BLACKS and Their BLACK JESUS and Those Behind It – Part 1


Now, dear readers, surprisingly, I am somewhat stunned, and I am stunned that I am actually stunned because, usually, nothing much these days stuns me at all, but this one is an absolute cracker! After 35 years study, this has to be one of the most weird, whacky subjects I have ever encountered, as a Bible scholar and Kingdom of God Gospel messenger for Yashua Messiah who, for the record, was WHITE, as were Adam and Eve – but more on that later.

Moreover, this “Alice in Wonderland” subject, with all its rabbit holes, will take some unravelling, and the reason for that is that it had never before even entered into my mind, that the principal Bible characters were black, until I discovered it recently on YouTube – need I say more? A little chuckle here for the author. However, please stay with it as it will arm you with all the knowledge you will need to counter the satanic ideas of these duped foolish black people.

Having said that, I will say that I had heard of the minor, and misunderstood, issue of the “Black (Canaanite) Jews” in Africa – another sensationalised and over blown topic of little importance, but that was all. This subject, though, is another ball game altogether and far more corrosive to The Truth, due to its saturated evil coverage on YouTube (only the even more whacky and stupid CIA “flat earth” rubbish beats it).

I will also state for the record that due to the insulting anti-white nature of this topic it means, by default, that those of a ‘certain tribe or ethnicity’, or some people of a ‘certain Canaanite race’, have been very busy, putting in overtime, on this racially motivated and divisive anti-white evilness. It also means, that this isn’t just the handiwork of ignorant deceived blacks. In fact, I would classify the blacks involved as brainwashed deluded dupes or pawns and useful idiots for this ‘certain Canaanite race’.

Furthermore, and whilst keeping the ‘certain Canaanite race’ in the background for the moment and whom I will expose, this whole nasty satanic subversive business is compounded by the obsessive fanatical nature and the arrogant belligerent attitudes of the blacks who are promulgating this anti-white garbage across cyberspace, and, as if there is no tomorrow.

Moreover, most, if not all of these blacks, are Spiritually dead and totally incapable of discerning and understanding the Holy Scriptures – Bible scholars they are definitely not!! This, therefore, gives the whole unbelievable thing a surreal and perverted black humour value – pun intentional, due to their Scriptural ignorance. Let me be clear: “YOU WHAT!!!???” or “YOU MUST BE JOKING!!!!” doesn’t even come near with this unbelievable stuff.

OK, so where do we begin in our unravelling of this demonic mayhem? Make no mistake, for this satanic disinformation and/or misinformation did not materialise overnight and the idea wasn’t discovered at the bottom of an empty cornflakes packet. Furthermore, as white Semitic people (primarily Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Dutch, Nordics, Gallics, Franks, Germanics and other white Europeans) we need to know who is behind it and what their aims are. Added to which, does this issue form part of a bigger anti-white genocidal conspiracy? Yes, absolutely.

Now you, if you are a PC, Cultural Marxist, Social Justice Warrior (SJW) may say: “Oh yeah, here we go again, yet another dumb delusional conspiracy theory.” And I would say yes, most, if not all conspiracies start out as theories until they are investigated and researched and once proven to be Conspiracies then the word ‘theory’ vanishes like the early morning mist, unless, of course, you are fearful, weak, lazy, cowardly, cognitively dissonant and emotionally unbalanced (an SJW) – a far more serious problem – for you.

“Conspiracy Theorist – a derogatory put-down term dreamt up by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the official narrative of the JFK assassination.”

— David Icke

“Conspiracy Theorist – someone who questions the statements of known liars.”

– Unknown

“Social Justice Warrior – someone who believes the statements of known liars and votes for them.”

– Brother Charles

“A conspiracy theory will remain forever a conspiracy theory until it is met with obfuscation, dissembling and outright lies from government(s) at which point the conspiracy theory defaults automatically to a conspiracy. E.g. the lying bullshit that is the NIST Report on 9/11.”

