Horn is meant to be a Christian and there are things online showing Catholic priests agreeing with it

    Its all way over my head….. the vatican spending millions of pounds on this telescope has got him believing they are looking for something and to be honest its just all freaked me out


    • Hi Mandy,

      Yes I remember you.

      OK, first things first, have you looked at alternative remedies for your lung problem?

      Re the video I must admit I did not watch it, because it had the look of false teaching. Horn is chummy with Quayle and I know Quayle is a fake Christian and false messenger. The name Quayle comes from the name Cain so that should tell you all you need to know. I would suggest that both Horn and Quayle are men with massive egos looking to make names for themselves with sensationalist videos.

      What things were they talking about?

      Re Rome and the Vatican you must realise that they are not Christian and yet at the same time being Satan’s servants and having regular contact with demons they KNOW that Yashua Messiah is returning to this earth soon and THAT frightens the life out of them because they KNOW they are in BIG TROUBLE!! However, they actually believe they will see Him coming through a telescope!!!! ROTFL.

      Tell your son not to worry. Oh and does he believe?


      Brother Charles

      PS have you considered getting re-Baptised into Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) name alone?

      • Oh Charles i didnt expect you to remember me you must speak to so many people 🙂

        I was thinking of getting baptised again ages ago but when i told you i received the laying on of hands at my baptism you said there would be no need to do it again so i left it at that.

        I was attending a small Baptist church study group last year and was blessed to have people praying for healing for me then i went along to the transplant unit in Harefield and they were surprised to see my lung function had increased !! Its obviously not common at my stage of the illness and when my lung consultant saw my results she was amazed….With one thing and another i stopped going to the group , for a long time and ive just had another lung function test done to find its dropped a lot so i will be asking everyone for prayers …I dont want a transplant , i have never wanted it since the day it was mentioned but i go along to appointments as a last resort …I wish there was another option for me but there is none but who knows what the future will bring in the medical world and im still here so thankful for that

        I did watch the film and agree with you 100% that Tom Horn has a massive ego and a massive bank balance by the look of all the books he has written but i dont know the name Quayle and shall look that up
        Yes he talked about how the vatican are looking out for Christ through the telescope just like you say
        My sons view on it is the vatican are corrupt and liars and they would not be spending millions on a telescope for nothing so he believes they know something is coming !!! In all honesty its scary stuff they talk about things living in the center of the earth !!! and how there is a porthole on mount graham where this telescope is that aliens use to go back and for…….even the former pope Benedict XVI agrees with it all (so it says on the web)

        Seriously, its enough to give you stomach ache …..

        Hope you and the family are well


      • Hi Mandy,

        Is your lung problem cancer? If so, there are other remedies for that.

        The centre of the earth maybe where the demons are imprisoned in darkness by Yashua Messiah and they cannot escape unless He says so.

        Jude 1:6 (KJV) And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of The Great Day.

        LOL The Vatican are looking out for Him are they? Their only problem is that they do not have the eyes to see Him nor will they have until it’s too late – THEN they will see Him and then weep and wail.

        Your son is right – they are totally corrupt and evil.


        Brother Charles

      • Yes they are corrupt and evil i agree and as you say they will not be getting a heads up that The Lord is coming so who is it they are really looking for !!!!

        No i dont have cancer if i did there would be some hope …
        I have bronchiectasis which means my lungs are in the same condition as someone who has cystic fibrosis and there is no treatment for it only inhalers and antibiotics to keep it under control and transplant
        Im one of those people who think the pharmaceuticals make too much money out of people like me so im not convinced any new treatments will be around soon (but im not going to rant about that )


      • Oh they are looking for The Lord in order to fight Him and stop Him. They KNOW their number is up once He returns. It’s game over for them and outer darkness awaits them with their demon friends for 1,000 years and then The Great White Throne Tribunal.

        Re your lung problem have a look at this web site:

        I have used this stuff so can vouch for it.

        Big Pharma is a criminal racket – period.


        Brother Charles

      • Fight God !! Well apparently CERN has a part to play in this by it opening some gateway. I have seen people on the British lung foundation talking about using a bleach compound but im not sure if its the same thing. Will have a long look tomorrow on the pc. I have to ask , do you have a lung disease as you say you have used this ? Mandy

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      • Oh yes, they will try and fight God in the valley of Jezreel in Israel.

        Re MMS I am not a chemist, but it’s not bleach as in Domestos LOL – it’s Sodium Chlorite, not Sodium Choride or Chlorine as in swimming pools.

        My wife and I took it as a general detox. We had nothing ailing us at the time. A friend of ours whose partner took it removed a huge tape worm from her intestine – she didn’t even know it was there until she went to the loo. So it’s good stuff. We know it cures malaria and other diseases.

