BLACKS and Their BLACK JESUS and (((Those))) Behind It – STOP PRESS!!!

Great News This Morning the 20th April 2016 from an idiot called Ron who likes to leave lying evil comments (which I will never publish) and in doing so shoots himself in the foot by posting links to his satanic site about non-existent black Israelites LOL. They really should lock these people up and throw the key away, if only for their own protection.

However I have to make mention of his latest ignorant diatribe if only to reveal that he has informed me today that the name Laban, (The direct Abrahamic relation to Isaac and Jacob/Israel) whose sister was Rebekah, means WHITE. Proving once more that the people of Shem to Eber to Abraham were WHITE!!!!!!! Isn’t it fortunate that most people have lost the ability to think, for it makes the exposing of their nonsense such an easy task.

From Strong’s Concordance: Laban – H3836 lâbân lâbên – law-bawn’, law-bane’ – From H3835; white: – white.

Have a nice day folks and spread the Word of TRUTH.

5 thoughts on “BLACKS and Their BLACK JESUS and (((Those))) Behind It – STOP PRESS!!!

  1. I’m not sure if this is good thing or not, but it is a thing, possibly a Catholic thing, but a thing none the less. In the Quran (I’ve looked into most of the Abrahamic books) there are many descriptions of Muhammad and they all say he was white, they actually mention every part of his personage’ as white, he also called his black slaves raisin heads. One major thing that confuses me about the Quran/Islam is that it says Jesus called himself ‘The Word’, also he did many miracles such as bring things to life and healing lepers and on and on… So why do the Imams insist on calling him a man and a prophet, a prophet greater than Muhammad. but a man none the less. I think the Imams are hiding this fact by pushing Muhammad but for what reason. Cheers

    • Interesting, I had not heard of Mohammed being white.

      Did you know that Islam was created by Rome and Mohammed was groomed by Augustinian monks in North Africa circa 600 AD and was married to an ex-nun 15 years his senior. Hence they carry prayer beads like the papists. Oh and the pope kisses the Koran.

      Yashua Messiah IS THE SON OF MAN – The second Adam, but made a quickening Spirit. Yashua Messiah called Himself by that title in order to make it clear that He was not a son of Cain = a HU-MAN. This is ALL about RACE, hence the Canaanite Jews have whites walking on egg shells re RACE.

      Here is their pathetic arsenal: RACIST – BIGOT – HATE SPEECH – ANTI-SEMITE – NAZI – FASCIST etc. etc..

      None of which work on me LOL

      • Hi, “Here is their pathetic arsenal: RACIST – BIGOT – HATE SPEECH – ANTI-SEMITE – NAZI – FASCIST etc. etc..”

        Yes! it’s water off a ducks back to me as well, those SJW’s/commies have lost touch with reality, very biblical in my reckoning. Thanks

  2. Looks like Ronny boy doesn’t like my rebuttal of his nonsense and has just posted this:

    “I never said there are no white Israelites .I am white by the way.
    The fact is Jesus ( Eashoa’ ) his real name was black or at least dark skinned.”

    Oh so there are white Israelites and black Israelites eh? So is he accusing one the white Patriarchs of screwing around with blacks and contaminating Yashua Messiah’s bloodline?

    He says he is white but fails to admit he is a disgrace to his own kind – a betrayer – no shortage of these people these days.

    Eashoa????? What a load of lying satanic garbage – he must have found that at the bottom of a cornflakes packet LOL. The Lord’s name was Yashua or Joshua which means “deliverer” or “He who saves”, not black. Where do they dig this crap up?

    Yashua Messiah was WHITE and most likely RUDDY like his forefather King David and like these Nazarites:

    Lamentations 4:7 (KJV) Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire:

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