— Brother Charles

Right! Here we go, The BLACK JESUS and also The BLACK DISCIPLES and The BLACK APOSTLES and The BLACK KING DAVID and The BLACK JACOB/ISRAEL and, of course, the obligatory BLACK ISRAELITES and last but not least how BLACKS INVENTED EVERYTHING!!! = WOW! how amazing is that!!!???? How have we missed these incredible ‘historical truths’??? It’s all looking very BLACK indeed, isn’t it? I fear that us whites have a very DARK future ahead of us. LOL

Now hilarious as all this ridiculous gumpf is, there is even a more mirth filled element to it. According to these black ‘geniuses’ Jacob/Israel was black, but his twin brother Esau was white, red and hairy, as described in the Holy Scriptures and, of course, it’s also claimed by these daft blacks that he’s the forefather of all those ‘wicked’ Confederate Red Necks, just to give this whole subject a very convenient anti-white Southern USA slant or flavour. Clever eh?

Genesis 25:24-25 (KJV) And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her (Rebecca’s) womb. 25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. (Brackets and emphasis mine)

Needless-to-say there is no mention here in The Holy Scriptures of Jacob being black.

So, as already stated, where do we begin? Well the obvious place to start, as with all these things, is with the agenda(s) and to pin point whose agenda and what kind of agenda, for there is ALWAYS AN AGENDA, folks, and it’s always bubbling away somewhere in the background. It NEVER fails.

This, therefore, leads us to ask some very basic questions like, is this strange Black Jesus phenomenon motivated by: 1) religious zeal, 2) politics, 3) hatred (oh how the ‘certain race’ loves that word) on solely anti-white racial grounds, 4) for revenge, 5) or just simple racial jealousy? From my research, thus far, I would say that all these factors come into play, accompanied by the associated and obligatory unhinged emotions. Added to which, all the elements are being deviously and deliberately stirred up by the ‘certain race’ for their anti-white genocidal programme. More in part two.

11 thoughts on “BLACKS and Their BLACK JESUS and Those Behind It – Part 1

  1. Hi Artrese,

    I am in receipt of a comment from you, which I am happy to publish, but I am not sure if it is addressed to me or not. If it’s not would you do me the basic courtesy of rewriting it addressed to me as I am the author of this article and this is my blog and not a soap box at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London. Thank you.

    I am also not sure if you are in agreement with the sentiments I expressed or whether you are attempting to hold some kind of middle ground.

    Brother Charles

  2. Hello, great article, I look forward to part two. If I may ask, Will part two discuss this growing inconceivable notion,being spewed out by some of my fellow blacks,that the Bible has plagiarized ancient kemetic a writings? Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated, as I’m tired of talking to a brick wall, as it were.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for the positive feed back.

      I have had a look at this Kemetic stuff and it appears to be Ancient Egyptian in origin so therefore of The Devil. There is a Kemetic heathen goddess called Sekhmet who was also worshipped by the back slidden Ancient Israelites as Hathor.

      Needless to say there are one or two black sites out there claiming that The Egyptians (The Mizraim) were black, too, when they were swarthy or light brown in skin colour.

      For what it’s worth my view is that the Spanish or Hispanics are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians.

      In part two I will be laying the historical foundation.

      Thanks for your contribution.

      PS Oh and the idea that the Bible was plagiarised from anywhere is as whacky as their Black Jesus.

      • That’s great! It all seems to fall into place. What, I have discovered, is that, at its core,they simply want to detrone God and entrone themselves.
        That said,I look forward to reading your discourse and following on from any and links you will provide.

      • You’re welcome – glad you have found it useful.

        That is the very idea The Serpent fed to Adam & Eve and they swallowed it hook, line and sinker, with Eve obliging by opening her legs for The Serpent creature.

        Have you read parts 2 and 3?

  3. SORRY for the late reply. I have just got through reading all the parts, with the latest post being the most poignant, I’m still l trying to get my head wrapped around some of the things you have discussed.
    Chief among them is the Boshievk Jews, who the hevk are they? They seem the very personification of the shadowy figures on the back. But, we know that, it’s really Satan , who is the master puppet behind them.

    • No need to apologise. Re the Bolshevik Marxist Jews just research the Bolshevik Marxist Revolution in Russia and you will see that this was Jewish take over of Russia resulting in 100 million Russian Orthodox Christian and Ukrainian deaths from Lenin’s time until the time of Stalin.

      98% of the so called Russian Revolutionary Committee were Canaanite Jews – The Devil’s Seed.

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