        There was a guy on Youtube who cured his lung cancer with it. Lung cancer is a fungus.

        Now because your lung problem is a bacterial problem, I would think it could help you but if you drop them a line I am sure they will give you some information.

        All the best with that.

        Brother Charles

      • Hi Charles

        Bronchiectasis isnt a bacteria ……Its initially caused by a bacteria that damages the walls of the airways and they become wide so all the little hairs in the lungs cant move the mucus that we all have and it builds up and creates more infections…A lot of children who have had pneumonia as a child can develop bronchiectasis in later life . Its known as non CF bronchiectasis and my doctor made it worse because he just kept giving me antibiotics for almost a year instead of referring me to a lung specialist so i eventually ended up being taken to hospital the damage was too far gone …My consultant told me if i had gotten to her earlier i wouldnt be as ill as i am

        Nothing will stop my airways being wide but if i could stop the infections it would be huge because obviously every time i get one it causes more damage

        Im guessing this is based on the alkaline in your body and i have been on a high alkaline diet before and it did help so its worth a look.

        I saw the video about malaria and the red cross and it didn’t surprise me that they tried to make it out to be a lie because it would leave the governments in a postilion where they had millions of people to take care of because these people wouldn’t be dying every minute from malaria ….. and obviously the drugs companies would lose a fortune…………….Its wicked !!!

        I will take a good look on there thanks Charles


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      • Hi Charles

        I know this is a bit random but may i ask you something about God ..Have you ever had the experience of a personal revelation.

        I have spoken to so many people in the passed who have, and one sticks in my head …I knew a man who was a bishop and he was telling me about how he had prayed to ask The Lord who he should chose as a wife and he got an answer ..When i asked him how was he certain of this answer he told me that he actually saw flames on the wall when he prayed about a particular woman…They did marry and the extraordinary thing was none of them could have children but they had both had it confirmed in prayer that they would have a family and they ended up adopting 2 small children from a young girl who i actually knew

        It says in the bible all we have to do is ask and ive prayed so many times but i never feel anything or get any kind of confirmation …People have told me i should have the faith to know He is with me which makes me feel like im being questioned on my faith and makes me feel a failure because i dont get anything ,,,, but why do some people get a reply that is so solid and some of us dont

        I hope that makes sense


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      • Hi Mandy,

        Yes I question some of these so called revelations. The only real revelations that I can remember were my original calling in the early 80s and being given the gift of tongues many years later in 96 when I left the Worldwide Church of God cult.

        It’s possible I have heard that still small voice at times but even then I am not 100% sure.

        Re the bishop with the flames, well that could have been a warning sign and he misinterpreted it – who knows.

        Sorry I cannot be of more help.



      • Oh Charles that did make me laugh because i thought at the time that flames were a strange sign to have and it could have meant no [😊] its reassuring to know i wasnt bonkers to think that

        Thanks for all your emails , its hugely appreciated

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      • Hi Charles

        Hope you and the family had a lovely Christmas

        I was on a site and read a discussion about how there is only one way to get to The Father and that is through Christ ,when someone asked “””How do babies who die at birth or die so very young or someone who has mental health problems etc get to The Father “”””

        In the years you have studied do you have any answer to this

        Best Wishes


        Sent from Outlook


      • Hi Mandy,

        Thanks for your good wishes re Christmas but we don’t keep it.

        Correct, getting to The Father is through Yashua Messiah, but we cannot get to Yashua Messiah unless The Father calls us first.

        Not everyone is being called in this age. This life is NOT the only opportunity for salvation. That is why there is the second resurrection.

        John 6:44 (KJV) NO MAN CAN COME TO ME, EXCEPT THE FATHER WHICH HATH SENT ME DRAW (DRAG) HIM: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        John 6:65 And He said, Therefore said I unto you, THAT NO MAN CAN COME UNTO ME, EXCEPT IT WERE GIVEN UNTO HIM OF MY FATHER.

        Let me know if there is anything you’re not sure about.



      • Ah ok so they have another chance of salvation …so is it our spirits that are resurrected…If you die when your a baby you wouldnt be resurrected as a baby and does that mean spirit has no age


        What do you think of the view that we knew God before we were born


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      • No no, it will be their FIRST chance. They are not being CALLED by The Father in this age.

        Yashua Messiah makes it plain here:

        Matthew 13:10-16 (KJV) And the disciples came, and said unto Him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of The Kingdom of Heaven (God), BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN. 12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. 14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive: 15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross (grown fat and lazy), and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. 16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. (Brackets mine)

        In fact in the next age Yashua Messiah will do the calling for it says:

        John 12:32 (KJV) And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw ALL men unto me.

        All aborted foetuses and babies will be resurrected and returned to their parents. The Second Resurrection is a physical resurrection not a Spiritual resurrection. The First Resurrection when Yashua Messiah returns will be a Spiritual resurrection.

        We didn’t know God before we were born, but He knew us. We were always a part of His plan(s) so He fore-knew us as with Jeremiah.

        Jeremiah 1:5 (KJV) Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

  4. Thank Charles, I’ve finally had a chance to read this article – it’s very short.

    All understood but I have a question – imagine that heh?

    How does The LORD God being Yashua square with the following:

    “He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David:” Luke 1:32 KJV

    That would suggest mis-translation or that Nashua is going to give Himself the throne. ?

    • Yes, I decided that it only needed to be short and for the reasons given.

      I presume that The Father is also The Lord God, as the other half of The Godhead – The Elohim, a position that Yashua Messiah relinquished when He became flesh.

      Yes, it is interesting. It’s also a bit like “Destroy this temple and I will raise it up on the third day” How did He do that if He was dead – and He was dead prior to His resurrection?

      • I’m afraid this mortal cannot come up with any useful answer other than to suggest that as He is immortal He wasn’t actually dead in the mortal sense because He cannot be killed. Hollywood superheroes obviously took a few notes.

      • Oh He was definitely dead in the mortal sense, that is, the breath of life went out of Him and then The Spirits within Him returned to God. That is the general spirit that is man and The Holy Spirit.

        However I believe this Spiritual return to God must have been more substantial than when we die. From there it is a mystery.

      • Charles, dead in the mortal sense I understand. Being filled with Holy Spirit and so resurrecting I understand. This general spirit in man having anything to do with resurrection I do not; it seems to me to contradict the baptism and gift of Holy Spirit if the general spirit of man is enough to overcome death. This confirms for me the importance of baptism in His name.

      • You lost me there. What power?

        Also, correct me if I am wrong but y’all been censored off Minds heh?

      • The Holy Spirit is The POWER of God which He gives to us at Baptism. OK, not as much as He has, but enough for us to be born anew as a new creation. The Messengers (Apostles) most likely had more than us hence they did great miracles.

        Yes, I have been banned from Minds – accused of posting spam, but here’s the most likely reason:

      • 10-4 and 10-4.

        It’s a shame I suppose, but I always found Minds to be back of Borneo at any rate. Now I can stop wasting my time there!

        Let me know if you make other destinations.

        It occurs to me that many of us “outside the box” types would do well to change up as much personal data as possible now, and somewhat disappear. Have you thought about homing pigeons? Ha ha

      • I quite liked Minds and it was another venue for my articles. Their big problem was sucking up to the Jews. The same with Brand New (Jew) Tube with their devious slimy Muslim founder.

        It takes balls to run a free speech platform in this day and age, and none of these spineless soy boys, cucks and faggots have the balls to do the job.

        I am currently posting videos and images to Bittubers, as well as Bitchute – I have also opened an account with Brighteon, but have not really used it thus far:

  5. The Creator’s name is Yah, which means most vehement (The Source). {Strong 3050} The term Yahavah (or Yahvah) is a title, which means Creator or Yah the Self existing One. {Strong 1934}
    {In 3068 through 3074 Strong promotes the Jewish (Zionist) Talmudic lie of Luciferianism, by deliberately misspelling of these terms or titles.}
    The following two terms are of modern man’s creation.
    These are names of a false deity of the Luciferians and Fellow Travelers.
    Yah-hovah (Je-ho-vah) means Yah ruins. [destroyer] {Strong 1943}
    Yah-havvah (Yahweh) means Yah covets. [perverter] {Strong 1942}
    Having the sense or meaning of being perverted.
    I think not!
    Changing of “a” to “o” or doubling “v” changes the term and meaning. YHVH means Creator, YHWH means perverter. Those who teach YHWH means Creator are perverters of truth. Arguing that these terms have same meaning, is as foolish as arguing that “see” and “sea” have same meaning.

      • No worries brother. Hope it is useful. I’ll poke around myself and I find anything I’ll let you know.

        For my part I have to suggest with all you have revealed and all I have discovered first hand about KJV, the following words are ones I now regard as highly dubious/probably rubbish:
        God, Lord, LORD, LORD God, Jews, Gentiles, Jehovah, Lucifer…

        I can’t say much about this fella though his book is interesting, he seems to be a bit Monotheist in his thinking, but as you’ve said many times: “take what is useful…”

      • Hi Edward,
        Yes, the only dimension I would add to this Hebrew word play stuff is The Truth that modern Hebrew, unlike the simpler original runic Hebrew of the Patriarchs, is a bastardised language and can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.

        As you probably know the Masoretic Hebrew Text dates only from circa 1000 AC.

        It almost seems to be made to measure for the lying Jews, who naturally love to twist and pervert everything to suit their way of thinking, on any particular issue, or even on how they might be thinking on a particular day, only to change their interpretation the following day – if you get my drift. It’s as if this modern Hebrew is a gift to them from you know who, and then Christians, whether genuine or otherwise, fall into this Jewish created linguistic semantics trap.

        I therefore wonder three things: 1) What hand did the Jews have in developing this nightmarish language? 2) How much can we rely upon it for accuracy? 3) Do we therefore rely 100% on Spiritual discernment and put Yashua Messiah’s interpretation on anything that creates an imagined complication like the name of God?

        Your thoughts will be appreciated.


      • Well, thank you Charles. I’m humbled.

        I was not aware of the dates you’ve provided, but I would otherwise I would say you are spot on. This knowledge trap is more eating the fruit of knowledge of Good & Evil in my view; these people think perhaps knowledge will save them? As you said it is very much a heart thing.

        Given what I have shared in my posts I am not sure at all anymore how accurate any of scripture is but as far as 100% spiritual discernment is concerned I think I would say yes, and gut feeling, however, I came to understand recently how lost ‘we’ (Israelites) really are because we do not actually know the name of our divine creator and ‘God’ is a generic name that serves multiculturalism well. That won’t do. I reckon it would be better to use Elohim.

      • Hi Edward,

        Yes, when I go on sites and there’s all this Hebrew text, I think well that’s all well and good, IF one can read modern Hebrew, but if not, it’s a bit like speaking in tongues in public without an interpreter of tongues – useless in terms of edifying those present.

        Don’t be troubled about not understanding Scripture, for He reveals ALL in time, and rest assured that most of Scripture is fine once we unravel these foundational deceptions like ‘THE LAW still in force’, ‘the Jews’, ‘gentiles’ and ‘the trinity’ etc.

        As for God I always use god for the heathens and their gods and God for us believers.

        In Worldwide we used the title ‘The Eternal’ instead of The LORD, which is OK as far as I know, but I think this title was driven strongly by anti-Monarchy; anti-Nobility American Republicanism, which is naturally endemic within much of American society.

        However, as a British member, I often wondered what they made of Yashua Messiah being the future King of kings and Lord of lords, and us as being trainee kings and ROYAL priests. I never found out if that made the American patriot members feel uncomfortable or not, or how they perhaps rationalised it away.

        As always, good to hear from you.


      • If I’m not mistaken, it was once understood:
        “We recognise no soveriegn but God and no king but Christ!” John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Jonas Clark Lexington 1775

      • Oh yes, I know how virulent Republicanism is in the USA. That’s why I posed the question of how does it sit with American Republican Christians that as Christians they are trainee kings and ROYAL priests? Does that mean they don’t, or will not recognise them either?

      • Well, maybe I’m more “American” than my country of birth would bely? For me what goes on in the USA, besides total chaos and corruption seems to be about what Wycliff said: “to each their own interpretation,” or something to that effect. It’s a free-for-all. If you look up Protestant denominations there are thousands now. It’s absurd. It explains the vacuum so easily filled by Jews, Jesuits, and Freemasons. At any rate, basic monarchist rebellion I agree with. Even though I consider myslef a loyal subject of her majesty, I reckon she has been damned useless and maybe worse, and she has forgotten she is just a bench warmer, as many of her heirs no doubt did as well. I’m not sure how much Republicanism is alive in the USA anymore. I reckon there will be those willing to bend right down and bow: “Your majesty” if and when their time comes.

      • When it comes to Monarchy, if we trace the track record of the Ancient Israelite kings, none of ’em were any good, with just a few exceptions in Judah. Why, therefore, should the modern descendants be any better?

        However, here is one quote that makes a very good pro Monarchy argument?

        “For monarchy to work, one man must be wise. For democracy to work, a majority of the people must be wise. Which is more likely?”

        — Charles Maurras

      • Too true. Of course that reminds me of what HItler said in his book on the ridiculous nonsense known as Liberal Democracy and what a farce it was for exactly these very reasons. If the masses can’t think outside the box why would they tick outside the box?

      • A Republic is not a democracy.

        “A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, ‘Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?’ With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, ‘A republic, if you can keep it'”.

        — Benjamin Franklin

        The never kept it and allowed it to degenerate into a stinking, easily corruptible, democracy.

      • Too true. Too true.

        Yes, good to hear from you. I’d drop by for tea but it’s a bit far these days.

      • You would always be welcome. However, I have Salicylate and Oxalate intolerances these days and can no longer drink tea, but I am OK on organic decaf coffee.

  6. Hi Charles, I stumbled upon that today in “The Temples of Baal” by Sir David Andrew

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